Fiberglass Boat Designs CAROLINA HULL Web site design by D4 Data Design Platt Design Garvey 21 fiberglass hull shown running with a 40 hp outboard.
Southport Boats manufactures fiberglass fishing boats using an exclusive Hunt 4 hull design in Augusta, Maine. Fiberglass can be contoured to any desirable shape, resulting in more efficient hull designs.
For a one-off fiberglass hull, this process is even harder because the relatively soft Forming in Fiberglass was added to the Boat Design To be sure that the modified boat hull won’t leak at the day until your hull and internal surface of the boat are covered with enough fiberglass to meet your design HydroMarine of Germany Fiberglass Race Boats in white gel coat unless specified otherwise. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The clip over deck is harder to glass the inside and is also harder to get the belting to sit nicely . Location: Mexico, Florida Fellow I know has a small fishing boat on a trailer, but could be tossed in bed of a truck and hang out some. The second most common (next to the shoe box) deck flange is the out-turned type, where two horizontal lips meet and are screwed together, with a bedding between and an extruded cap to cover it.
The simple answer is, yep, you sure can, but the reality of it all is it depends on the flange type as to how much trouble you'll be in and how much 'glass you'll have to use to restore the lost stiffness. Lastly, if you bond the deck cap down, you'll need to use a reciprocating saw to remove it again, if in the future you need repairs.
Location: Eustis, FL You can replace the rub rail with one of several extrusions available, if this is what you want.
Location: Eustis, FL Cobra, it's wise to read the whole thread before making a comment, lest you make an obvious rookie mistake in a discussion forum. Please call me if you have other questions Thanks GIOVANNI 239-285-3706 This hull was redone like new. Location: Los Angeles 600 gallon tank suggests this is not an ex-racer, but an ex-drug runner. Location: China Hull-deck joint The join was glued all the way round the boat and had no fastenings anywhere at all !! Epoxxy out of a can with all those secret recipies of powders and potions is really not good enough !! West have semi flexable epoxies that you need to use and follow there recipyto the letter . The company in nz (Adhesive Technologies )have just such a mix called HPR25 easy to use, easy to mix, has a good work time ,and man does it stick!! Its semi flexable ,White in colour and what was used on the 8 Korean match racing 36 foot Yachts . Location: Duluth, Minnesota Tunnels, thanks for the info, just to clarify, is the joint you used just the simple inward turning flange on the hull with the deck sitting on top or something different?
Location: Duluth, Minnesota Hey Sail,thats a cool little cat,who is the designer? We operate a sailboat (6.3 m trimarans) renting business from the beach in China (no marinas). Thanks for your nice and instructive photos.I have seen this joint on Beneteau's 46 downtown Sanya' harbor. As a one off custom boat, I think taping the joints of the two halves, inside out would be easier and faster.
The center line taping we used long time ago on Yachts built out of split moulds and glass joined , then a cast iron keel was placed inside and secured in place and then the deck fitted , glued, glassed ,and the wooden belting bolted through and plugged and sanded . Stagger the boats laminations well and need to get the best secondary bond its possible to get along each side of your join up .
Like i mentioned the thin bow and the burst effect will be two areas for major concern for my way of thinking . Location: NL (Can) I used Plexus brand (methacralyte sp?) extensively on a 20m offshore power passenger cat - designed to DNV HSC with High Modulus performing the structural engineering on the project - with great success. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Hybrid cars have been around for a while, but one German grad student is taking the concept to the water. Like many boats of the time the Vega’s design gives a nod to the skinny lines and long keel of the Scandinavian Folkboat and in comparison with modern designs the term spacious might be misleading but unlike modern boats there was no trade off in seaworthiness for interior space. In 1964 Lars Larsson, of Larsson Trade AB (in 1971 to become Albin Marin AB), commissioned Swedish designer Per Brohall to build a 27 foot version of his previous successful design, the Viggen 23, reputedly in the hope of increasing sales of their Albin engines. The Vega has earned her reputation as an offshore cruiser by completing numerous offshore voyages and circumnavigations, the most famous being the voyage of John Neal whose book Log of Mahina chronicled his voyage from Seattle to the South Pacific. More recently were voyages to Antartica and the Arctic made by controversial Norwegian Adventurer Jarle Andhoy and his crew in Berserk (and later Berserk II).
In 2012, Matt Rutherford completed his solo, nonstop circumnavigation of the Americas via the Arctic’s Northwest Passage and South America’s Cape Horn. Built in the early days of fibreglass construction, the Vega’s hull is solidly constructed fibreglass up to one inch thick in parts, however the cabin top and deck are cored fibreglass which, while not necessarily weak, is prone to flexing and could do with reinforcement to withstand lengthy offshore work. By all accounts the Vega under sail handles easily and is a well balanced creature with no weather helm. While the rudder is well supported by its attachment to the keel the rudder itself has some weaknesses. More than 3000 Albin Vegas were built and there are generally a number for sale on the used boat market, the majority of which can be found in Europe and the UK.

Add your stories, experiences, tidbits, updated information - whatever you think is useful to others.
The Albin Vega Trans-European Challange starts at Veere (NL), and ends at the lake Balaton (HUN). There’s this guy, Matt Rutherford, who completed a circumnavigation of the Americas on his Vega in the spring of 2012. Actually, the Vega did have wood inserts in the core in areas where hardware would be attached (grab rails, turning blocks, foredeck cleat) and some mixture of polyester resin and vermiculite was used beneath the toe rails, hatch frames and maststep.
Pascoe, Marine subjected to the same type of forces as a boat hull Instead, modern fiberglass boat hulls relay on a The boat hull design is one of the most important considerations when choosing a boat.
A thorough review is given to the characteristics of fiberglass materials and laminate design 8m Fiberglass boat with cabin, New Zealand Design Engineering, Deep-V Hull, CE, 5-year fiberglass Warranty, Volvo Penta. This hull design is are currently set by Lloyds and American Bureau of Ships for fiberglass boats. The flang sticking out is easier to glass on the inside and easy to fit a belting to ,just make sure the rivits have had there under side lumps ground off or the lumps can cause a bump in the belting . The deck and hull uses flanges to join, but the flanges are rolled over into a lifting handle all along the gunn'l. Simply put, the flanges offer a good bit of stiffness to the hull sides and also serve to locate the deck cap properly. The other style is more common on sailboats and an in-turned flange, typically covered by the toe rail extrusion.
You can also 'glass the seam closed, but if you need to pop the deck cap off the boat at some point for repairs, then you're screwed.
The original poster wants a clean, sans rub rail look, which may not be the way you'd do it, but it is what he wants and was the basis of his questions. You could just fill and fair the joint, depending on which type it is, but this is a lot more work then repairing a few dings and reattaching a rub rail. Cigarette - Hull and Deck I had a call from a guy that raced boats in the 70's, and he told me that this boat could be one of Don's personal boats.
Cigarette Hull and Deck Are you interested on the 36' cigerette or the history on the boat? Our hull and deck join was changed from 50 mm to 80 mm and the stern join from 35mm to 65 mm as a safety procaution because they get used like bumper boats , One accident in two years of racing and the join survived but the glass in the gunwhale had to be redone in a small area .
I did not like the smell and the work time was way to short for what we were doing .My be we were using the wrong product ! 3 years ago many Foreigners told me I was 10-15 years ahead of my time and that it was much too soon to start a sailboat business in China.
It does a VERY NICE JOB since the hull-deck joint is bolted and glued at the same position as the stanchions (200 mm from the edge), leaving a continuous esthetic edge curvature (deck-hull) . A new hybrid propulsion motorboat designed by Stefanie Behringer, would reduce drag thanks to its three-hull, or trimaran, form. While the jet skis are electric-powered, the 49-foot long watercraft is also powered by two diesel engines that use Audi’s turbo-charged injection technology. The boat can be operated using only the 100-horsepower jet skis for a mellow, emission-free cruise around the bay. The main deck is designed to feel like a lounge, and a glass roof shields passengers from wind and sun exposure. In practice, this means the relentless pursuit of new and better solutions to the automotive challenges of an ever-changing world.
This little fiberglass 27 footer from Scandinavia can strut her stuff as a serious offshore cruiser and has become a multi-continental favourite with an army of fans. The Albin Vega is no longer in production, but during her ten year production run over 3000 boats were built. Brohall was one of the pioneers of early fibreglass construction in Sweden and published a number of books on small wooden boat building.
His 309 day voyage earned Matt two Guinness World records and has been captured in a documentary film called Red Dot on the Ocean. She’s a bit lacking in classic cruiser curves with an almost straight sheerline from bow to stern which gives her a slightly hunchbacked appearance from certain angles.
The joints are strong and waterproof  with good sized stainless steel bolts, spaced 5 inches apart, holding hull and deck together. Despite her shallow draft she is reported to point well to windward and while tender initially up to around 10 to 15 degrees of heel she carries full sail easily up to 20 knots. A search of the current boat market shows prices around 9,000 to 12,00 Euros depending on condition. Send them to us (1024x768 or better) at [email protected] or post them to our Facebook Page. I contacted the Yahoo group for confirmation and I’ve amended the article accordingly.
I have owned and sailed Vegas for nearly 20 years and must admit going in reverse under power is a challenge BUT how often does a sailboat go backwards! Pascoe, Marine Surveyor A wood boat is the sum of its many parts while a fiberglass boat hull is I recently came across a 1999 48' Ocean Super Sport that had been struck in the transom by another boat.
Fiberglass construction is hand labor OPTIMIZED RACING BOAT DESIGN USING UNIQUE HIGH STRENGTH FIBERGLASS David Fecko of gravity without a loss in hull strength. Yacht design concepts, custom hull designs, lighter and We have found plywood laminated with fiberglass and Kevlar to be the ideal materials for boat hulls layers of fiberglass.

He frp puttied in a length or two of PVC pipe along the underside corner and glassed over all. By cutting a shoe box style of flange, you've removed this stiffener and the 'glass reinforcement you employ will have to be substantial enough to replace the lose. Suggesting a different boat, when he has the one he wants is also not especially helpful, but thanks for repeating what has already been previously supplied in a less condescending tone.
These manufactured rails aren't especially cheap so you could just get some 1" flat bar aluminum stock and bend it around, hiding the seam and adding a new shinny bit.
The join showed no signs of letting go but the glass where the other boat hit was totalled . The rudder will be fixed for the keel version and tilting for the dagger board (sports) one. About a decade ago i spent 18 months in Taiwan as the engineer for a Taiwanese sporting goods company and on the weekends i would drive 20 kilometers to a book store in Taichung and there was a big open air resturant across the road where i had noticed a flag pole but hadnt taken much notice otherwise but one day i looked closer and thought to myself, hey thats a sailboat mast so i went to take a look and to my suprise there in a pool surrounded by goldfish was about a 40ft well used ex charter catamaran,not bad looking either.
Equally important is our collective responsibility to be acutely aware of our impact on our planet.
Created in 1964 by Swedish designer Per Brohall, builders Larsson Marine were looking for a bigger version of Brohall’s successful Viggen 23. She has earned the reputation as an inexpensive all weather cruiser and an ideal starter boat.
He paired up with Larsson to design several boats, including the Albin 25, 21 and 30, but the Albin Vega was probably the most popular and widely known. Her keel is not the traditional full keel of an offshore cruiser but, modified to half the length of her waterline, it’s enough to keep her tracking well while creating less friction and giving better light air performance.
She’s a fast boat downwind but offshore cruisers would do well to carry a large spinnaker or drifter for light airs. There are eight different national Albin Vega Associations, each with their own website as well as a worldwide umbrella organisation Vega One Design Association (VODA). My grandfather had managed to escape and later he returned to the camp to save his brother as well. I installed some coachroof hardware this year and saw no evidence of wood in the layup in this part of the boat. Mast step repair is pretty straightforward and a kit is available from the Vega Association of Great Britain at a very reasonable price.
RIB boat * Nice and polupar design * Fiberglass hull and PVC tube * CE These are the basics of boat hull design used on RC boats (and real ones too!). Evenly spaced oval head screws, the flat stock bedded in polyurethane and you're good to go. After the repaires it was back on the water the same day and the join is still going after 3 years without any sign of dammage what so ever. The join you are planning has been used by Richard Pilkington in NZ on the Great Barrier Express and Turrissimos since the early 70s. This is why I designed this new cat with a keel (see attached file) and side rudders, to facilitate boarding from the rear. Larsson Trade AB managed to produce 3450 Vegas at their impressive shipyard in Kristinehamn, Sweden before production ceased in 1979 and the shipyard closed down. Her rudder is firmly fixed to the rear of the keel and uncommonly, the propeller exits under the counter stern above the rudder. The cockpit is considered to be the right size for offshore work and has good drainage and tall coamings for protection. With her deck-stepped mast the Albin Vega is susceptible to compression damage at the mast foot but this is often remedied by adding supports below. Prospective owners have a wealth of contacts here and there is also an owner’s group on Yahoo (link below).
The two of them paddled with a stolen punt all the way down on river Danube back to their hometown in Hungary.
Although with just two days of fitting out she motor sailed over 500 miles from Annapolis MD. Learning about the different designs and their performance differences will help you Did you ever wonder where the lapstrake hull design came from for MFG's boats? I dont know how he dealt with joining the outside laminate, not an issue with a custom but a cosmetic problem on a female molded part, you system sound feasible, you would still have a small gelcoat repair but minor.
Many of the Vegas unsurprisingly were sold in Scandinavia but a good proportion were shipped out to the rest of Europe and places as far away as the USA, Greenland and Hawaii.
She has an unusual bow pulpit configuration which allows for step through disembarking and is typical for Swedish boats which often have to be moored bow forward off rugged coastlines.
The large window’s in the hull are a weak point for offshore work and the stem fitting at the bow has been deemed inadequate. He had started his long career in 1947 as cabin boy and ended it in 2001 as captain of his own pleasure boat, where he had a heart attack while docking. The world wide known scientist asked my grandfather to be his guide at the exploration of the Danube’s wild life.

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