What you have is a performance hull and should be treated as such underpower and you have a dog .
Frosty Previous Member   Lots of money and work for something that might not work. Location: Australia How do you figure a narrower tunnel will supply more lift ? Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency How do you figure a narrower tunnel will supply more lift ? Regards, Gabor That cat come tunnel has a hydrofoil across the tunnel and thats a whole differant thing .
Frosty Previous Member   Hes not asked for performance or lift -- --he said he wants to go fishing. Originally Posted by Frosty Hes not asked for performance or lift -- --he said he wants to go fishing. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. So off to the drawing board I went and with pencil in hand, I came up with a new design that I felt would work for his needs.
Of course not long after building the first boat, someone came along wanting to place a cabin on the boat, so I finished the plans for either the original daysailer (long cockpit) version and for a more conventional cabin version. Originally Posted by Pierre R Your design is the absolute last design I would pick for your intended use.
What would be the advantage of a semi-displacement over a full displacement on something not intended to exceed 10 knots? Originally Posted by Pierre R I take it that you are not trailering this boat far or very often and know the clearances along the route as this design exceeds the height restrictions on the roads. Originally Posted by Pierre R A used production boat would be a good fit and far cheaper. Maybe even fit the guest berth and storage space under there and free up more living space. Once you're asleep,you don't know if you're sleeping in a pipe berth,trunk of a car,or a 300 sq ft cabin. I'd assume you'll have some sort of swim platform for the kayaks,it's a royal PITA trying to slide out of a yak straight onto a swim ladder. Perhaps Pierre means re: semi displacement,a little turn of speed will help you get to places on your holidays. I assume you know about our BC tides and currents- with a slow boat you can spend much of your vacation time waiting for that 6 knot tide,with a 15 minute slack, to turn.
Originally Posted by WestVanHan I'd assume you'll have some sort of swim platform for the kayaks,it's a royal PITA trying to slide out of a yak straight onto a swim ladder. Originally Posted by WestVanHan I assume you know about our BC tides and currents- with a slow boat you can spend much of your vacation time waiting for that 6 knot tide,with a 15 minute slack, to turn. I spent three years working deck on small cruise ships and so one year we went through there once a week all season. What I wonder is how those log tows that only make 4 knots at the best of times get through. Location: Flattop Islands Log tows usually travel at about 1-2 knots plus current for over the bottom speed of 3-4 knots.
The other side of buying big power to fight currents is working with the current to vastly increase your cruising range and speed. Location: USA Last time I went through Dodd Narrows, even the fast boats waited for the slack current, as this is a place famous for spectacular roll overs if you screw up, get swept and touch bottom. Location: USA If you want a good powerboat model, check out the scale performance of this Schnell Boot. Here's the question: Would it be bad form to post the study plans I started with and the modified design I ended up with for comment? Location: Brisbane, Australia Protocol IMHO would be to ask the owners of the study plan and the modified design just what they would be willing to let you post publicly. Originally Posted by BATAAN If you want a good powerboat model, check out the scale performance of this Schnell Boot. Location: Bellingham WA With the kind permission of Karl Stambaugh of Chesapeake Marine Design, llc, here are the original and as modified plans.
The first two (C-Trawler 34 2 and 3) are Karl's original design, the latter two (CT-34M) are my as modified plans. Externally, I added the bulwarks (mostly for appearance) added the masts and booms, and extended the canopy on the fantail to add more space for kayaks.
The interior changes mostly involved moving the stairs in order to have a centerline helm and re-working the forward berth. Aft cabins are the way to go imo,don't hear other people's washroom runs at 2AM 5' from where you're trying to sleep.
Need Professional Boat Designer » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Wood or Steel? The Dipper 17 was designed for the fisherman and pleasure cruiser that wants to get in and out of the weather and for the diehards that want to be out no matter what the weather. The wheelhouse is cozy, with room for a small galley, heating stove, refrigeration, double berth and storage.
The Honker is a lightweight, shallow draft vessel that, with a 60 horse outboard, can race along at 30 knots or idle for hours while trolling for salmon or bottom fish.

Let’s start out with the description of the Honker design by describing a typical cruise that one might anticipate going on with this boat.
This trailering trip would take only one day to get there and allowed us more exploring time in the Sound itself. For our purposes, the Honker is ideally suited, being a light weight shallow draft vessel that with a 60 horse outboard, can race along at 30 knots or can idle for hours while trolling for salmon or bottom fish.
Carrying 24 gallons of fuel in four 6 gallon tanks gives enough range and fuel to keep us going for the time spent on the Sound. A small vacation done in a vessel like this Honker is inexpensive and easy to do at thelast minute without a lot of preparation or planning. Using a boat this way points quickly to the strengths and weaknesses of a design, and I’m happy to report that the Honker passed with flying colors. This little Honker has allowed us more useful boat for the dollar and hour of labor to construct than just about any other boat I can think of. In every case, the Pelicano 23 offers the unique combination of real world durability mixed with the classic Devlin style. No matter your needs in a mid-sized speedboat, the Pelicano 23 delivers a strong, durable, and versatile answer. She is built with our Stitch and Glue method of construction and sets up 8 athwart ships bulkheads interconnecting with two longitudinal bulkheads for the basic framework.  Hull panels are scarfed to length from 8ft. The Cackler is a new generation hunting skiff designed for hunting in areas where seaworthiness is essential and at a time of year when great distances may need to be covered in a hurry to avoid cold nasty weather.
The Cackler 14 is available as study and full construction plans, as well as a CNC cut kit. Location: Kotka, Finland Designing Origami Boat in Rhino This thread is started to make clear that there is nothing mystic in designing origami boats.
At first I design a decent hull shape (I use mainly 3 x 3 point surfaces and operate with point weigths and centerline cutting to tuning the hull). Thirdly I unroll the planks, orient them below topside plank and cut the others at the middle. Location: Australia That's cool but I have to wonder what the advantages of origami boats are in practice. Last year I decided to make a relatively small cat (approximately 20ft.) a bit similar to large offshore catamarans.
It take extra power to push and raise with a hydrofoil where as a true tunnel rides on a cushion of air between the hulls .
She’s a refined synthesis of a long history of sailboat design in a form that is small enough for convenience and large enough for an entire family as a daysailer.
He was ready to graduate up from the smaller Nancy’s China and was no longer interested in a boat that had a cabin and sleeping accommodations. The tiller just takes mere fingertip control and she sails so well as to literally negate the need for an auxiliary engine. BERTIE plodded along at her usual 5.7 knots under power through the water, but the GPS said we were doing nine, and this was at predicted slack water.
The boat is built using the WEST Epoxy System utilizing the latest technology with quality marine materials. It was designed as a great sporting platform, equally at home with fishing tackle and duck decoys. We all like to fish and explore some of the more out of the way areas in the Northwest where we live and for years, I have been aware of a place on the West Coast of Vancouver Island called Barkley Sound. Also with our weather being as fickle as it is up here, the chances of being able to pick a window of 3 to 4 days of good weather was far more likely than if we had taken the larger boat and we could do the whole trip in 4 or 5 days instead of just traveling up and back in the larger boat in the same period of time. We can cook the fresh caught fish each night for our meal and all that cooking could be done safely on a small propane barbecue carried on board the boat. And just for my own peace of mind, a Jerry jug of 5 gallons capacity was carried just for emergency use. In fact, most of the gear we took was carried as survival packs and loaded into the boat in a matter of minutes. Her beachability was the most important quality, and the capability of carrying all gear in a separate storage area and not being underfoot during the day worked to perfection. Take a look and you will see a real versatile boat that can provide you with a fine platform for playing on the water in your own areas. She is light and responsive and easily handled, providing great exercise for the single oarsman.
For leisure rowing, or as an exercise machine, a more graceful and beautiful rowing boat would be hard to find.
It seems to me that in some ways they could be as difficult to build or even more difficult, compared to just making a chine hull out of seperate panels. People do seem to be rather taken with the idea of origami boats though and I was wondering if it had any advantages over other methods of construction. Choice of method - especially for the home builder - is not just a matter of logical decisions.
The design of deck is almost complete, but my problem is that I don't know how it will work with this size. His family had grown and his children were now high school and college students and his wife now had many distractions in her life and so my friend was left without his traditional crew.
I found by the second sail that I was sailing into complicated moorings with ease, docking in a variety of winds and tide conditions.

Please do not use anything on this site without proper attribution and links to the source material. The real thing was about 115 feet and it would be so cool to work out a 55 foot example, 3 supercharged lightweight modern diesels, the very sophisticated triple proportional rudder steering that greatly reduced heeling in hard turns I believe, all designed 7 decades ago and proven in very hard service in the North Sea in all weathers.
The result is a boat with good looks, excellent performance, low maintenance, and the warmth and individuality of a custom wooden boat. The Dipper is easily trailered for fishing or pleasure cruising and at 2,460 lbs., it can be towed by almost any size vehicle. With its shallow draft, it is ideal for pushing into hidden corners of the wilderness in search of fun and adventure With its rugged construction, the Honker can be easily beached for hiking, hunting, and camping. We could spend nights on the shore camped in a backpacking tent and each day could be spent fishing and exploring our two favorite things to do. Each night the Honker could be beached and the anchor rode carried up the beach and tied off to an accommodating tree or large rock. This 5 gallons alone would provide us with an additional 70 miles of running time, enough spare fuel to get back to civilization without worrying about picking up more fuel along the way. Two medium sized coolers filled by a stop at a grocery store along the way kept us in cold beer, pop and snacks for the trip and doubled in utility by allowing us to put fresh fish caught in the Sound and made Mom just a bit the happier for allowing her troop to go up into the wild and spend some quality time together.
The fuel and water situation worked out well also and the 5 gallon Jerry jug of extra fuel was not tapped into. We are all thinking about a longer even more ambitious trip this year, perhaps we might tackle the Queen Charlotte Islands. The Bassboat and Shrimper both feature good berth space for overnight adventures; the shrimper adds a sheltered helm for operating in harsher conditions. She stays conveniently trailerable, runs at good speeds (dependent on horsepower chosen), and even has the option of providing cabin warmth and comfort for cruising in two of the versions.  All this describes the new Candlefish 23 model and she offers much utility and usability to the boater.
As a three-panel per side design, she’ll glide through the water nearly effortlessly. I have been hunting in 40 plus knots of wind with four hunters, three dogs, and six dozen decoys. Their shape, dimensions and coefficients are contollable if you just check the hydrostatics before developing plates. One may choose origami because one likes the way and feeling of bending a steel plate to itself. I don't want to build a cruiser, but a faster open boat without a cabin (with 80-100 hp outboard motor).
In either form, the Marsh Wren is  a well balanced and efficient sailboat, light on the helm and easy to handle alone.
His career at the point where he didn’t have much extra or spare time for sailing anyway! One of the problems the Winter Wren had when she was overloaded with too many people in the cockpit was dragging her stern in the water, creating drag and wasting some of the power of the wind.
My choices were to take one of our larger boats and spend 3 days travel time (dependent on good weather) just to get up to Barkley Sound.
The split cockpit of our own Honker allows us to carry all camping gear and clothing in a waterproof, lockable, separate compartment.
With wine most of its functionality is too unstable to be useful, but if you start with any hull with the correct number of chines, rename it to default.hul, and do saving by exiting, and answering yes to the save question, it is possible to design any hullform. Or one may choose a frame first method because one likes the rithm and symmetry of erected frames. Most of his sailing adventures were relegated to slipping away from the dock for a few hours on a weekday evening just after work. But with the new design, moving the center of gravity forward of the ballast and crew helped to come up with a faster boat that would balance well with a single person sailing or with a crew of up to 6 people on board. A 10 hp Yamaha or a 15 hp Honda 4 cycle provide quiet, smooth power, and cruises Dipper at 7-8 knots speed with good range.
Or we could trailer our Honker up behind the family pickup on gravel roads and launch in the sound itself at a place called Alberni Inlet and motor around the Sound beach cruising. Room for the three of us and our fishing gear would be easily accommodated in the aft cockpit. The Center Console version provides open space for wrestling those big fish and hauling bulky gear. If he was organized enough, he would stop to buy a sandwich at a local delicatessen and could sail on through the dinner hour returning to the dock just before or just after dusk. I felt the same Gaff rig similar to the Winter Wren to be the best option as it sails very effectively close-hauled and off the wind, is actually much more efficient than a conventional Bermuda sloop. The Gaff also helps play to the distinctiveness that my customer had requested be retained. Without the need for overnight accommodations, he opted for a boat with a larger cockpit, one that allowed the crew to spread out (when he had crew) and yet easily sailed alone if that was the way things shaped up. He loved the character and distinctiveness of the Nancy’s China and wanted to retain that flavor in the new boat.

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