Tony surprised not only himself but a few others when he'd been sailing the first three races with his keel back to front. Ten races were held leading up to lunch, with Dave Fowler in his usual top form for the Lasers and John Tushingham wasn't giving much away in the Dragon class either.
Just as the wind started to pick up and threaten the emergence of C rigs, the midday break was called. He's not the only one to have ever done this, as one can be easily distracted at the beginning of the daily proceedings.

It was a good compromise for trying to keep the direct sunlight out of your eyes while still being able to make optimum use of the wind direction. A further six races were sailed with Dave and John only giving away an occasional first place. A and B rigs would dominate the day for the Lasers, while the Dragoneers tend to cope well enough with just their A sail set.
New racing Dragons, still commissioned today, will set you back the cost of a decent Ferrari.

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