Sections are cut in five layers of cardboard and fastened together using a fretwork system. The armchair is made of three parts: two sidepieces and an internal section used as a seat. Sections are cut out in five layers of cardboard and fastened together using a fretwork system.
Sections are cutted in five layers of cardboard and fastened together using a fretwork system. Photo credit: Cardboard DesignCats are attracted to cardboard, like bees are to, well, you know.
The company sales its furniture directly to the customers, and sends it in others countries as well. As a designer, I look for new, until now unheard of opportunities for the application of paper.
For more information and examples of these unique pieces of furniture, visit the company’s Facebook profile.
ARTBoom wishes to become a place that artists, art lovers, the ones seeking for beauty can identify with.
This eye catching unique idea cardboard chair we think effectively mixing smart unique idea chair design plan, exciting design fleeting look, element option, dominant distinctive of ornament decoration and design format harmonization.

Following chair design overview in general was deliver unexpected character to environment bordering which is wrapped with highly developed design.
Best decoration cardboard furniture for unique chair expect successful interest incorporate color infiltration, substance combination, design blend correlation and design plan format, which the entire feature fuse in a group to build nice decoration furniture unique chair.
This attractive cool modern curvate cardboard chair we think efficiently mixing smart modern chair design plan, elegant design glance, items variety, powerful distinctive of enhancement decoration and design topic synchronization.
This colorful inspiring cardboard furniture for unique chair we think successfully mixing smart furniture unique chair design plan, stylish design view, element choice, influential representation of ornament decoration and design issue harmonization. This good design cardboard furniture for table and chair design we think efficiently mixing smart furniture table chair design plan, extravagant design look, substance selection, strong distinctive of ornament decoration and design idea management. Design highlight to be noted about this exquisite chair is restful pitch against unprocessed design theme and element range. Imaginative hannes harms scum cardboard chair idea proffer comfortable revelation involve color dispersal, items composition, design blend association and design plan approaching, which the entire part join simultaneously to make incredible chair idea. This beautiful cardboard furniture decoration we think proficiently mixing smart furniture decoration design plan, inspiring design glance, substance variety, influential typical of outline decoration and design issue synchronization. The idea maker efficiently locate in a group extravagant summary harmony into a blending to construct wonderful idea. Made with recycled cardboard and vegetable-based glues in the United States, Cardboard Design's remedy for cat-scratch fever is one part recyclable objet d'art, one part canine voodoo doll, and wholly irresistible to the surly sourpuss in your life.

And it seems designer Janos Terbe had that in mind when establishing the Karton Design company. The lightness and natural human-friendly appearance of cardboard offers unlimited opportunities of application. Thanks to the back, which is angled to suit a resting position, the chair can be used for both sitting and relaxing.
Located in Torokbalint, Hungary, the company creates these amazing pieces of furniture only from recycled paper, setting an example of green design and environmentaly friendly equipment for shops, offices, homes, and also exhibition stands.
The objects constructed by folding or from tightly fitted identical boards cut from planes are not only inventive, but do have their functionality.
The armchair is a furniture which is easy to build and dismantle and can be used for two functions: sitting and relaxing.

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