I am working with DELFTSHIP to design first my project, that is a small hull for fishing ir rivers and stable waters.
Start going around and look at the boats others use and first see what you have a liking for. Be sure to make COPIES and work from them so you have an immediately-available, pristine version if you need to start over. Originally Posted by alanrockwood If you are working with the free version of DelftShip you can't save the developed plates, though you can visually examine the results. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Bangkok, Thailand Fair Martijn, there's a whole lot of work involved.
Location: Bangkok, Thailand OK, I have downloaded and tested, IGES is in the pro version, fair again.
Location: Ontario Well, I still have some experimenting with the new version to do before I can draw too many conclusions. It'll be interesting to see how the project plays out now that new versions are not freeware anymore. I may end up staying with 2.6 as, without IGES support and with limited stability-calculation power, DelftShip Free is much less useful for me. Sadly, anyone who was going to develop stuff for the open source programme will now surely sell it as an add on instead, much like Delft Uni seem to have.
Location: Bangladesh i cant save the design in the free version of delftship!
I'm a little suprised no-one has picked up on my comment about commercialising an open source, GNU, code. The GNU GPL does not prohibit closed-source developments from being based on open-source code. Martijn may be the original author of the code, but once something is released under a particular licence, it stays under that licence- if that happens to be the GNU GPL as was the case with Freeship, then that code will always be open-source. Delftship may have the Freeship kernel at its core, but the program as a whole contains proprietary code now.
Delfship, proprietary software, property of martijn, can reuse all the GPL code written by martijn.
Location: Pensacola, Florida Martijn has done a superb job with this code so far, and we should all be very grateful for the work he has done, as I am. And if you think that open source software is inferior, you haven't tried Linux lately, or Firefox, or Open Office . And as has been pointed out, nothing prevents anyone with the interest from continuing with FreeShip development. Help required for Maxsurf » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post help with free!ship!!!
I'll post them a message asking for the source code, but I imagine I'll never get it, and I doubt I'll get any reply from them. About your second question, the answer is no, what you get is what you see (I cut&paste all the links from their download page). Location: Ontario The GPL does not prohibit a distributor from charging money for software covered under the GPL. It does, however, require that any program containing GPL-covered code be licensed, as a whole, under the GPL, and must contain a prominent notice to that effect. Location: Netherlands Update After examining the source code it seems that all references to the GPL license (including the GPL license itself) are removed.
Marshmat: Since I'm the sole developer and have the copyrights that pretty much leaves me free to use the code in whatever way I want to. Location: Chile Yes, and it would be nice if something can be done about that.
ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase.
Information submitted in conjunction with this order is handled within the constraints of our privacy policy. Your name and email address may be provided to the original publisher of this product upon completion of this purchase. The Clickbank Marketplace is not a chartered bank or trust company, or depository institution.
The Clickbank Marketplace is not authorized to accept deposits or trust accounts and is not licensed or regulated by any state or federal banking authority. ClickBank has every incentive to keep customers happy by providing quality products and technical support. Location: Dubai (UAE) Just to keep you updated, ClickBank refunded my purchase. IGES is probably the most convenient format in which to transfer a model from Freeship to most surface-based modellers.

Freeship, and the pro versions of Delftship, can export IGES surfaces that most 3D CAD programs can import and use.
Location: france,europe Not very easy, because they do not use the same mathematical surface representation. Location: Australia Just tested Freeship to Maxsurf with the FS tug sample and it seems to go through fine via IGES. Location: Australia Even if you transfer via iges you wont have the control point net in Maxsurf to do any further work. Location: Australia No, actually via IGES you do get the full surface and its control point net which can then be modified in the normal way.
I did an iges export of thier 2nd demo file and it said 278 surfaces exported so I expect that while MS would import all of them, the model would be a nightmare to work with and modify. You can see on the left side that the corner is causing the problems trying to translate and meet the smooth curve. MAXsurf VPP » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Delftship fairing & Curvature plots queries?
Location: aus Easy to use program Howdy all i've recently designed my first boat in 2d in corel draw. Location: australia Gee apex you really are welcoming to new young members! Suit, as Richard had told you - there will hardly be any simpler tools for boat design than Delftship and Freeship.
Location: Europe it will be easier to give suggestion if u kindly tell what kind of boat you want too design , do u have naval architect or similar background?
And yes bhnautica, some programs are easier to comprehend, I was referring to freeware only. Location: Florida This drawing, here greatly reduced, was produced full size in Corel Draw.
This will not allow you to draw in the frames, the windscreen, nor will it tell you how thick of plywood to use.
Originally Posted by Paul A This drawing, here greatly reduced, was produced full size in Corel Draw.
After reading a few posts here i kinda felt a bit stupid that even after reading the manual u could've work it out so i went and talked to a guys at a boat builders in my area and asked how he designed his boats. The boat concept was first developed in Freeship, to take advantage of its statistical reports, to get the 'statics right. This conversion seemed to work OK, but some little niggles I found in the model build made me curious. I took the frame files used for the CNC cutting, and loaded them into Rhino, and added chine lines. The export and import into Rhino as a 3d DXF mesh went ok, but Rhino cant manipulate meshes very well. Then, following advice from several places, including help on this forum, I put 'intersecting surfaces' at the desired station distances. The key command was IntersectTwoSets - that produces a curve that can then be manipulated as desired, including producing a frame CNC cutting profile. It would probably be easier to use the Marine add on for Rhino in future, but for budget development, this may be useful for some people. Location: Iowa I was always able to get station profiles when exporting the offsets. Originally Posted by lewisboats I was always able to get station profiles when exporting the offsets.
Location: Tasmania,Australia Out of interest, I superimposed the manually produced frame line (Purple) (via Autocad) with the 'derived from Polysurface ' line result (Yellow), and got this result. Overall though, the accuracy was visually acceptable, but you would need to clean up the line to put it through a CNC router. Originally Posted by bhnautika It?s the problem of using meshes rather than a continuous surface like ?nurbs?. Although the import results in a whole set of individual Poly lines as the drawing, when I place an extruded plane across the multiple lines, the IntersectTwoSets command produces a curve at the intersections, which I would never have expected. I can also place individual points at the intersections if I wanted to plot a frame, which I cant do with a Polysurface.
Location: australia why rebuild the surfaces in rhino when you have them in freeship?export the surfaces using iges. Originally Posted by rwatson The problem is, in Freeship you can specify how many stations ( and you need to use as many stations as will give the best detail in the design), but you cant selectively create station profiles for where you want to have a molud placed for building from. In Rhino or Autocad, You now have the station outside lines with both fore and aft sides of a frame. Originally Posted by jarmo.hakkinen If I understood You correctly, You are trying to get CNC-routing files from Free!Ship -lines plan.
Originally Posted by jarmo.hakkinen In Rhino or Autocad, You now have the station outside lines with both fore and aft sides of a frame.

Originally Posted by jarmo.hakkinen If not using lines plan, but exporting as 3D-polylines, the procedure is much the same, only the fore-and-aft station lines of a frame are already at correct distance, Not sure about that info. The aim was not to get the surfaces, but to get the frame profiles to manipulate CNC cuts in moulds. I emailed some ORCA3 sellers today, to get prices for the marine add-ons for Rhino, but I am scared of the answer. Location: Rockport, Maine & Rochester Hills, Michigan If the hull shape is going to be imported into Rhino or re-created in Rhino, then why not obtain the frame shapes in Rhino rather than in FreeShip?
Michlet 9.30 Released » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Need Help Using DELFTship free!
But i dont know how i have a map for hull cutting and curves for merge them for complete the hull on skeleton.
At some point, it becomes exasperating and you will have to choose where you want to stay if you're going to constantly refine the model. The professional version has a few more features than the free version (such as an automatic fairing routine for example) but it can also be extended with some professional extensions for crosscurves, critical points, tank modeling and intact stability (load cases).
GPL means other can use your code freely (more or less, modifications should be made public source) , but does not remove ownership of the code. I've just send Andrew Casey another mail to ask him what he is going to do to correct this.
At times, we may reverse a sale in order to comply with: credit card industry rules, ACH industry rules, PayPal terms of service, US law, and requests from verified US judiciary or law enforcement agents. But freeship will first translate its subdivision surface into a bunch of small NURB surface that will approximate the subdivision surface. As I said I don?t usually use freeship so I may have missed some of the better ways of doing things which others maybe able to help with.
The above method may be ok for flat surfaces but using mesh-based surfaces for section lines on curved surfaces has its problems. Just create the inside lines of a frame, add surfaces around and offset face if necessary for the planking. Well, after modelling in FS, with as many stations as necessary for best control on the shape desired, delete these stations, and create a new set of them at the spacing of the building moulds. Exporting direct to CNC router isnt an option, as there is lots of manipulation to do to the cutting files - nesting being the least of the work. It identified the 'problem spot' where the designer in Freeship looks like they tried to do something tricky with the decks.
Roughly speaking you can assume there is no file compatibility between the programs, although there is a very limited amount of file compatibility.
If you're not doing combatants or naval type vessels, then maybe stick with DelftShip or Delftship Pro if you can afford it. He has gone through some trouble removing all the references to FREE!ship from the program. You will get in Maxsurf (or rhino) a bunch of surfaces with a bunch of control points, even if you have a simple surface with few control points in Freeship. Its funny I always thought a design started with an idea, then a drawing, then who knows where from there. When I applied the FAIR command to the chine and sheer lines, they left the vertical station lines by a noticeable margin. I have just been inspecting the curves produced, and have found some anomalies as you predicted. There, the layers manipulations is much easier, especially if you find the worksheet-like view easier, since you can all-at-once see what layers are on, which have various properties on and off, and what colors are in use on all the layers. The fact that the GPL license is not included in the installation (nor any reference to it) can be used aginst him though. There is a lack of fairness on a surface that is contained by four crease edges yet it is not fair?
Picture shows section through round bilge boat, dark blue line is from surface from freeship 2.6 in iges format. And if You wish to have them milled in 5-axis router, add a station on both fore- and aft-sides of a mould.
I think that freeship+ is probably exporting OK because I can import the file back into freeship+, so I think there is something wrong with the delftship import. I've tried to keep the plate errors as low as possible however I'm not sure what error translates to developable plywood..
But, to re-type all that data from the offset text file, into points to create a cutting file for CNC machines, is a very tedious affair, if you can get all the stations you want, and not some at odd, non uniform positions.

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