If you are looking for a starter project then grab some dory boat plans and find out just how rewarding amateur boat building can be! Dory boats are small boats characterized by high sides, open workspace and tapering at both the bow and the stern.
Using our do-it-yourself Banker Dory boat building plans, you can build your own Grand Banks Dory. In my case I had to angle the ends of the planks so that they would conform to my curved template for the curved mast.
I also staggered the end to end glue joints of the different layers (12) in order to avoid hard spots along the length of the mast so it would be stronger and flex more uniformly. So I've come to realize that with enough patience and epoxy and a thickness planer that one can create laminated planks from pallet wood. I'm not sure the esteemed builder used pallet wood, but he did use an awful lot of short pieces of reclaimed lumber to build that quite successful boat. Building a dory out of recycled wood could be cost effective if it brought you $200,000 worth of free advertising for your boat building business. Thorne, I used $600 worth of Sitka spruce to build my birdwing mast but looking back, with all the glue lines in that thing, it could have easily been white pine or poplar or yes, even pallet wood spruce.
The sapelle plywood for Xena's build came on a mahogany and white oak pallet that I took apart and used for all kinds of things. Don't get me wrong, for boat building, I'm not saying it would be worth doing, but it could be done and could stir up a good bit of free publicity if you are into that sort of thing. It suddenly dawned on me one bright October morn that barring miracles or extraordinary effort there would be no Christmas cruise that year. What eventuated was a plywood dory with a tombstone transom (it's not really a dory otherwise); a nicely curved stem to force some shape into the sides forward, a strong sheer kicking up aft to a high stern (thoughts of going surfing) with the maximum beam (further aft than is traditional to make the boat run straight in heavy following seas). Building the boat did not take long, a few hours here and there over a couple of weeks saw her ready to paint and the total cost of about $250 did not hurt the pocket too badly. I can carry the boat on my own, essential for a boat that will be used almost entirely single handed – she weighed in at 42kg dry. She rows extremely easily, better loaded than light because of the heavily rockered bottom. Like most fine ended boats she is pretty sensitive to trim, if I find she needs to be a little bow down to stop her blowing around broadside on while I try to row her to windward, or conversely, stern down for downwind I have a ten litre plastic container of water on a light line and toss it to the appropriate end of the boat The line is so I can retrieve it without moving from my secure seat amidships.

A full load of camping gear and provisions makes things easy, the boat rides better down on her lines a little, and she is much more stable.
The Light Dory has proven to be not only great for recreational rowing but ideal for its intended job, a long trip under oars. If you want to build a dory checkout these easy boat plans now as you'll be glad you did. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Like Dan said, I don't think it would be cost effective if you value your time at all but some of us do like to do things just because they've never been done before. Every morning on the way to work lately, I've had to drive past a pile of pallets by the street at a construction site and it's only around the corner from my house and I'm darn good with a pry bar.
It's kind of like being in a big club that happens to include every living thing on the planet. To have Just drop me a mention if have whatever questions and let’s soma verboten how to become you on the http doryboatplans Built your Boat With Step away pace Download http 146Sl70 Boat Plans Plans4boats. Here is ampere google link that searches for websites with the tidings walleyed pike contrive On the downside they are NOTORIOUSLY unstable until you get dory boat plans.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I had reservations about the shapes of some craft, the construction method or costs of others and concerns about the seaworthiness of most so design it yourself seemed to be the order of the day.
Added to this is a big skeg for directional stability and to balance the windage, buoyancy tanks under the seats and a sculling notch in the transom and the boat is looking very much the part. Basically flat panels are cut to shape and then joined along the edges giving the desired shape, some minimal framing carried the loads from the rowlocks and the seats and the seats formed buoyancy tanks in case of a major disaster. In this case I built the model over solid station frames and when finished wrapped light card around the boat, traced around the edges, cut the shape out and transferred it to graph paper making scaling up an easy Job.
It cannot be driven past hull speed even by a very strong person but is wonderful for eating up the miles at a moderate pace. The answer to your question is no there are no dory designs that specify or are buildable with pallet wood. I'm married to a lady who smuggles empty beer bottles home from restaurants to make sure they get recycled.

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One of the considerations of course was time, the way to build boats really quickly is not to work like lightning, it is to build boats that are very simple and relatively small! The motion of the boat is very easy, especially in a beam sea when the rowers position right on the centre of motion about which the boat pitches so the oarsman doesn't get thrown about in a seaway. They will help you decide whether or not you can build the boat but do not provide sufficient information to actually do so. Of simple construction, with elegant lines, dories were cheap to construct, highly functional, and incredibly seaworthy.
You might get away with cross planking the bottom, and running the side planks almost vertical, but you'd need strong longitudinals. I design automated pallet assembly equipment for a living, and life's WAY too short to sort through bunk after bunk of pallet wood to find a couple of good boards, then dry them - they're generally so wet they almost splash when you nail them.
And then if you could say by the way, "the wood for this boat is free!" ? It kind of has a nice ring to it! Made a cradle boat for a cousin that winter and all pieces finnished bright were made from that. OD18 The Outboard Dory 18 combines traditional qualities state of the artwork fast planing gravy holder features and extreme point still of atomic number 85 the same web site you bequeath discovery hundreds get dory boat plans. I carry about 30 litres of water in plastic jerry cans which improves her stability and also helps the boat carry its way. It is amazing to watch as great foaming crests disappear under the gunwale without any fuss. Look, the reason they make pallets out of it is the same way they choose which meat goes into cheap hot dogs; the stuff they can't do anything else with.
Sure, you can build a boat out of it; a guy made a viking ship out of Popsicle sticks too, and it floated, but why?
You'll spend more on epoxy making boat-size pieces out of 40" boards than you would have spent on some more reasonable materials.

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