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This is such a fun summer project, and one that won’t take a long time to put together. Looking for some innovative crafts to do with the kids this summer that entails a little more than the regular noodle necklaces? This boat can be an afternoon project at home, sailed down a stream, or made and used as a party favor. To make the boat, begin by folding one of the folded points inward toward the other side at a slight angle.
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Now, I’m a long way from the beach, so I used tree branches instead of driftwood, but I think it turned out OK. I’ve made some from driftwood, but I’m loving that you used what was available!
This is so cute – I had to share it with my IG followers, as I will definitely be making an inspired version of this for my son’s new nautical-inspired big boy room!
Just stopping by to pin this and let you know I featured this one as well on my blog today!
And we suggest you to make this on some of your a€?craftya€? weekends with your kids, no matter if you havena€™t read the books, maybe you will afterwards. The experts at the Foundary will be featuring how-to-crafts for kids throughout the summer that will not only entertain, but also serve as decorative party favors and fun home decor pieces for their rooms. This easy craft for kids is not only fun, but will also look lovely sitting on your windowsill or as centerpiece at your child’s next birthday.

You could even make a fleet of tiny cork sailboats for a bath time regatta.Let’s get started! Then start cutting out the pieces of your boat from the cardboard according to the sizes and forms on the pattern. As soon as youa€™re done, you can glue them together as you see on the pictures and then adorn your boatA as you like. Stick the toothpick in the center cork of the boat.Attach the little swimmer to the sailboat with some thread and pieces of toothpick.

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