MacMinn Designs produces these fantastic looking pens from genuine English Ash straight from the Morgan factory in Malvern, England. This wooden tractor, along with some full-size wooden motorbikes and even an all-wood hand plough, were all made by a chap who also showed off his collection of hand planes from round the world. Whereas a comparably sized Ford Fusion weighs 3,720 pounds, the Kestrel will be just 2,500 pounds with the battery.
To make this resilient, lightweight compound, hemp stalks are combed and rolled into a mat that is infused with a polymer resin.
Kestrels require a slight headwind in order to hover, hence a local name of Windhover for Common Kestrel.
Plumage often?but unusually for falcons?differs between male and female, and (as is usual with monogamous raptors) the female is slightly larger than the male. Most species termed kestrels appear to form a distinct clade among the falcons, as suggested by comparison of mtDNA cytochrome b sequence data (Groombridge et al. Looking for all the “big boat” amenities in a trailerable houseboat? There’s no greater value on the water than the AC2800! The Adventure Craft is loaded with all the comforts of home – including the kitchen sink!
This entry was posted on October 9, 2011 at 6:48 am and is filed under Commercially Built, Slideshow. With summer officially ending this week and the arrival of much-welcomed autumnal temperatures and colors, people living in colder climes have either already removed their boats from the water or will probably be doing so soon. As I searched online for better, clearer versions of some of the pictures I had in my files, I ran across a website that sells a special soap used as bait to catch catfish. Of course, the arrival of cold weather does not keep some rednecks from doing things with boats. Once you get the boat to the water, you need to know how to use a ramp to get it from the trailer into the water. If you enjoyed this post, to get updates when I post to my blog, sign up for your preferred method below — RSS, Twitter, or e-mail.
There are actually companies that rent out floating platforms for you to drive your RV onto just like the one in the eighth photo.

One of the inflatable companies (Zodiac, I think) makes the souped up boat in the last photo.
This is essentially discarded wood that they have, that didn’t make it into any cars.
You’d think that a hand made wood pen from wood sourced from the Morgan factory would be ungodly expensive.
The tractor was just so lifelike that we had to have a bit of a discussion about whether you could build an internal combustion engine with only wooden parts. A prototype is nearly complete, Armstrong says, and Motive plans to have thousands of its hemp-mobiles on the road by 2012. When I once dated a birder I was surprised to discover this small falcon so abundant on phone wires.
This too seems to have evolved in Africa and subsequently spread across the Old World until they reached Australia some time during the Middle Pleistocene, less than one million years ago. These are usually considered kestrels due to their general shape and habits, but are probably distinct from the true kestrels as outlined above. You’ll enjoy two large beds, a refrigerator and microwave, air conditioning, a stand up shower with toilet and a wonderful open air flybridge. One of my younger readers (Hi Ben!) asked me this past week to put out some more redneck pictures.
People come here for an "instant vacation." You can learn more about me and about my instant vacations, including why my blog is called "ivman's blague," by visiting the about page, where you can watch my TV interview about my blog. This mini pontoon boat is just the right size for ponds or lake, and handy to boot a€“ just tie it off to the dock or pull onto a bank, and ita€™s ready to go when you are. Hulls Professionally - Custom Built from 3mm Marine Grade 5052 - Alloy - Built to Lloyds of London Standards. For those of you that don’t know, Morgan is a British car manufacturer that still makes their chassis out of wood.
The wood is then turned into pens, pencils, USB drives, letter openers, magnifying glasses, and cases by hand right here in LA by MacMinn Designs. Kestrels are most easily distinguished by their typical hunting behaviour which is to hover at a height of around 10?20 metres (33?66 ft) over open country and swoop down on prey, usually small mammals, lizards or large insects.

Kestrels are bold and have adapted well to human encroachment, nesting in buildings and hunting by major roads. This seems to have diverged from other Falco around the Miocene-Pliocene boundary (Messinian to Zanclean, or about 7?3.5 mya). With those two thoughts in mind, I decided this might be a good time to do a post on rednecks boats.
I wonder how quickly Magellan and his crew could have circumnavigated the globe if they’d had a boat like the one in that last picture?
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The Pond Kinga€™s 6 by 8.5 foot deck is made of all aluminum tongue and groove planking, which means it wona€™t rot or warp. I visited the LA Pen Show this past weekend with the rest of the Velvetron crew, and imagine my surprise when I saw a man who makes pens out of discarded wood from the Morgan factory! The results are simply stunning office accessories that are intimately tied to a great auto manufacturer. In earlier posts I've shown examples of just how much ingenuity and imagination there is among rednecks.
Plus, therea€™s no need to cover it up or worry about the rain, as it wona€™t sun-bake or take on water.
I invite any copyright owner to contact me if I have unwittingly infringed by posting the images as they have come to me. Disclaimer: Buy Direct Marine International offers all details of these Hulls in good faith as furnished by the owner but cannot GUARANTEE nor WARRANT the accuracy of this information nor the condition of the Hulls, inventory inclusions are subject to change or deletion without notice prior to sale.
We recommend that purchasers employ an independent marine surveyor & mechanic to determine the fitness and suitability for the boats intended usage.

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