What I have been looking for since I started thinking about building a wooden boat has been a small boat with a cabin that could be used for solo camping. Matt was able to complete the 1,00 mile Ultimate Florida Challenge in that boat, which included not only sailing around Florida, but paddling up over 100 miles of the St.
I believe that is Matt and his wife Karen, sailing briefly just off the beach before the race.
I do not think they are pretty, but probably no less so than most other simple boats available.
I like the looks of this boat better than my other choice (which I bought plans for) Ocean Explorer. The ability to cartop or more likely pickup truck transportation is a big plus for me for both of my choices. I just got the Paradox Boat Building Manual from Wanda Elliott (the late Don Elliott's wife) and have ordered the Paradox plans from Dave Bolduc. The Building booklet (which was sent by E-mail in PDF form) looks like a great study aid even if I never build the boat. For anyone else considering building a Paradox or other Matt Layden boat, I would recommend getting this building manual. Like I said, I may not ever build this boat since it is more involved than anything I have made so far and would cost a lot more than I have but it doesn't hurt to dream. There is a report that Pelican and his AI Tandem capsized around 11 pm last night near Ft Clinch (FL) at the entrance to St Mary's River.

Chekika wrote:After working most of the day on his boat, an AI Tandem, Pelican is on the move again.
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When we stopped at the Padre Island Yacht Club for the night, I went over to help the Paradox guy to shore over an awkward cement seawall. I have had the good fortune to meet up with Bill on a number of occasions as he has been sailing from the East Coast, alone the south coast and down to the West Country. I;ve got an 1100km solo expedition planned for early next year, and one much much bigger planned for the year after. And if that goes well, I'm giving serious thought to attempting circumnavigating the coast of Australia, starting Feb 2012. As he stepped, he slipped and grabbed at the mast of his boat -- the boat heeled way over, almost to a knock-down, and but came back up again with a dry sailor.
We compare just how many small boats we have both owned and who is the craziest about boats. A lot of people question the effectiveness of the chine rails, but Matt has cruised thousands of miles in Paradox and Enigma, and others have also cruised extensively. Ultimately Paradox is a seriously planned cruising machine, with a lot of details worked out in the design. Paradox is about twice the boat to build I'd guess, but a much more able near coastal cruiser.

Elusion becomes basically a paddle board when there is no wind, possibly a little less efficient than rowing, but apparently working well enough. My preference is to sail on a boat, not in it (at least up to one's chin), and for the Paradox and Elusion, you have to sort of stand up to do that, which is my only issue with the design. I think it is of considerable interest that Bill has search hard to find another Paradox to replace his own built Faith.
Most remarkable and most important, I know that if I saw Nick right now out there he'd be smiling. Unfortunately Matt has not made plans available for the Enigma and Elusion, though he did design a larger Enigma (4.6?) about the same size as Paradox. The big question in my mind is whether he follows Crazy Russian on the longer 60 mile portage or whether he stays on the St. Maybe the answer has revealed itself in the time it has taken me to write this.This WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge is a real horserace.

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