I have been looking for about a year now for the perfect size and model for my runabout and your journal has helped me decide finally! If you wish to add more photos (or videos) to your post or if you have any problems loading photos use the link below (there is no need to resize or adjust your photos).
So, before selecting your photo please use the 'Message Box' to indicate to which post the photos belong. Location: Minnesota More info No time to get up into the attic and measure the skeg and I am not home for the next few days. I went by my friends house to have him weld the cav plate mount and skeg plate but he was not home. I chamfered both ends of the bronze bushings and cross drilled them with a letter D bit so that the zerk fittings would extend through the hole in the drive shaft tube housing into the bushings to hold them in place during operation.
I turned the lower black delrin bushing on my metal lathe that goes into the drive shaft housing next to the prop from some raw material I had at my shop. Location: Minnesota Looking good John Wow, I think I thought about what kind of set screw to use for a longer period of time than it has taken you to get to where you are.
I think I am going to look at the throttle linkage and see if I can figure something out on that issue today.
Speaking of tiller arms what diameter and wall thickness of aluminum did you use to get the rigidity necessary to lift the tail drive shaft without any issues. You already sent me some diagrams and part numbers for various throttle control setups for my evaluation.
I had a few other things that keep me busy today and I did some thinking about the tilt mechanism and tiller arm. Was at the local metal scrap yard this afternoon looking for outer shaft and drive shaft material. As stated in a previous post, I found a Gamefisher 1.7 HP outboard in the aluminum scrap bin at the local metal scrap yard. Yesterday one of my friends showed up with 3 Echo back-pack trimmers that were not working.
Have another friend coming today that needs some machine work done so that will also slow progress somewhat. We will get they finally, just trying to get it as near correct as possible on the first try.

Made a few parts for my friend today for his camera but was able to work in a few pieces for the Drive Shaft Tilt Mechanism. I still have to make another attachment arm for the tiller and throttle control and kill switch that will attach to the Drive Shaft.
USD 2,200 ( Normal or High Cube 40 Foot container) is all Panama Costs and the processing for that will take 2 days. In Cartagena estimated USD 500.00 as we say other passengers between port, insurance, customs clearance and shipping. It is possible to fly from Panama to Cartagena, however taking into account the flight and accommodation costs both ends, we found it better and more interesting to sail. There are a number of operators, some are party boats, some just transportation, however Gisbert runs a safe boat , provides good and plentiful food and we had a great time.
In Cartagena: The company Enlace Caribe is recommended by many, however since May 2013 they do not work with overlanders.
We have been told that there are English and Spanish instructions at the office of Seaboard Marine, so using them as the shipping company could make it easier should you decide to do the clearance yourself. 3rd Party Vehicle Insurance is mandatory and we got a 30 day coverage for Cop40,000 (US$20) at Suramericana - 400metres past the fort of San Felipe de Barajas.
The countryside is beautiful, lush and green, contrast that with snow and ice just 5 degrees from the equator. Beyond the major roads travelling is slow because the roads twist and turn and are in poor condition.
Everywhere there are lots of national police and military checkpoints, but rarely are we checked.
Note: It seems to be the norm to try and cause an accident with a foreign vehicle, no matter how insignificant and then want the damage settled with money.
You will find that on some rough roads the locals pretend to fill the holes and then ask for money.
Eating out the quick local food is chicken or beef with rice, beans and coffee- Total cost COP$ 40000 which is equivalent to $20 for the 4 of us.
Meat we found best from road side markets - always fresh but best to purchase in the mornings. If you have got this far then you already should know it is impossible to drive between these two countries.

USD 2,200 ( Normal or High Cube 40 Foot container) is all Panama Costs and the processing for that will take 2 days.A  A 20a€™ Ft was US$ 1,450.
Everyone is so friendly.A  One person we met in the mountains said a€?We are all people of the planet. I most places we free camped, and if possible checked with police or the locals first.A A  More than often the police or the military would come and say hello and then they would kept an eye on us. Pop-punk band Call To Start have teamed up with AP to release their first-ever music video.
In "Somewhere Else," singer Madison McFarland starts with a voiceover about being lost and following your dreams. Did you buy the bushing between the prop and the end of the shaft, or turn it out on your lathe? So, once you entered the car to the port and you handle yourself in the container continues communication with us and being a traveler in Cartagena. We drove the back roads of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, which is one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in South America. This gorgeous slice of heaven on Earth has dramatic landscapes, from snow capped mountains, raging waterfalls and icy glaciers. We had just finished dinner and getting ready for bed when 2 guys on horseback rode over to the truck and started screaming at us. Bringing our situations together, and creating a single song out of them speaks volumes about the message of the song," says drummer Kevin Donahue. He and Elizabeth came over as Eliz can speak some Spanish but they kept yelling and demanding money. It has a big beefy 3 shoe clutch that I'm trying to get off of the bottom of the engine now.
Within about 5 minutes we were packed up and drove out.A A One of the guys did smile at me as Kym shut the door of the camper in his face!!!
Once I get it off, I'll check the weedeater engines I have to see if I can rig up something.

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