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The Dipper 17 was designed for the fisherman and pleasure cruiser that wants to get in and out of the weather and for the diehards that want to be out no matter what the weather. The wheelhouse is cozy, with room for a small galley, heating stove, refrigeration, double berth and storage.
The Honker is a lightweight, shallow draft vessel that, with a 60 horse outboard, can race along at 30 knots or idle for hours while trolling for salmon or bottom fish. Let’s start out with the description of the Honker design by describing a typical cruise that one might anticipate going on with this boat. This trailering trip would take only one day to get there and allowed us more exploring time in the Sound itself. For our purposes, the Honker is ideally suited, being a light weight shallow draft vessel that with a 60 horse outboard, can race along at 30 knots or can idle for hours while trolling for salmon or bottom fish. Carrying 24 gallons of fuel in four 6 gallon tanks gives enough range and fuel to keep us going for the time spent on the Sound.
A small vacation done in a vessel like this Honker is inexpensive and easy to do at thelast minute without a lot of preparation or planning.
Using a boat this way points quickly to the strengths and weaknesses of a design, and I’m happy to report that the Honker passed with flying colors. This little Honker has allowed us more useful boat for the dollar and hour of labor to construct than just about any other boat I can think of. In every case, the Pelicano 23 offers the unique combination of real world durability mixed with the classic Devlin style. No matter your needs in a mid-sized speedboat, the Pelicano 23 delivers a strong, durable, and versatile answer. She is built with our Stitch and Glue method of construction and sets up 8 athwart ships bulkheads interconnecting with two longitudinal bulkheads for the basic framework.  Hull panels are scarfed to length from 8ft. The Cackler is a new generation hunting skiff designed for hunting in areas where seaworthiness is essential and at a time of year when great distances may need to be covered in a hurry to avoid cold nasty weather.
The Cackler 14 is available as study and full construction plans, as well as a CNC cut kit. This is an all new version of our old classic the “Dipper 16” with several extra spices thrown into the mix, and the resulting dish is a completely different plate. The cockpit is left open and unencumbered by seats or other appendages, the whole idea is to have a couple of comfortable folding chairs that have the space of being used in the cockpit well without restricting one into one position or another.  Flexibility is really the key! In the cabin there is a standup galley that has all the ingredients necessary to function and forward under the trunk cabin there is space for a porta-potti and twin berths on both sides.  Really a remarkable amount of room inside and out for a boat under 20ft.
Plans are just completed and we offer them for $225 per boat built.  Someday in the near future I am looking forward to seeing many of these boats tooling about in waters near and far away.  A good looking boat is always worth a smile to me, and the Dipper 19 is to my eye a very good looking boat! To respect Tom’s privacy I have X’d out the vital money details and address of this agreement but you can plainly see a small, Cartoppable, very seaworthy skiff was desired. During the design phase of the project I always find myself using these boats in my mind, in some cases for the same use and waters as the customer is planning on, but sometimes my own mental voyages are even more exacting than the original design commission.
I think she accomplishes Tom’s goals with “panache” in fact maybe I should have named her just that, but in any case a simple, seaworthy, trailerable or even car-toppable skiff can be a real joy to build, own, and play with. Plans are $65 dollars and with about $850 dollars worth of materials you can build your own.
Site Update – April 1st Without the Fools - I just wanted to point out the secondary menu at the very top of the site. The Adventures of Adeline - Henry Clews asked for a special version of the Devlin Pelicano. Pelicano 23 - The Pelicano 23 is the largest model of the Pelicano and offers the unique combination of real world durability mixed with the classic Devlin style. This is where we encompass nearly forty years of focused development on a wide range of designs and the boating experiences they deliver, a uniquely evolved set of techniques to ensure a high quality, enduring vessel, and a sense of classic nautical design that manages to anchor in tradition while bringing the best of modern technology into your next boat.

First, Sam and his team of top-notch craftsmen can design and build the boat of your dreams. Those of you who have been here before probably understand how big the challenge has become, telling the story of Sam Devlin, one of the most prolific boat designers in the world, while distilling his huge body of work – 472 boats of great design variety, located all over the world, and a much debated number of designs in the catalog – into something understandable and accessible. A great deal of collecting, organizing, and learning has gone into this new version of the site, and the effort will continue until it reflects the depth and breadth of Sam’s work. Also, we invite you to register on the site and join the Devlin family discussion as we all find our way into the best of boating experiences on a Devlin designed boat. The boat is built using the WEST Epoxy System utilizing the latest technology with quality marine materials.
It was designed as a great sporting platform, equally at home with fishing tackle and duck decoys.
We all like to fish and explore some of the more out of the way areas in the Northwest where we live and for years, I have been aware of a place on the West Coast of Vancouver Island called Barkley Sound. Also with our weather being as fickle as it is up here, the chances of being able to pick a window of 3 to 4 days of good weather was far more likely than if we had taken the larger boat and we could do the whole trip in 4 or 5 days instead of just traveling up and back in the larger boat in the same period of time. We can cook the fresh caught fish each night for our meal and all that cooking could be done safely on a small propane barbecue carried on board the boat.
And just for my own peace of mind, a Jerry jug of 5 gallons capacity was carried just for emergency use. In fact, most of the gear we took was carried as survival packs and loaded into the boat in a matter of minutes.
Her beachability was the most important quality, and the capability of carrying all gear in a separate storage area and not being underfoot during the day worked to perfection.
Take a look and you will see a real versatile boat that can provide you with a fine platform for playing on the water in your own areas. She is light and responsive and easily handled, providing great exercise for the single oarsman. For leisure rowing, or as an exercise machine, a more graceful and beautiful rowing boat would be hard to find. With this arrangement and leaves enough open space for the two outboards to be laid on there sides for transport. A dumb question but in the case of the Candlefish 13 and the Candlefish 16 which came first is a legitimate question? Did Tom ever build the first boat to the design, I can’t answer that for sure as he has not sent me construction or action photos of her yet, but I still think that she would fit the bill for cruising, hunting, exploring far northern waters or freshwater lakes very well.
For this design I could easily see myself planning to do a couple of weeks of Moose hunting on a far northern lake with my friends Sven and Ollie, using the Candlefish to transport all the gear necessary from our launch site to the hunting campsite. Aptly named 'Dawn Patrol', Pete's boat is a beautiful build that serves as a great general purpose boat, excellent for fishing, and can be fitted out with a full set of blinds to turn it into a serious duck stalking machine. The green bar breaks down the Devlin design catalog into a more use-oriented set of designs.
With the Polliwog, it is our intention to offer the amateur builder the opportunity to build a lightweight and strong dinghy or tender.
23 Bosuns Arch Davis Design – Boat Plans, Kits, Videos and DVDs For The Amateur Boat Builder. Please do not use anything on this site without proper attribution and links to the source material. The result is a boat with good looks, excellent performance, low maintenance, and the warmth and individuality of a custom wooden boat.
The Dipper is easily trailered for fishing or pleasure cruising and at 2,460 lbs., it can be towed by almost any size vehicle. With its shallow draft, it is ideal for pushing into hidden corners of the wilderness in search of fun and adventure With its rugged construction, the Honker can be easily beached for hiking, hunting, and camping.
We could spend nights on the shore camped in a backpacking tent and each day could be spent fishing and exploring our two favorite things to do.

Each night the Honker could be beached and the anchor rode carried up the beach and tied off to an accommodating tree or large rock. This 5 gallons alone would provide us with an additional 70 miles of running time, enough spare fuel to get back to civilization without worrying about picking up more fuel along the way. Two medium sized coolers filled by a stop at a grocery store along the way kept us in cold beer, pop and snacks for the trip and doubled in utility by allowing us to put fresh fish caught in the Sound and made Mom just a bit the happier for allowing her troop to go up into the wild and spend some quality time together. The fuel and water situation worked out well also and the 5 gallon Jerry jug of extra fuel was not tapped into. We are all thinking about a longer even more ambitious trip this year, perhaps we might tackle the Queen Charlotte Islands.
The Bassboat and Shrimper both feature good berth space for overnight adventures; the shrimper adds a sheltered helm for operating in harsher conditions. She stays conveniently trailerable, runs at good speeds (dependent on horsepower chosen), and even has the option of providing cabin warmth and comfort for cruising in two of the versions.  All this describes the new Candlefish 23 model and she offers much utility and usability to the boater. As a three-panel per side design, she’ll glide through the water nearly effortlessly. I have been hunting in 40 plus knots of wind with four hunters, three dogs, and six dozen decoys. The answer is that the Candlefish 13 was the first of these two designs and while the Candlefish 16 was built before the 13 by no means does this diminish the importance of the design. Each day would involve using the boat to travel to a different part of Lake for the days hunting and if we were really lucky and good shots after getting a Moose down, using her to transport the meat back to camp, and then finally back to the launching area and road.
For the adventurous woodsmith, we have plans available to guide you through a build you can truly call your own. And for anything in between, please notice that Sam keeps his contact information on every page of this site. To that end, we ask you, current Devlin Boat owners and followers of the site, to give us your feedback along the way. My choices were to take one of our larger boats and spend 3 days travel time (dependent on good weather) just to get up to Barkley Sound. The split cockpit of our own Honker allows us to carry all camping gear and clothing in a waterproof, lockable, separate compartment. Her transom could take anything from a modest 6hp, up to a 25 horse outboard motor and you’ll just have to make those decisions on your own, how fast you want to go, how much money you want to spend on the outboard, and how portable (how heavy an outboard ) do you want to keep on her?
A 10 hp Yamaha or a 15 hp Honda 4 cycle provide quiet, smooth power, and cruises Dipper at 7-8 knots speed with good range. Or we could trailer our Honker up behind the family pickup on gravel roads and launch in the sound itself at a place called Alberni Inlet and motor around the Sound beach cruising.
Room for the three of us and our fishing gear would be easily accommodated in the aft cockpit.
The Center Console version provides open space for wrestling those big fish and hauling bulky gear.
So I did a bit of calculation on how efficient the Candlefish 13 would be as a meat freighter. And on the ultimate hunting trip or in this example ferrying out a Moose carcass she could draft 10.5”, carry 1323 lbs.
This little “Candlefish 13’ was designed to do just that job and with her cargo hold in the middle and forward bow stowage areas, a really great, seaworthy little boat resulted. But how about those of you that want to use her on a lake in Minnesota, or maybe even trailer her down to Sea of Cortez for a camp cruising adventure, truth is she is up for all of that or even the more mundane crabbing expedition on Puget Sound or a fishing trip to a high mountain lake.

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