Clayton, New York - Antique Boat Canada and Antique Boat America today announced that they will be hosting the 2013 Wooden Boat Conference and seminar series. A first class educational line up will be the key feature of the symposium and will include a full slate of educational sessions, workshops as well as boating related activities. The event will also serve as a forum for many of the key marquee organizations in Canada and the United States. The events will be the perfect combination of Networking, Education, Exhibits and collaboration with the spectacular 1000 Islands and St. The New England Rough Water Symposium was created by Tom Bergh and other local paddlers to gather paddlers together to exchange skills and ideas.
I will be helping provide a little local knowledge again this year and providing a little bit of coaching. Tied up together at the Castine Town Dock, a sampling of lobster boats and lobster yachts, were available for public visits last week in connection with a discussion of the Maine lobster boat design. Boating enthusiasts received a primer on lobster boats last week as some of the state’s top builders and designers gathered for a symposium on the Maine lobster boat design and its lobster yacht offspring.
The symposium was the kick-off event for the Castine Classic Yacht Race, and it included an open house on board several of the boats designed and built by the symposium speakers. The chairman for the symposium, Jon Johansen, editor of Maine Coastal News and the president of the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association, got things started with a brief slide show depicting the evolution of the Maine lobster boat and the men who built and designed them.
The changes have been remarkable as the working boats evolved from rowing vessels such as dories and peapods, to the Muscongus Bay and Friendship sloops which operated under sail, to the early make-and-break engines and automobile engines that eventually were replaced by the modern-day engines that can generate anywhere from 200 to 1,000 horsepower. While some of the need for speed is driven by the annual lobster boat races, the size and speed of today’s lobster boats also reflects the changes in the industry, according to Peter Kass of John’s Bay Boats who designs and builds classic wooden lobster boats.
Although Johansen noted that the builders had arranged themselves with wooden builders and those that favored fiberglass at opposite ends of the table, the only real disagreement of the symposium was about speed and efficiency.
In response to a question about efficiency, Doug Hylan, who builds and restores wooden boats at his yard in Brooklin, agreed that the changes in the fishing industry had resulted in bigger and faster boats.
Others argued that while the bigger engines do burn a lot of fuel, especially at race speeds, they can be relatively efficient especially when you consider that they are working boats capable of carrying traps, gear and lobster. Glenn Holland, of Holland Boat Shop in Belfast, had his own idea about the efficiency of the powerful lobster boats.

Asked about the possibility of using jet drives on lobster boats, Richard Stanley, who builds wooden lobster boats on Mount Desert Island, said that it had been tried, but that it didn’t work well. Stanley said there have been a lot of problems with that type of engine, which he added, has become a “cash cow” for boat mechanics. There’s no consensus on which design is better and the participants noted that each has its own good features. One consideration, according to Jamie Lowell of Lowell Brothers in Yarmouth, is that there are challenges to building the S-curve, built-down hull. The Abigail & Carter docked in Castine for the Castine Yacht Club Lobster Boat Symposium.
Their controls included the same potentiometer box I used in Silent E, but their motor was a lot different. They had a problem with the chain tension, and were considering several solutions; until then, they couldn't get past about 10MPH with the electric drive enabled.
Defined tags for this entry: alpha geek, electric vehicles, ev, science, ucfRelated entries by tags: Seattle Side Benefits Just One More Thing Before I Go Silent E for Sale 23rd Anniversary? IEyeNewsFor all the latest Cayman, Caribbean and International Stories plus cartoons and puzzles. Owner of 45 metre Perini NaviClan VIII Bertam Rickmers with his wife (left) and Anke Beck-Friedrich, wife of Seahawk owner Jurgen Friedrich. After the cocktail reception, guests then headed down to the lawn at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Virgin Gorda for dinner.
Former owner of 50 metre Fitzroy sailing superyacht ZefiraPaola Trifiro attends the Loro Piana Owner’s Dinner.
Boat International sales director Luca Vasile (left) with yacht designer Mario Pedol and Dario Ferrari. The inaugural Wesport Rendezvous took place during the 2016 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous, held in the BVIs in March.
For the third race day, a scavenger hunt was thrown for the Westport Rendezvous, with teams competing in tenders to find clues that led them to lunch at Oil Nut Bay Resort, where winners were awarded prizes for the most points collected and best sand sculpture sea monster.. The first event will be held in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on April 5th and 6th, 2013 and will bring together the most notable guest speakers in the Antique and Classic boat market today.

Of special interest will be a stream of Canadian themed presentations as well as seminars focused on specific facets of restoration.
We believe, that we are bringing to the Antique Boat Community a series of presentations that will educate and enlighten this group and are very excited to open our doors. They will all convene as a group and facilities will be provided for these various parties.
We expect to make a number of exciting announcements leading up to this most significant event. It is a great event for intermediate paddlers to improve their boating skills and experienced kayakers to pick up new ideas. The lobster boat symposium was the kick-off event for this year’s Castine Classic Yacht Race. The terms refer to the way in which the hull meets the pronounced keel present on most Maine lobster boats. Guests gathered on the outdoor terrace to enjoy champagne and take in the stunning views over the marina. With an spacious marquee to shelter guests from the Caribbean breeze, the beautiful space was the perfect setting the evening’s elegant dinner. Trifiro is currently building a new Vitters sailing yacht which she spoke about during the Superyacht Design Symposium 2016. Motor yacht owners were invited to join the regatta programme and enjoy the spectacle of superyacht racing alongside a fun and fully packed social programme. On the second day, the Westport Rendezvous guests were invited to a cruise in company and the Westport Lunch, in association with BVI Tourist Board and Scrub Island Resort & Spa. The various hosts shall serve as the perfect backdrop and will grant access to many exhibits not previously seen and to all of the boats in their collection.
On our web site you will be able to review the numerous Press Releases that will chart the events progress details on the event location as well as the education schedule.

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