Samsung Mobile: Samsung pushed technological boundaries this year, debuting curved screens and its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone.
Walt Disney: Captivating both young and old audiences around the world with its summer smash Monsters University, Disney has also found great success on social media this year. MTV: Following the success of the MTV Video Music Awards in August, with raunchy performances by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, the music-video network enjoyed huge success on social media after a combined 10 million new fans following them across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Instagram: Instagram has gone from strength to strength in 2013, after debuting video capability, which proved popular amongst its fans.
Have a look at the best and most creative LinkedIn company pages of 2013 and some essential tips on how they made it to top of the list.
Adobe highlighted their brand with showcase pages of the products like Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud where they allow tailored messaging user engagement for clients.
AppleOne Employment Services stood out by using rich media and images on their LinkedIn page. Commonwealth Bank engaged their LinkedIn page followers by asking thoughtful questions through status updates. Dell tends to publish interesting facts and snappy intros through the status updates which in turn sets up platform for better user engagement at their LinkedIn page. HubSpot uses various marketing tactics to showcase their strength and one such approach is to use sponsored status updates to garner interest and user engagement. Kellogg Company shows off its corporate culture by publishing different awards that the company has received to increase user engagement over at LinkedIn page.
Marketplace Home Mortgage shares expert opinion and tips through status updates in order to engage LinkedIn page followers. Mashable engages audience by sharing valuable content that is of top quality and easy to consume, through their LinkedIn page. Interestingly, I have come across quite a few designers lately raving about money dispute with the clients on different community forums. Here is a list of top 10 excuses made by clients to get cheap design work rates for their projects. We can not pay upfront, and will only release payment once you have delivered the final design. You will get massive publicity and a lot of work once you have done this design project for us, for free! We cannot pay you upfront because of some financial issues; however we will definitely make it up after you have delivered. Please understand that the list of top 10 excuses wasn’t compiled to mock any firm or individual, however is published to bring novice designers into reality, and out of fantasy world so that they can stop losing money on offering cheap design work rates. The winning logo design of “Designed & Made in Los Angeles” was revealed by Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Mayor for the garment hang tag logo competition. The “Designed & Made in Los Angeles” logo project is aimed at promoting the local designers and brands among international market, which will in turn help create more employment and product export opportunities. You will find hundreds of knowledgeable forum communities online for web developers and designers, however not all are maintained with high standards.
You should keep in mind that good quality and high standard forum should have characteristics of substantial user-base with 50%-70% of them being quite regular and active. Designerstalk – The Designers Talk forum has a huge user-base of over 400,000 developers and designers.
Dev Shed Forums – You will find professionals from different areas and skills ranging from web programming to design, to databases and much more. Graphic Design Forum – Graphic Design Forum is exclusively for graphic designer related discussions. Kirupa Forums – These forums are for web designers and developers who actively want to participate in discussions with over user-base of 100,000 members. SitePoint Forums – This is another largest community forum available for webmasters and related professionals and is also an eminent source to some of the authoritative ebooks and web tutorials. WebmasterTalkForums – Here is another medium-size webmaster discussion forum focused on interests of web designers and developers. Puneet Pal is the sole proprietor of Mahal Pty Ltd., in Western Australia, a full-time professional dealing in the in the Transport sector. If you are a web designer or a developer, and would like to learn more about designing, get your hands on one of these interesting eBooks available for download.

Your chosen design styles are sent to Timberland owned Dominican Republic factory in Santiago and, in a span of five weeks, a handmade one-of-its-kind pair is delivered at your doorstep.
There are not only experiments with the hues, but customers may also choose from different materials, stitches, cuts and heels. It’s a great option for tailored gifts and to append your own taste to your shoes right from the first stage of production.
You can select 14-inch women’s high boots, to our classic two-eye boat shoe with rubber outsole and lightweight leather upper, and the three-eye hand-sewn shoe equipped with a tough rubber lug outsole and a padded collar”  added Chang.
Raman Sandhu has rushed and brushed her career with the fancy corporate world, yet still aiming advanced mechanism in human resources. Ari Krzyzek, better known as “Chykalophia” is a popular graphic and web designer from Indonesia. Ari Krzyzek – I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to attend design or art school though it gives you a lot of experience and perspective on working as an artist, improving your skill by learning and experiments. Ari Krzyzek – If you would have asked me this question few years ago, my answer would have been creativity but design is not ONLY about that.
Ari Krzyzek – In the early stage of process, it’s possible that there might be some differences. Ari Krzyzek – I use most of the Adobe Creative Suite but the most frequent ones are Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Dreamweaver. Titanic 2 is a global venture and Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire seem to have done justice to it.
Caroline, daughter of John F Kennedy, is helping Palmer to execute the plan with similar dimensions, design and details, measuring 270 meters long (885 feet), 53 meters high and weighing 40,000 tones. Palmer is holding a dinner party on USS retired aircraft carrier for the final show, in December this year. It gained nearly 1 million new fans on Chinese network Sina weibo, and just over 2 million on Facebook.
The tech giant has also impressed on social media – earning almost 3 million new fans on Facebook, putting its total following on the network above 15 million.
They were also actively participating in comment conversations by responding at the right time. It will be available to all the accessory and apparel designers located within the city limit of Los Angeles to use on clothing tags, designer labels, store banners and official websites.
One other aspect to evaluate is the quality of content available in the forum with effective management. There are quite a few interesting segments (like Print Design, Web Design, and Typography) on Adobe Forums that you should check out. You will find discussions ranging from search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and other web developer related issues that may also be of interest to professionals.
Even though most of the books cost quite a bit in the market, you can get your hands on these top 10 creative eBooks absolutely free of cost. Relative to this notion, while adding to the trend of fancy collections and plush habits, Timberland’s upgraded product design methods by introducing “design your own shoes” concept. The fun part is you can customize shoes into any wild or sober design while manufacturers are ready to get them done for you.
You can evaluate the type, style and look of your footwear according to the attire, occasion or collection, which makes it much more attractive.
Writing was never inherited, it is simply her flare of expression in anything and everything that she finds her interest of say! Chykalophia Design is a firm operated by Ari and being setup as a full-time art studio in Glenview, Illinois. We’ve been through a lot of dialogues with small to medium business owners to accomplish their visions through our designs. After finishing my high school, my parents wanted me to apply for the scholarship in Tourism School of which, I think, I really didnt have any desire for.
It also gives you an opportunity to build a network of designers you trust in case you need a support for a big project.
Creativity is a big part of design but you really need to make sure you have the right solution incorporated with the right function. I mean, what design software, applications and design tools you use the most for your projects?

We attempt to minimize these types of changes by trying to understand each other’s mission for the project, understanding the branding and company.
Yeah, it’s true that there are thousands of graphic and web designers out in the market. The Titanic 2 ship is designed to have 840 rooms spread over nine decks, resurfacing the same model with better mechanism. The nostalgic part is that the dinner menu is going to be the same as the original Titanic, an attempt to improvise the same feel of the fateful day. Titanic took away lives of more than 1500 passengers and staff way back in 1912, hit by a huge iceberg, shutting down exuberating architectural dream of Thomas Andrews, the principal architect of the original Titanic.
In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly. She has secured degree in Textile Design from quite popular Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT). Mayor unveiled the creative design work at a press conference on October 15, 2011 at the Cooper Design Space downtown.
Interestingly, 19 local design firms and manufacturers have already committed to participate in the program. With a good understanding of website designing and unique concepts of digital devices, his works includes mostly the latest advancements in the hi-tech design market. Available for both man and woman, boots and moccasin styles can be personally designed with the selected colors and patterns. The variety is spread over 23 elements, which exceeds the usual expectations affix to classic brown boat Timberlands shoes.
If readers can imagine what’s expressed through pen by Raman, its definitely a win-win situation for her. Today, we’re proud to be a goal oriented design studio focusing on how to make you look great.
If you think of design as a simple thing, yeah sure….every designer can make creative business cards or flyers.
Although when it happens, both parties should understand why such changes are needed before proceeding to the next stage.
I’ve worked with Department of Defense contractors, exotic fashion lines, TV celebrities and a lot of other really fun people. Unveiling the design and plans of Titanic 2 in New York, it is another step in creating the much awaited replica and repeating history.
The guest list includes New York Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Jean Kennedy Smith, US president’s daughter along with Palmer; James Cameron, the director of epic movie “Titanic” is also invited for the gala event. All the aspects of shoe design from stitching, laces, midsole, outsole, footbed, monograms, thread color, heels length, buttons, clips and many other details are carefully offered to the shopper and best finishes are provided by the designers.
She has started writing with an experimented and quite varied genre of designs, and different aspects. But when you think of design as a solution and you (graphic designer) as a problem solver, it is more complex than just creativity. It could be from the gradient color of trees during autumn, some fancy invitation sets, painted decorative tile or Bali beach view.
I’m also working with high end restaurants, multi-million dollar start-ups and some very cool non-profits. With an immense interest shown already by people, Clive Palmer is planning to start the first voyage, from China in the year 2016.
While working as a human resource manager with an architect company, the language of design and decor is always easy to understand for her. You’ll need to find the right nuance to know how the design will approach their target market and more.

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