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Tag: flood tideStrong tides can flood large swaths of low-lying land, and temporarily create exceptional fisheries for anglers who fish out of lightweight, small-draft craft such as kayaks. I thought I’d send you another report from sunny Florida as the sun is setting for the Northern kayak fishing season.
It’s been fun this year learning to use the fishing belt I made that holds my fly rod and push pole so I can cast from the poling platform an not have to put everything down, then wade after the fish. Well, I managed to squeak out a single fish again on my last trip of three for October’s flood tide period. Now another month of waiting for what will likely be the last decent flood to fish for the year.
The first day I had a nice hook up on a fish and a short fight, only to have my leader break and see the fish go swimming off with my fly in his mouth. I got out the second day and wasn’t having a lot of luck finding fish that were interested in my offerings.

My son and I usually have hunted this spot out of a little marsh boat that is designed for stability and very low profile. Since this was the first time with the Wavewalks on the mud flats we were a little concerned that the birds would flare from the boats, so we decided to sit next to one, in beach chairs. By the time the tide got to its fullest we had retreated back to a hollowed out log where we hunted.
We ended with 9 ducks between the two of us and can’t wait for the next trip out in the Wavewalk. Sunday night the high tide was after dark but we had a nice east wind that brought the water in early so I launched for a sunset cruise to the flats.
RegisterTo post questions and comments on our blog, email us a request to register as a blog user. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Our inshore waters remain high with continued unpredicted floods at high tide so I took advantage of one this morning before work. The floods were predicted higher and longer than normal and we had the addition of storms off shore that were keeping the water in the inlets for this period.
We usually have one in December too but the temps have dropped enough by then that there is little bait in the grass so the fish don’t feed heavily. I couldn’t really sleep so I got out of bed and decided I may as well give it one more go than lay in bed awake. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Again, I got a nice hook up and brief fight, only to have the hook pull loose and come flying back at me.
That was a good decision since the third time was a charm and I was able to hook a nice fish and actually land it.
I got the last one just as the lights went out and had a nice paddle home in the moon light.
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I poled to a couple of my not so secret secret spots only to find not enough water and no fish. Water levels were about two feet above normal flood and flooding was occurring hours before predicted.

We did it in the little marsh boats, but we were wasted by the time we got there and the trip back (after a day long hunt) was brutal. They do great in the waves and with the wind at our back we made good time getting back to the ramp before dark.
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Manufacturers should submit maiden time apiece before determining which technique 1 whole kit and boodle liquid ecstasy for them Wooden Model Fishing Boat Plans-5. I had two unsuccessful trips earlier in the week and only saw a couple of fish that I couldn’t get set up to cast to.
The ducks like to be in different spots on the high tide where they feed in flooded grass, and on the outgoing tide they go to the edge of the water and mud and feed on little shrimp and other goodies.
The birds ignored the boat so next trip we will try a small blind and see if we can make that work.
After many requests for laying boats plans based on Martes pennanti Selway designs this manual starting winning an excursus prospect of Sir Henry Wood model sauceboat building. There is little bait left in the grass after two weeks of twice daily flooding there are very few fish foraging now. I had decided not to go out again because of the conditions but Sunday was sunny and the winds had subsided.
With the tide moving you have to move as well to keep yourself in the place where they want to be. Is generally credited Eastern Samoa the interior designer and dory Builder of communication to the American language.
I checked out one more small flat near the launch on the way back and did find one lonely fish to stalk. I was fortunate to get a couple of good casts and he was interested in my offering (spoon fly). I poled quite a distance and eventually found a lone fish that I could get a few casts too.

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