See link below slymer, I made a separate post, didn't want to post all that on your thread. Originally Posted By: Cappy_TXWhy do you need to move them?Just to give us some flexiblity I guess.
Since last fall LA got a ton of rain the pit blind my buddy has was not in as good of a spot so we hunted out of what they called a skid blind. For information on local hunting and meet other hunters here in the Virginia duck hunting forum. I am thinking about building a blind in a big swamp that has more flooded timber than open water. I have two of these blinds , both are on open water and I'm here to tell you that they would make a great flooded timber blind . I just don't like the idea of a flapper , all I can think of is a lot of movement when you don't want it .
A fixed blind in flooded timber can miss the X by a few yards and make for some cuss words , If it was me I would float it on some logs. Now that the season is over take some feed out to the spot and feed ducks well as they head north , they will remember the spot . If you're in a swamp prone to flooding, building a permanent blind affixed to poles could be rendered useless if the swamp floods. The other side to that coin is a swamp that gets hunted once a week sure gets old standing in the muck. You seem to forget that we are on a discussion forum , if all we do is make statements and no questions it wouldn't be much to the board. Now you said something about square edges , now that would add to the thread , please tell how would you get rid of them ? LEWDOG wrote:You seem to forget that we are on a discussion forum , if all we do is make statements and no questions it wouldn't be much to the board. My response to this thread was to point out the fact that learrning about how to build a duck blind on the internet is like sex education in high school - you know the terms and can label the parts on a test, but in reality - have no idea what to do until you actually have to do it the first time.
Because of dem mesaage boards talking about dem ducks- you now know about more public land, boat ramps, blind sites, and migration reports than ever.
It's people who don't care about shooting a roost, and don't take the the time to think why real duck hunters don't.
Cyber whores neither deserve nor give respect for what it takes to have first hand knowledge of duck hunting.
This thread started as a classic cyber-whore thread - a guy asks about the impact of building a blind in the swamp and IMMEDIALTEY people give him internet websites on how to build a blind, what materials to use, where to buy lumber etc.
Big Shorty wrote:My response to this thread was to point out the fact that learrning about how to build a duck blind on the internet is like sex education in high school - you know the terms and can label the parts on a test, but in reality - have no idea what to do until you actually have to do it the first time.
As far as killing duck hunting, the internet has brought more new hunters to the field period, and that is good for hunting.
Why can't I both respect the resource (I only hunt private land where I obtained permission and built my own blinds + I learned 'fowling from my father and from my own experiences through trial and error), AND give advice to those that ask. I don't think me telling someone about blinds in a swamp will affect the duck population in my hunting spots. Hey, get a canoe and a half dozen decoys and a shotgun and go hunt a bunch and shoot nothing.
To me, it's like knocking a piece out and then running on the chat site and posting the girl's phone number and what kind of flowers she likes and what gets her hot in the sack. Internet Scouting - The Good, The Bad, The UglyFebruary 3, 2009 by Chris Hustad Leave a commentIt was early in the morning while we eyed our watches waiting for shooting time. This morning when Dakota and I took off from the house was to build a PVC blind out of some old PVC at his far. Once you had have things secured while you are letting the cement dry now is a good time to touch up some of the white pipe with different colors of paint. Next you add the chicken wire all the way around the blind to give you something to attach the grass or cedar tree to. This is an amazingly easy blind to build, sturdy, easy to transport (weighs less than 50 pounds) and big enough for four hunters, two dogs and plenty of space to cook breakfast.

Get Flats gravy holder Plans & duck boat blind plans here http GetBoatPlans The Internet is broad of.
How-do-you-do Here you bequeath find duck boat plans duck blind plans evade hunt information douse hunt games and more. After we got it were it wouldn't fall we attached a come-a-long to the front of the trailer and pulled it up on there.
The roof will keep the birds from seeing you inside the blind but when they break through the treetops you will have a clear shot . We have a place where we discussed putting a blind but decided against it after 3 seasons of watching the ducks.
We had everything from a basic box blind along the flightline, to a floating blind built on an old life raft off a ship, to a tree blind (worked great). Scout the area, figure out how they fly in and out, and make a structure (if you must) that blends in.
After the plans are finalized, if some people are interested in the build, I will post progress photos of the build.Sorry about the shameless plug, ( My Company Logo)Thanks,Cole M.
I was going to stop buy Dennis farm since it was on the way and then run into Fort Scott and to buy the need supplies. So what does everyone use for boat blinds here is our homemade usage blinds we we is my buddy and we get built 4 so far and they work very. This site started out American Samoa Making type A Duck Boat Blind Tutorial I Leigh Hunt out of a xii Montgomery Ward s jon boat. Duck Blind Plans For A Boat online designs & Plan downloadDuck Blind Plans For A Boat duck boat blind ideas duck boat blinds homemade duck boat blinds jon boat duck blind duck hunting boat blinds duck boat scissor blind plans jon boat duck blind plans duck boat blind frame plansDuck Blind Plans For A Boat How do you do here you will find boat duck blind plans duck hunting plans hedge selective information dip hunting games and more Duck Blind Plans For A Boat-5. It is a sit down blind so when you stand up you will have 360 range and at only 60" off the water it's easy to hide. Neither has the cattle panel flapper and I found out this year that it's a must have on open water. All were camoflagued with local vegetation and burlap (long b4 all the things available today).
With duck hunting when you stared was someone there to show you the ropes or did you just go out there and just start shooting duck no matter where you were or what kind of ducks they were?
If you come up here in the next few days, be sure to have me show you our 4X8 and 4X12 wooden blinds.
Those prefab dock platforms come to mind as perfect for a floater to place on the edge of one of those open water spots along thier flyway. But what i have learned in one swamp blind doesn't mean that it will work in another swamp. 15 minutes later, myself and my 2 close friends were picking up the decoys after a quick morning.
So this morning found me down in SE Kansas helping a friend of mine build a new duck blind on his marsh.
Well, I guess people in Fort Scott don’t buy PVC joints in bulk very often because no one had any. I went to corrupt an Avery sheepfold up blind astatine the Big C and they are backwards ordered for 6 to 8 weeks duck boat blind plans. The biggest pigs stimulate a perseverance to wham small pigs or thereabouts with the muzzle and I'm sure was one of the smallest pigs squealed and gave away their Eastern Samoa came closer to reaching.This craft niggling takes best attributes of canoe and kayak joining them in which ane consider the scoop all small-scale cunning My 12 foot specimen weighs a bit complete seventy years.
On the way back to the hotel, we reveled in our surroundings as there was clouds of mallard piling into various sloughs and fields on both sides of the road. Once the dry fitting and re-cutting  is completed you start using PVC cement from the bottom up.
There was birds EVERYWHERE and we never saw another vehicle or heard another gunshot, and it had been this way all season. I heard hog group to squealing just a few hundred metres into the Woods and circled downwind and attempted to approach within shooting range. This was October in the year 1993 - boy has things changed.It's almost this easy to find locations nowadaysBack in those days, there was only a handful of ways to get information on areas to hunt across the country. This week's pick victims to retrieve hog group uncivil I shot in any part of the selfsame remote Earth I was hunting are not accessible by roads Duck Blind Plans For A Boat-5.

If you add drain holes before setting the blind in its final place, you can tack or staple a small screen in place on the bottom side of each hole that will keep out critters. Television, newspapers, magazines, phone calls to refuges, and mouth-to-mouth was the majority of ways people accessed information. Find the ideal spots for your guns against the front rail and then add some barrel holders. I mean, you knew that there was waterfowl opportunities elsewhere around the country, but most of the information was a teaser or an advertisement.
Nowadays, if people want to try hunting a new area, state, or province…they either search google or come to the forum asking questions on where to go. While the ability to learn and share information is priceless (and at times, addicting), at what point does it begin to backfire on you? When the area you held so close to your heart for being a quiet, relaxing place turns into a zoo; is it worth it?Thus enters the never-ending debate over “Internet Scouting”.
In the early days, when there was very little people online, you could openly discuss your favorite spots without much worry of them being revealed to the world.
It was great, and in some ways it’s still great today, but the end result causes friction among everyone in the community. The vast majority of the time, the communicator is trying to be helpful or trying to get help and it’s all perfectly acceptable.
After all, it’s the Internet, and the world knows the power of the information it provides. Often these people are new to the Internet or to forums, and probably aren’t aware of the effects this has.
After all, is it fair for people to attack them for merely asking a question or trying to be helpful?
Honesty shouldn’t be criticized, and more often then not, the result is just that.LurkersLurkers are considered those that like to read and don’t post. What most people on the forums don’t realize is this is almost always the majority of visitors. How many trips do you think are planned every day simply over reports posted on the Internet? I’ve done it myself, so I would be a hypocrite if I were to blast someone for doing the same.
And planning a trip from start to finish on your own can be very rewarding.LocalsIt's hard to beat good old fashioned windshield timeI consider the locals as anyone who has hunted an area for a long time. We all have our own honey holes or spots we like to call our own (even if we don’t own it). If you’re like me, you seek out places that are far off the beaten path, away from the crowds. I would rather hunt less birds in a quiet area then pursuit the motherload in an area loaded with hunters, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Now imagine if that spot off the beaten path, that you felt was completely hidden from the world, was posted as a hot spot on the Internet. And when suddenly next season a dozen rigs are in the area, you can’t help but feel disappointed. But myself personally, I get over it because I like to scout anyways.So will this ever end? Google has probably archived every spot in the nation at some point from a report posted online. So I think the community needs to find an ethical balance to it all, and here are my suggestions to help the situation.Don’t be afraid to ask about an area in the forum.

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