Smoke pours from the shrimp boat Lisa Suzanne as Southside and Tybee Island firefighters work to put out a fire onboard Monday afternoon at the dock near Lazaretto Creek Seafood. Sasser said the boat's owner, John Coursey, told him workers had been welding near the cabin just before noon. Sasser said the blaze burned extremely hot, which caused significant damage, but the boat is still seaworthy and posed no risk to the water. Sasser said fighting fires aboard boats presents challenges, but that his department trains to be familiar with the vessels and their layout. Used motorcycles for sale, damaged motorcycles for sale, wrecked motorcycles for sale, repairable motorcycles, theft recovery motorcycles, flood damaged. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

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When firefighters arrived, Chief Skip Sasser said the cabin of the 70-foot boat was engulfed in flames. These can {if not controlled quickly,if not managed effectively} develop into major health risks, {particularly,like} in the case of black mold, that {requires remediation on a much larger scale ,require larger scale fixes} and might end up affecting your health or that of {close family or friends,those close to you}.
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This {forces you into,leaves you in} an unsafe environment and with {costly,expensive}, {required,necessary} repairs ahead of you.

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