I might be interested in selling the blind, but I've got a couple of guys that are scheduled to look at it this week, so I guess I'll wait and see how that goes first. It's a work horse for sure.A  I've really put this Catfish Pro 24 to the test this past season while filming for Wild Catter'sTV. It's not just a duck boat, it is a tatical platform for opportunity- weedwacker 101Preserve game and hunt with a trained dog- NAVHDA.

OK, that is what I was afraid of.Very top heavy and had issues with this boat in michigan, I remember it well.
This hull is engineered to provide the highest degree of performance, stability, handling and seaworthiness in an aluminum boat hull. I am in he process of buying a new house and don' have a place to store my boat ( according to the Wife ).

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