The theory is that these open, airy working environments foster creativity, spontaneous collaboration, and transparency among employees. Max Chopovsky, founder of Chicago Creative Space, a firm that helps companies create thriving office cultures through design, believes that business leaders focus so much on what has worked for others that they don’t spend enough time thinking about the particular needs of their own employee base. A smarter solution, he says, is for business leaders to devote time to carefully observing the behaviors of their workers before making any major decisions.
And even if they share similar values, any population of workers will have a range of preferences in terms of working environments.
One of the most recent trends in office design is to have offices without any assigned seating at all.
Kevin McCarty, the president and CEO of Chicago-based business consulting firm West Monroe Partners, has embraced the no-assigned-seating policy at each of the company’s nine locations in North America. The template of each of the offices is the same, to promote a consistent culture within the company. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa reading I am reading Pete Cullers' book on wooden boats and rowing. Location: petaluma Just the picture for a rainy day Yes I really liked those gigs.
Location: Portland, ME Drake in the water Did some rowing the other day after playing with Drake's keel and the results seemed OK. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa drake Drake looks like you hit the nail on the head. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa good material Clint, your comment about bedding your keel prompted me to offer a suggestion. Location: FL, USA I took a break from work today and read the content on this thread that I had missed. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa panic time Well friends, it's panic time. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa web sites Clint, I'm aware of two sites where you will find info on open water rowing. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Join us for a meeting of the most creative minds at Fast Company’s annual creativity retreat. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada It's a variation on the wineglass transom .
Location: Los Angeles Yes, that's what I mean -- isn't there less drag in a tapered vertical stern like that than in a flatter cut-off one like the Firefly has?
Pre-cutting the pieces and rolling them on individual cardboard tubes, application is not too hard. Again, scrape (very sharp scraper custom made to fit the job, sharpen every 2-3 minutes), don't sand, and don't let it set too long before you do, and all will be easy and need much less sanding, almost none if you do it right. The real secret is to thoroughly mask off the areas alongside when you are doing the filleting, use a radiused squeegee, and I personally find that WEST with 'Filletting' additive (the brown stuff), over resin-primed ply, goes quickly with little fairing needed. Instead of sanding, make a steel radiused scraper from a piece of saw blade and scrape the epoxy before it gets real hard. Originally Posted by Tallman Yes, that's what I mean -- isn't there less drag in a tapered vertical stern like that than in a flatter cut-off one like the Firefly has? No matter what a transom looks like, for rowing where there is not enough power for planing the flat part must be above water level; what it looks like from there on up is not all that important except in heavy weather or surf AFAIK. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa progress We are back to regular rowing every Sunday. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa race Essex River race was great! Location: middlebury, vt Cormorant Not my favorite fowl, but here's the rig including an outrigger to calm my nerves when an oar dives in the boat wakes. Location: middlebury, vt Oarmaster Sliding Seat I didn't like the way the oarmaster unit felt in the cormorant so I put it in my old boat. Location: Essex UK Yesterday was the second Round Canvey island race organised by Benfleet yacht club, i launched my new 18ft Skiff for the first time on the day. She is an updated Sail & Oar version of my old boat but with a buoyancy tanks moulding, Despite making a real effort to keep her light there is a weight penalty as i reckon she has got to be over 350 lds. Plenty of competition from sliding seat coastal four, Fisa coastal pair, three different 4 oared gigs, kayaks & some sailing boats, its a race that allows sailing as well.
Fastest boat round the 14 mile course was the Coastal four from Gravesend RC in 2hrs 2mins, the Fisa pair took 2hrs 8mins, followed closely by the Gigs. A strong lad borrowed a Mondego single & did it in 2hrs 18mins, boy did he have some impressive blisters! Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa good news Keith, congrats on your new boat. The way we pay today %u2030i??i?? and tomorrow %u2030i??i?? and the brands driving our digital future. The stumbling blocks that some of our Most Innovative Companies have faced on their journeys to success and what they learned along the way.

The open plan office has been in vogue for years now, with companies from Google to Goldman Sachs to American Express to Bloomberg building workspaces without partitions. His underlying thesis is that it is impossible to completely manufacture culture; instead, culture bubbles up from the habits and rituals of employees. These ideals and belief systems tend to emerge from the vision of the company’s founders, who naturally hire people who share their outlook. So it is always important for employers to offer a range of possible workspaces for employees to pick from on any given day. At GlaxoSmithKline’s new offices in Philadelphia, employees can show up to work with their laptop and pick whatever space makes the best sense to them at any given moment. He arrived at this format after studying the behavior of the company’s workers who fall into two categories. But within each office, there is a lot of fluidity, as employees can choose where they want to work on a given day or week. This can feel uncomfortable to people who have been used to owning a particular spot in the office. McCarty’s goal is to create such a fun and productive working environment that people would rather come into the office than stay home.
It is sort of a dissapointment to me because I was looking for more concrete information than is in the book. As you can see in the pictures I am at the W.L without any other weight, especially a person. Those few cold weather rows will give great thoughts for the winter and while I try to get in shape on the erg. He must have had an indominable spirit to survived and then live to the fullest extent possible.
Race conditions were: temp about 44 degrees, partly sunny and a strong breeze of about 15 mph out of the North ( I think ). Chine logs are famous for rotting in the ends, are heavier to start with and more so when they get wet. If design requires additional strength at chine, add an outer chine that will protect from chafe as well. I'm not familiar with it but the boat looks to be designed for planing, which would be appropriate for a class sailing dinghy; the flat bottom and transom would aid that. First time in a fixed seat Skiff for 9 months & it was bloody hard, My boy has bust his ankle so two of his mates stepped in, they got to swop over, the old geezer had to row.
Facebook recently unveiled pictures of its drool-worthy, Frank Gehry-designed campus, which will be the largest open floor plan in the entire world.
So, for instance, if a startup’s founders believe that the best ideas emerge from late-night conversations over foosball and beer, they are likely to bring on people who enjoy working in similarly casual environments. The business consultants on the team spend most of their week meeting with clients at locations across the country. But McCarty has found that once employees understand the dynamics of the West Monroe office culture, they tend to voluntarily sit in different places every day, based on their mood or their work needs.
With spring tides giving us 12' high tides and always 15 kts of wind gusting to 20 it is sure hard to really feel the boat. After bedding the keel strip, I'll be putting Drake in storage after all these storms pass and getting onto the next project, finally!
First leg of the race, the waves were on our starboard stern quarter, second leg right into the wind and third leg was just about broadside to port. Written By Randall Stone and Dan Clay For decades, companies have taken for granted the notion that focusing relentlessly on improving customer interactions will lead to greater loyalty from the people who buy their products and services. I took off the riggers and tried my old fixed oars with 45" spread with the sliding seat and it felt great. Business leaders thinking about office redesigns often just crib off-the-shelf solutions that have worked well for others and recreate them. Open plans work fabulously for extroverts who are energized by collaborative experiences, but are less helpful to introverts who need to be left alone to recharge in order to be productive.
Some fields, like advertising or marketing, require plenty of brainstorming and teamwork, while other fields, like engineering and accounting, require plenty of private space.
On the other hand, if the founders started the company with young families in tow, they might hire people who believe in maximizing the 9-to-5 workday so that they can leave promptly to have dinner with their kids.
The technologists on staff spend hours coding and solving complex computing problems, often with their heads down and headphones on. I was feeling that I had thrown my money away until I got to the part about making your own oars.
Those folks need a dory, I don't think they realize how difficult it't be to load a two-man rowboat into the roof top, but definitely doable. Those long races are where great speed is not as necessary as the ability to keep up the good average speed that Drake should be capable of. It is moderatly adhesive and retains enough flexability to work well as a bedding compound. The real bad news is that my brother is having some heart problems and may not be able to row.

I haven't done the Essex race, and that is one reason for building Nordlys: When brother Dave isn't able to row, I want to do some different races and meet some new rowers. The relevant metrics usually pertain to familiar questions: How well am I delivering in-the-moment? Our conclusion is that the boat needs a long keel similar to what you would see on a canoe. It is also true that different types of work call for different kinds of space configuration: even the most social of workers sometimes need silence to bang out a draft of a speech or focus on crunching numbers for a report.
The best thing an employer can do is identify what makes their particular office community tick, and find ways to encourage it to thrive.
The cost of commercially made oars is prohibitive to me, so do it yourself is what is in order. How are customers experiencing my brand across a range of touch points – call centers, websites, social media, mobile apps, in-store? I realized last night taking her off the trailer to put in my shop for final adjustments that she is a tad heavy, but I'll need to get a scale and see how heavy.
It's sunny but cold here ( 34 ) so I guess that I'll bundle up and see if I can get the oarlocks on and a thwart in place. Based on the photos I've seen of the Ken Bassett Firefly its transom would normally be above the water. The stern forefoot (?) needs to be cut away a bit to reduce the steering effect when the boat lists one way or the other. With the geometry in my boat,, My hands are about 4" apart at the high point in my pull and seperate way too far at the finish of the pull. Our 19' boat weighed about 250 by our best estimates and no effort was made to keep her light.
The second thing that made the book worthwhile to me ( so far, only a quick scan through it ) are the pictures of three rowing boats he designed.
We were elated, but it all pales compared to what Joseph Blackburn did on his row for life. The new oars are over long right now but I want 2" more inboard and enough outboard to maintain the same ratio that I have now. Modifying the skeg allowed me to take the anchor out of the stern and this made me go faster! Culler would not favor my choice of construction which will be strip built with fiberglass or dynel set in epoxy inside and out.
Let's all hope that none of us ever gets in such a situation for, I fear, we wouldn't have the grit to do what he did. Foot stretchers are a puzzle to be worked out how ever possible to get anything at all to brace on.
There are things to be done yet: slightly longer oars with long straight blades will allow me to use the dory stroke and gain some speed. Incidentally, I found the skeg grabbed a bit too much, so I will shave off a bit and call that good. Much as I would like to try to do a traditional construction build, it looks like more than I am capable of for a first attempt.
Fore cast for Saturday is for a decent day with temps in the low 50's and gentle winds with mostly sunny conditions.
I'll row the Essex River race this Saturday solo, and on June 2nd we'll row in New Bedford double in the Whaling city rowing clubs row for the bay. Weather here has been miserable with temps in the teens AM and 20's PM continuous light snow with about 10" on the ground. The third leg puts you in the edge of the shipping lane and you need to keep your eyes open so as not to get in the way of an inbound fishing trawler. Also, a seat pad with cut outs to mimic the seats that the sliders have will help fight fatigue and discomfort. There are several lakes and reservoirs close by where they live in North Carolina, and they would enjoy having the opportunity to get out on the water with their dad. No rowing there right now, but maybe a chance to go dig some steamer clams if things are right some Sunday. They keep their eyes open, the dangerous boats are the pleasure boaters who seem to be totally unaware of their surroundings.
I borrowed a pair of straight blade oars and practiced the dory stroke a bit and the GPS showed a .2 knot speed increase. Miserable weather here today, gale warnings and torrential rain with freezing rain to the North And West.
My brother has almost come back from the saw injury to his hand and is rowing stronger each week.
The race is all in the open ocean and the part around the lighthouse is famous for bad conditions.

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