Designed for the wide-open, all-out adrenaline junky in all of us, the refined and versatile Water Sport Series is fully prepared for you and your demands of large, predictable wakes. Fused with the intrinsic DNA of traditional Cobalt models and the wakeboarding advantages of a sterndrive, we present to you the Water Sport Series. They are solid, sturdy and pro-athlete strong with life-long good looks, heavy-gauged anodized aluminum and stainless steel, precision-machined billet fittings. Our Design Your Dream tool has thousands of color combinations to create your own masterpiece. WSS customization continues inside with finishing touches that include WSS badging and a choice of color-matched piping complimented by our champagne vinyl, an offering exclusive for the WSS. It is an accommodating day boat bringing to market all the timeless elegance of a cruiser coupled with all the performance of a sportboat.
Available in meaningful twin-engine configurations, with or without joystick control, the 336 means power as needed, control as desired, luxury and comfort as expected. Explore color combinations, select options, and generate a personal report on the Cobalt of your dreams. Cobalt Marine Electric BoatsHigh quality, functional boats combing traditional lines with updated fiberglass constuction, and electric boats with modern propulsion and control systems.

Have you noticed almost every Cobalt has a different color combination, each showcasing a one-of-a-kind boat? Explore up to 14,000 unique color combinations, select your options, total the suggested retail price, and generate a personal report on the Cobalt of your dreams. Wakes that bring out the passion for flight, wakes that live inside every water sports enthusiast. This flat-out exhilarating machine features an award winning ride, handles like that of a premium sports car with the leathered luxury of the cabin, roomy enough for a dozen buddies.
The panoramic side windows in the hull bring the outside in and reflect the envious stares of dockside passersby. And, to top it off a€“ literally, the optional stainless arch and hardtop is immediately self-explanatory in its popularity.
Well, we have and can’t thank our customers enough for their exceptional color palates. Flexibility of speed when you need it, and power when demanded, the WSS delivers day in and day out. Even the windshield invites further investigation of its stainless-steeled strength, its wraparound handsomeness.

Cobalt’s Design Your Dream has allowed thousands of you to custom design your very own Cobalt.
Now you hold the power to adjust wakes with the touch of a trim switch, giving both captain and boarder complete flexibility. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
At once snug and expansive, with a sofa stretching out there nine full feet and swiftly changeable to a berth capable of sleeping two adults and a three-year-old interloper, the cabin makes full and fine use of its spaciousness, by turns air-conditioned or heated as the day's outing or the week's cruise might require. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Inside a cabinet designed to very specific purposes of entertainment and efficiency come a 32" LCD HD television, a DVD player, and a play-station hookup.

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