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I obtained the hull and trailer last year with high hopes of building a solid duck boat and with a little elbow grease that exactly what I got.
Hull: I started from a bare open hull (1442 Fisher jon) and first thing I did build a new transom. One of the additions I was most proud of was the flotation pods I built and installed on the transom.

After the first test run I noticed between me, the battery and gas tanks in the rear it was sitting to low. I have re-built a couple of boats over the last couple of years and had to learn how to do small fiberglassing jobs. So I fugured I really didnt have anything to lose, I had the material already so I built some out of plywood and put three coats of thick fiberglass mat on them.
I replaced spark plugs, fuel lines, fuel filter, water pump, fuel pump and gave the carb a good freshening up before season last year. Trailer:The trailer was in pretty good shape when I aquired it but needed a little attention.

Every nut, bolt, washer and screw were brand new when intalled and all are stainless steel. It was in working condition when I took it off after duck season and I havent looked at it since.

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