Our foils kit contents are shown in this picture, along with the optional tiller and hiking stick. A detail of the steering hardware package; Note the scribe marks on the rudder case walls for aligning the pintels. The halves are then glued together and vacuum bagged in our shop before shipping to the builder.This picture shows the finished foils. Port Townsend Watercraft in BriefPT Watercraft is located in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in NW Washington. Port Townsend is fortunate to have a great marine industry and many have had a part in making PT Watercraft a reality. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Boasting all the same innovative features as the Walker Bay 8 Dinghy, the Walker Bay 10 is roomier and comes with a reinforced gunwale, integrated cup holders, a non-slip cockpit floor and is rated for a higher horsepower motor and person capacity.
Stainless Steel Bow Eye – for mooring or towing your boat, the stainless steel bow eye resists corrosion for longer wear. Integrated Oar System Optional – An optional Oar and Oarlock set is available for all Rigid Dinghies. Steel Back Oarlocks Optional – Stainless Steel insert molded Oarlocks are designed for extended use and are off-set to offer two different rowing positions. Seats with positive Flotation – All Walker Bay boats meet strict Coast Guard regulations for safety including buoyancy requirements. Wheel in the Keel™ – On the bottom of all Walker Bay's you will find a wheel making launching or moving you boat super easy. Motor or Sail Kit Ready – the WB8 and WB10 come with a motor mount which allows use of an outboard or is designed to take a rudder for a sail kit.

Add-a™ Tube ready – The WB8 and WB10 allow for the simple installation of an optional tube kit to increase stability, HP Rating and person capacity. Integrated Cockpit floor with non-skid pads – Standard with the WB10 the Cockpit Floor drains to keep your feet dry and comes with an adjustable rowing footrest. Through our unique and technologically advanced process of high-pressure injection molding, comes a one-piece seamless hull that is lightweight, maintenance free, UV protected, incredibly durable, and backed by a 10 year limited warranty. For over ten years, Walker Bay has combined functional innovation and advanced engineering to create a line of award-winning boats. The lapstrake hull of the Rigid Dinghy is designed to cut through water producing less displacement and drag, resulting in a boat that rows easier and straighter.
Designed to motor at harbor speeds, the traditional hull design cuts through the water producing a smaller wake, resulting in higher controlled speeds for “no wake” zones. Maximize your fun, add a sail kit to your Rigid Dinghy to create an exciting, versatile sailboat.
The PT 11 foils are neither, but like the boat itself there are multiple glass & epoxy steps to make them long lasting. It is the partnership of Ashlyn & Russell Brown, desiring to bring modern and innovative designs to the home boat builder. Turn Point Design, Jim Franken, Townsend Bay Marine, Edensaw Woods, NWSWB, NW Sails and NW Canvas, and also Bieker Boats of Seattle. We want boaters to safely have fun for many years with their creation while saving money, have less negative impact on the environment, and much less frustration with limitations typical of many small boats on the market. Walker Bay’s High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) composite hulls use a UV protected resin and come with a 10 Year Warranty. With our hands-on fine finishing, diligent attention to detail and 10-year hull warranty, you can be assured of the finest quality.

What’s more, the Hydro Curve Oar blades are super light to reduce swing weight and rower fatigue and are curved to maximize rowing efficiency. The beamy Rigid Dinghy, similar to the Rigid Inflatable Dinghy, also offers lots of space for cargo and crew. Simple to rig and easy to sail, Walker Bay Sailboats are competitive on all tacks versus other boats in their class.
One could just epoxy coat them and go sailing, but from our perspective that would be a waste of very high quality plywood and a lot of CNC machine time. Russell is explicit in his manuals and kit detail, intent on providing very high quality stitch & glue boat kits and related products. What’s more, this type of manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Pointing ability is optimised through a combination of hull design, sail plan and daggerboard performance. More than just a smart choice, along with Walker Bay’s fleet of inflatable boats, this is a boat you can feel good about owning. A hinged telescopic tiller extension allows steering from various positions within the boat and will easily retract, ultimately yielding comfort and fast transitions for every level of sailor.

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