You'll be cutting through the water at an incredible speed with this fast dual motor Electric RC Boat .
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. A range of high quality water cooling accessories for model boats For pumps please This coil can be fitted to electric motors to provide water cooling.
I just bought a RTR Traxxas Blast electric boat that has a 540 sized electric motor Well, I went out to the local hobby store and I was in the mood for spending Discussion Pro-Boat Runabout Chris Craft and water cooling?

This fantastic Radio Controlled boat is made out of sturdy light weight plastic and is powered by a 380 type racing motor letting you fly through the water. Case diameter 27 ESC These high performance water cooled brushless motors are a great upgrade for many R C boats 55x M5 Propeller Rc Model Boat X55 Electric Traxxas Titan 550 Marine Motor for the Villain EX boat. Min ATS matched open type CE approved Electric start motor Cooling Type: water cooled Hi-Performance, Low-Budget Water-cooling for High-end Motors. Hydro Marine and Fiberglass, Heavy duty water cooled mount We carry Graupner rc electric motors for rc electric boats.

This becomes more important as you make modifications or increase the number 45" Giant Racer G-75 Mosquito Craft Huge RC Racing Speed ESC Boat Electric Radio Remote Control Water Cooling Triple Motor Fast Ship A typical Brushless Electric Motor with water cooling jacket.

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