A city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is bursting with an energy that never fails to exhilarate visitors – and when it comes to boosting team morale, the city’s buzz can really fuel the fire for engaging team-building activities. Corporate groups can discover the art of Chinese culinary techniques through one of Hong Kong’s remarkable cooking schools. This traditional Chinese sport is all about team work as groups of between 20 and 22 competitors work together in time to move these 10-metre-long boats through the water as fast as possible.
A Chinese custom that marks all and any traditional celebration, the Lion Dance is the epitome of team spirit as two or more people work together to bring the almighty dragon to life.
Arm your achievers with clues and a map then send them around Hong Kong in search of fantastic treasures. Reenergise your team with the art of Tai Chi, an exercise for the mind, body and soul that has been practiced in Hong Kong for centuries. Both Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are well equipped to accommodate corporate groups and provide unique team-building experiences. Get your subscription to micenet magazine for all the latest industry news, offers and promotions. All our events are organised dependant on the requirements of the group and the number of people involved, one of our experienced events staff will be able to oversee your events from start to finish, who can assist with planning and advising about your event. We are able to combine this event with an onsite BBQ including full catered options or self catering available. We provide the dragon boats, paddles, buoyancy aids, safety boat cover, qualified helms, & river marshals.
Make it a party & utilise our BBQ & covered seating area You can self cater or contact us for catering options.
Below is the Scout Associations link outlining the syllabus of activities to complete the dragon boat badge in one 2 hr session.
We provide the Dragon Boats, paddles, buoyancy Aids, Safety Boat Cover, Qualified Helms, & River Marshals. We are not just able to organise dragon boating events at Warwick Boats, we are able to organise events at a number of locations across the midlands and England.
These Chinese-style boats can carry up to 16 paddlers and are steered by a qualified instructor who will provide all necessary training. Dragon boat racing has become popular with charities, and provides a high profitable opportunity to raise funds and awareness for worthwhile causes.

For companies it offers a superb platform for team building, corporate entertainment and for hospitality.
Dragon Boat racing can also be ran as part of a multiple activity day and we can also assist with venue finding, conference facilities and a complete catering service if required.
1.  Organised by DBI Pte Ltd, the NUH Cluster Dragon Boat Team Building 2014 is an activity for their staff and students. Dragon boat experience: canoeing, rafting, team-building and incentive activities, outdoor training.
The Dragon Boat Experience is specialized in organizing outdoor activities for corporate groups: apart from the specific activities carried out by Dragon Boat, they are specialised in Polynesian canoe, rafting and canoeing in general, as well as all those sports activities that are considered particularly suitable for team building.
It is targeted to strongly competitive athletes watersports enthusiasts, as well as to companies that aim to the efficiency of the team. The Dragon Boat Experience gives packet All Inclusive, including the location, the furniture and the technical management for the Dragon Boat activity: boats, helmsmen, paddles, safe buoyancy jacket, shower kit, t-shirt and gadgets with logos, depliant with history and technical explanation (Italian and English) and, on request, even in French and German. Simbolicamente a embarcacao Dragon Boat foi condecorada com a imagem do dragao chines, que representa “mudanca”, por resumir a forca de varios outros animais atrelados ao processo de transformacao. Fartura, prosperidade, sabedoria e soberania sao tambem alguns dos aspectos refletidos na imagem do dragao chines. A programacao desta atividade sintetiza as competencias envolvidas nos processos de formacao, aprimoramento e capacitacao de equipes de colaboradores, fornecendo a vivencia dos modelos de uma lideranca eficaz e do conjunto de esforcos para alcancar metas ainda mais desafiadoras. From the top-ranked hotels through to independent operators, there are a number of highly regarded experiences on offer.Demonstrations are led by skilled instructors as participants pick up closely guarded cookery secrets, appreciate Chinese heritage and come away with a skill that lasts a lifetime.
Each paddler must stay in sync with the beat of the drum, one missed beat and the dragon drags behind.
One for adventure-seekers, this activity demands mental agility and co-operation to win the ‘treasure’ after a day trekking through the city. Corporate groups can learn about the ancient philosophy behind this relaxing exercise and practice Tai Chi by the harbour for great views! On Victoria Harbour, corporate groups can embrace the pirate life with Caption Jim and his crew by exploring the below decks, hosting the sails, and – for those daring enough – even attempting a mast climb. Whether you are looking for a team building activity, group challenge, or just an exciting trip out, our dragon boat race is safe, enjoyable and suitable for complete beginners. Schools can also use the dragon boat experience as part of wider studies incorporating history, art, physical education & culture.

We are already registered as commercial activity providers with AALA & can supply all relevant paperwork required.
A range of fun boats to play on, BBQ dining, all set against the medieval backdrop of Warwick Castle. We also offer a range of kids & adult water based activities for birthday, private parties & team building events. We recommend a minimum group size of 12 per boat and even the least competitive members of your crew will want to reach the finish line first ! All vessels are advised to comply with the instructions and signals given by the safety boats crew.
All vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution and to stay clear from the paddling area. Companies are attracted by the remarkable involvement shown by participants, the spectacular aspects related to the events themselves, the image of team sports, the opportunity to sponsor boats and shows in a vast area and also the considerable interest shown by the mass media. But everybody apply: managers, ladies, students, and in general young people, they all paddle, they prefer share this experience in group.
Trata-se de uma embarcacao a remo para 22 pessoas, representando o verdadeiro trabalho de equipe em total sinergia.
A sinergia e enfatizada em todos os treinamentos, palestras, reunioes e demais compromissos corporativos atraves da frase “Estamos todos no mesmo barco”. A day by the sea includes basic training but for those truly unstoppable teams, there’s also the famed Dragon Boat Festival and Carnival in June, where local, international and company sponsored teams compete in what is considered one of the most prestigious Dragon Boat racing tournaments. We provide all event safety including necessary risk assessments, £5m public liability insurance and operate according to British Dragon Boat Association guidelines. For larger events we also provide trophies for first & second place & individual Dragon Boat medals for the winning team.
There are motor boats, row boats & a wide range of canoes & kayaks.We also offer a range of kids & adult water based activities for birthday, private parties & team building events. Frase que e utilizada pela empresa que focaliza a uniao e forca de seu time com o objetivo de alcancar as metas e obter melhores resultados.

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