I keep hoping the owner needs a full time Captain for this ride someday, but guess I got to get in line behind Buckshot.
For all the Chesapeake deadrise fans, I'm rebuilding a 28ft boat built by Glenn Manning (Cambridge, MD). Offered right here is a classic Chesapeake Deadrise Skiff, faithful reproduction of an Original by popular Deltaville contractor Lewis Wright.
Right here is a fine entertainer that will provide a lot of pleasure and service forever - this is but among numerous boats we've built out of PVC over the last 10 years. We have extra watercrafts for sale and likewise develop to specification - let us know if a various model might be more appealing. There's one place where (typicaly) the staving in the bow changes from not showing it's endgrain (or having it partially rounded off) to showing all the endgrain. She's a deadrise skiff, not terribly tough to build (though has her challenges), shallow deadrise with a deep forefoot, the right size, everything you want. Harry Sucher's book has many of the plans you are looking for, most are for traditional construction. The boat he is talking about is called a Deadrise Skiff and has a unigue building technigue in the foward bottom entry at the stem. There is another member down your way and posts as Seedtick on here but can be found generating the Lafite Skiff with old growth cypress down your way too, a fine craftman in Denihan Springs IIRC. Interesting that everyone is saying Culler's boat doesn't have the Chesapeake style planking.
I don't think I said beyond a shadow of the doubt that Culler's hulls did not have some simularities. Books about Pete Culler's designs are studies of parallel evolution, through the mind of one skilled guy, more than a definition of the type, that evolved through many minds and hands, and was often passed down through families, not paper plans or books, though Chowning's book is the best place I know to start if you want to read.
Cross-planking is a common feature, but it's not necessary or sufficient to define a deadrise. In fact, the type derived or evolved from boats whose bottoms were shaped from solid logs running the length of the bottom, though the planking probably started to change before the shape did.

Whether or not anything with such a raked stem as Culler's boats should be called a deadrise is something you could talk about forever but there might not be much point in it. Or, you could say Culler's boats are the exception confirming the rule, since one rule is the farther north you go, the more raked the stem, but you could also say that's a silly thing to say, since there are plenty of examples that suggest the opposite. Stern - modern ones are mostly square, good for planing and carrying gear, earlier ones have round, diamond and draketail shapes. There are lots of other traits, but I think many would agree these represent what a deadrise is pretty well. Some of this info comes from Chowning's book, most just comes from my observations on and around the Chesapeake Bay.
TAC and fellow TACovians have been a great source of learning for me.The Hough Park Star Parties provided the first glimpse at the deep space objects and in the process increased the fascination to explore the Universe more and more. Moon - Welcome to know earth's nearest neighbor and explore the lunar surface to identify the Mare(Seas's), Craters, Sinus(Bays), Lacus(Lakes), Palus(Marshes) and Oceanus Procellanum and many more objects.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. Lady Luck V that won the Mid Atlantic 500 and placed in the White Marlin comes to mind (first Ches Bay Deadrise to do so, if I'm not mistaken), but this one, Storm Trouble, is my favorite Deadrise I've ever been on.
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This place is subject to change in relation to the width of the boards used for the forward staves.
They should though, and if they don't it would be an excellent contribution to the museum and the community if someone with the skills could coordinate to take lines off some boats when hauled and donate drawings to the small museum, which to my knowledge depends largely on small donations & memberships.
The old timers did indeed create planks with a hatchet that can be described as cork screwing, with a wide piece of wood to make the quick and short transition from the straight stem to a flatter bottom even to the point of having a constant deadrise along the run of the bottom. If one spends a few minutes looking into his books or on the articles about the boats, it is most definitely what's asked for. He modified his slightly to be dry-stored, but has probably the most recent version out there.

But it does not represent a straight stem for starters, a tradition that is indeed part of the building method and profile. In one area, deadrises were built with bottom planks running lengthwise, although some of them were called dories. We take a glimpse into Sun's Photosphere,Chromosphere, Sun Spots and Solar Prominences on Sun's surface. I've got family in LaFourshe Parish, But I live on the Potomac river where Big Mac is from. I have some detailed shots if I can find them of what is needed to generate a true bay boat as depicted in the example. Thick staves, worked from the stem and fanning back to 45 degrees for the run, and made thick enough to plane and fair back to the appropriate shape. Fanning cross plank or file planking is a version of the bay boats which also are almost all cross planks, right angle to the main keelson.
I don't think there are plans for this boat, it goes together mostly from memory and some pictures from previous years. As a matter of fact the owner of that boat used to post on this forum but cannot remember his login. For sure some bayboats were built using fore and aft planking working their way into a logged fore foot of solid timber, because of the drastic vee working its way into a short transition the hard chine and flat bottom. Still might have to do a little prop work when boat interior is completed & fully loaded to see what is what.

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