A name, residential address, and (preferably residential) telephone number is required from readers who comment on ODT Online. This island nation has stunning coastlines, beautiful lakes, and sparkling rivers that make New Zealand a paradise to those who love water activities. From paddling over a gentle current to the challenging rush of white water rafting, there are many opportunities for different rafting experiences in New Zealand, no matter how you like your adventure. There are a quite a few locales along New Zealand’s coastline that are great for sailing. After the past week of speculation over the capabilities of the Emirates Team New Zealand new AC72 catamaran, the team decided to publicly release some footage of it in action.
Genghiz Given the amount of lift generated to lift a 72 foot catamaran the drag profile must also be huge. You may be right about stability, and it may also have something to do with the helm as well. To assist the righting moment, the windward foil would need to generate down force so I presume it’s for drag reduction only. Hi Andrew, I think what John F is saying is that the teams have a set amount of time (just under a minute I think) to get the windward foil up within 100mm of the float after changing tack. Practice starts with the AC45 fleet were followed by three races in great sailing conditions. With a third, second and sixth placing, Skipper Dean Barker was well satisfied with the days sailing which followed some intensive training in the few days since arriving at Newport. The team raced without trimmer James Dagg who received a knock to the head early in the day and was taken to a doctor to be checked. At the end of the third race the boat was damaged when it came into collision with a mark boat.
Barker says he had to luff to avoid a couple of spectator boats and lifted a hull to avoid the official boat. The Ac45’s under-rigging and the port rudder were damaged and will be repaired overnight Barker says the AC45 will be back on the water tomorrow.
Emirates Team New Zealand has to luff to avoid a the spectator boats and lift a hull to avoid the official boat. Designing the logo as well as the sails and the vessel hull, our brief was to give the boat a more tribal, aggressive look.
Recent PostA greater purpose  Having a greater purpose than simply selling product, brands need to connect in a transformational and relevant way. It was my very first time in San Francisco and, obviously, the very first time I watched any sailing here, let alone an AC72 crisscrossing the full America’s Cup course.
However, what will happen when two of these monsters approach the gate, doing 40 knots each?
Having said that, it is truly sad to see how, despite having these perfect ingredients, the Golden Gate Yacht Club failed in implementing what was a brilliant idea and concept.

Pic: NZPAComments ()Emirates Team New Zealand carry out trials on their new TP52, a 15 person yacht built to compete on the MedCup Circuit, Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand.
The source of their motion come from forcing water out at very speeds into the water behind the boat, allow the it to travel over very shallow waters. The glaciers in New Zealand’s tall mountains flow down into the sea through a large network of quick rivers across lush forests and underground caves. You wear an open parachute as a fast boat pulls you high over the water, and you do not have to be strapped to an instructor.
Its plentiful harbours and inshore cruising water terrain afford visitors many opportunities to weave between islets and cross into bays.
My guess is that three foils gives better stability, like a three-legged stool or a camera tripod. Leaving the windward foil down would generate more but unnecessary lift (boat is already foiling) and significant extra drag. Time will reveal a lot more, especially as other teams develop their own versions of the AC72. Rule states windward foil can’t have any affect on righting moment and so windward foil can not be in the water.
A collision could not be avoided and the port hull of the AC45 came into contact with the mark boat’s rail.
The dynamic forms and colours certainly deliver that ensured the boat stood out well on the water. This is how, in my opinion, one could summarize the 34th America’s Cup after watching the one-horse race that Emirates Team New Zealand sailed on Sunday afternoon in the San Francisco bay.
If multihulls are to be used in the next America’s Cup edition, changes will need to be made. It isn’t full house yet but there are decent crowds and there has been a notable increase in the number of passers by coming inside.
Maybe that in any other sport it would seem farcical to see one team playing with no opponent. In fact, this was why the New Zealand farmer William Hamilton invented the jet boat – so he could travel quickly over the shallow waters of the Canterbury rivers.
From Grade 1 to Grade 5 waters, you can experience different rafting speeds for an adrenaline-filled trip or a peaceful drift through the water. For those enthusiastic about sailing, charted yachts with a ready skipper and crew are available. Surf Highway 45 around the Taranaki coast, Raglan, Piha, Muriwai, Waipu, Mount Maunganui, and Gisborne are all fantastic North Island sites for surfing, while in the South Island there is Kaikoura and Dunedin. The breeze was on, blowing from 14 to 16 knots, the backdrop is spectacular and there were dozens, if not hundreds, of yachts all around the bay, watching the kiwi AC72 flying on the water. One can have a good view of the race from practically any location on the seafront, from the America’s Cup Park in the east to the Golden Gate Yacht Club in the west or a total of approximately 5 km.

The kiwi boat was all alone on the race course today, so another unknown, still, is whether the AC72’s will provide close racing. In any case, the kiwis were strong in that breeze and very flat seas and established a new AC72 speed record after they reached 42.8 knots in less than 16 knots of breeze. Pic: NZPAComments ()Emirates Team New Zealand carry out trials on their new TP52, a 15 person yacht built to compete on the MedCup Circuit, Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, March 17, 2009. Dive in the ocean, go powering through fast waters, or glide over the water and enjoy the scenery. Jet boat rides are group activities that suit people of all ages; riders are buckled into the boat in rows and rapid acceleration takes them over narrow or broad landscapes, and shallow or deep waters. After you are launched into the air from a platform, you can admire the surrounding views from heights of up to 800 to 1200 feet, though many people choose to parasail at a lower height.
The Bay of Islands, Hauraki Gulf, and Marlborough Sounds are all popular and picturesque places for sailing. Judging from Team New Zealand’s sailing, there is a number of positions that provide an ideal watching spots, all of them free, with the exception of the Marina Green park where they installed ticketed grandstands.
As a result, the kiwis were under less stress and there couldn’t be any close calls at the leeward gates. It is entirely understandable that organizers don’t take any risk and put the photo boats at such a distance from the buoys that test the limits of my photo gear. Probably the actual America’s Cup match will see much closer action but the jury is still out.
In addition, the finish line is just a few hundred meters from the end of Pier 27, right in front of the public.
They sailed around the 16.05-nm course in 46:27 minutes, reaching nearly 25 knots in one of the beat! Boat cruises are also available if you want to explore the countless harbours, gulfs, and beaches at a slow pace, as is jet skiing, and water skiing.
In addition, photo boats have practically no right to move around and are confined to a small area. Parasailing is available throughout New Zealand and is an excellent way to do something different on the water.
Hopefully, by then the dispute the Italians have with Iain Murray, America’s Cup Regatta Director, will have been solved and we will be able to some real racing in the beautiful San Francisco bay. Other activities to try are kitesurfing and windsurfing, which involve you riding right on the water.

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