I also would like to know about applying gelcoat manually, i want to make the inside look like the outside of the boat (after the floor is completed and installed).
Location: Dominican Republic Seems like nobody knows nothing about this boat.
I've been working on my new stringers first but want to get finishing materials because some are hard to find in this country. Location: Dominican Republic Stringers being removed Here are some pics of the condition of one of the stringers (this was the best one), pics of one inch of fiberglass left from the stringer cover to use as a guide, and one from the gelcoat inside. Location: north of pompano first things first, fibreglASS is porous, so everything must be sealed in some way. Location: Dominican Republic Yes, we do have good mahoghany here, even imported. Location: Dominican Republic Ike, if you know more about Flare Marine and their boats, please let me know. Location: Dominican Republic Stringers mold Here's a couple of pics of the moulds to make the stringers. Location: Dominican Republic Stringers system pics Here are some stringers systems that some boat manufacturers use for their boats.
Location: Washington No, that's all I know, or all I could get off the Coast Guard data base. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Duluth, Minnesota Here is the boat, pump, resin trap, and the end product. Originally Posted by Steve W Jorge, i also find that I get a drop in the first couple of minutes and then it holds, this is true of almost every bag, unless of course we have big leaks. Nice job, must have been fun getting it all to stick overhead Did you use spray tack to hold it all up there or lay it all on the plastic bag and lift it up as a stack?
Location: Florida wow, that must have been a real ***** getting 25 layers up there!
Location: Duluth, Minnesota Thanks guys, yes it was a challenge getting the stack in place but compared to doing it layer at a time wet, a breeze.
Location: Gold Coast Australia Hi All - the results for the compression tests are in.
When the resin line opens, there is an open pathway of very low resistance between the resin bucket directly into and under the bag via the feed line. After the front passes, i dont profess to know all the dynamics involved, however i often observe voids forming above the flow media after clamping the feed - afterwhich, the dynamics change again. Hi Groper - this is not my observation - my observation is that the laminate stack gets thinner as the resin front passes. In a correctly built infusion bag the laminate springback is purely an internal force in the system and does not affect the flow process. Location: australia Well some of the great minds postulate that it is also caused by the spring pressure differential.
Additionally, Apparently the gas expansion is not linear, but more so, so presents as a rather large problem. Now back to the real world, a combination of details, can minimise the growth of the voids and is how a practical infusion worker minimises the negative effects. Location: Gold Coast Australia Hi Groper - do you want to do it in carbon or glass?
Location: Gold Coast Australia Lavender have a long gel time infusion epoxy, and Ironbark Composites have a very, very long gel time epoxy (24hrs plus from memory). Working with NidaCore (Plascore) panels and Nida Core Bonding compound » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Infusing Panels and Ribs at same time? You will find in this chapter details the various steps with pictures (not very good quality, no doubt) but in my opinion quite explanatory. This small fishing boat is our first attempt at shipbuilding : as we will have to deal with some problems due to lack of experience.
How to draw the boat plans on marine plywood panels ?This is the start : we'll draw the points obtained through the free software Delfship on marine plywood panel.
We will then simply lay the two sheets of plywood on each other to cut with a jigsaw both sides at once.
This operation is fast and rewarding because when it is completed our boat, suddenly takes form. Two brackets for the front axle, two for the central trunk and three for the rear axle.Read more about Plywood Woodenboat building >>Cutting and fitting gunwale of the boat in exotic wood - IrokoThe strakes are edging in an old sheet of iroko can a twisted. Because our iroko plank is a little short, it is necessary to make an assembly of two parts.
Read more about Plywood Woodenboat building >>Construction of the plywood daggerboardWe want to equip our boat with a sail. It used to tow the boat if necessary and hang it on the dead body with a stainless steel hook.
Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building – A forum to discuss and share tips and project updates on fiberglass boat building and repair as well as mold Proven Boat designs, and how-to information for boat building.
Fiberglass boat plans are increasing in popularity these days for people are looking into building their own boat. Southport Boats manufactures fiberglass fishing boats using an exclusive Hunt 4 hull design in Augusta, Maine. BOAT PLANS BRUCE ROBERTS OFFICIAL WEB SITE boat plans boat kits steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood epoxy boat designs, cut to size kits, and part built boats or Supplies and services for amateurs.
FIBERGLASS BOATBUILDERS NEWSLETTER Bruce Roberts Yacht Designs offers custom boat plans and boat kits for steel boats or aluminum boat designs, cut to size boat kits The best technical support: we will help you succeed! Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building – A forum to discuss and share tips and project updates on fiberglass boat building and repair as well as mold How Triton Fiberglass Boats are built.
Boat plans for a 22' trailerable round bilge lobster boat for the amateur boatbuilder.
Boat plans are for beginners and have been built by thousands Whether you are looking for epoxy, fiberglass, marine fastenings, boat hardware, prop Design and construction of the first fiberglass Hampton One Design was started in January1962. These are all of the Glen-L boats that are designed specifically for one-off fiberglass construction. Location: Texas Mold and Flange Construction I am in the process of building a foam sandwhich, one-off skiff.
I have seen that when building a mold for vacuum bagging, the flange has to be extended a few additional inches to allow for bag attachment to the mold.

My question is, given that I need to have a wider mold flange but also want to incorporate a down-turn, which way do I extend the mold flange to allow for bag attachment? Location: Anacortes, WA Option 2 gives us trouble because it gives a part that's hard to trim.
Option 1 the glass lays flat and you can just scratch a cutoff line in the mold where you -really- want the part to be trimmed to.
Fiberglass Boat Designs CAROLINA HULL Web site design by D4 Data Design Platt Design Garvey 21 fiberglass hull shown running with a 40 hp outboard. Fiberglass can be contoured to any desirable shape, resulting in more efficient hull designs. For a one-off fiberglass hull, this process is even harder because the relatively soft Forming in Fiberglass was added to the Boat Design To be sure that the modified boat hull won’t leak at the day until your hull and internal surface of the boat are covered with enough fiberglass to meet your design HydroMarine of Germany Fiberglass Race Boats in white gel coat unless specified otherwise.
William and John Atkin pose in their new office a few years after World War IIa€”at about the time John began working with his father. Florence Oakland, only 22'5" on deck, for an Ohio man who wanted a traditional, trailerable daysailer. You have access to really good mahoghany for your stringers which must be totally encapsulated, If weight is an issue then make foam stringers if the material is available.
That was the only info i've found about this boats (Flare Marine-no longer inproduction) The hull ID does start with FNQ as all Flare boats. We had a guy helping chase down the leaks and he was very patient with the leak detector, we are finally getting used to the thing. The boat owner and crew made a plywood box the size of the repair perimeter and filled it with spray foam to make a rough female mold of the bottom, then carved out space for the plumbing. The infusion discussion has touched upon the issue of springback quite a bit so I have asked a lab to do some compression tests on dry laminate stacks to establish the internal pressure due to the springback. Thus you have full atmospheric pressure under the bag at this time - which is the force pushing the resin in.
My current explanation for this is that the resin lubricates the stack and it compresses a small amount. That is, after the resin enters the bag, the dissolved gasses are at atmospheric plus spring pressure. If the vac is kept at 100%, The laminate will start to compress and get thinner provided the entire system is still flexible. ATL are the only place I know of where to get this type of resin, is there anywhere else in aus? It will be necessary to join two sheets of marine plywood (3.10 m long) to get a total length of 6 m. The majority of reserves of buoyancy is placed in two coolers of a brave or we can keep the bait or fish on one side and the other cold beers. Many boating enthusiasts dream of owning their very own These boats are based on the dory design and are Boat Building Instructions Steppa Boats design and build fiberglass vessels in Phuket. And with good reasons too as fiberglass You can make one of a kind boats, cars, submersibles, and lots more with this urethane foam and fiberglass sandwich construction technique. Composites for Boat Building between composite construction (GRP, fiberglass, etc.) to metal boat construction.
Bob Baker spent his life with boats, sailing them, drawing them, restoring them Fiberglass and Composite Material Design Guide.
The thought of purchasing a brand new watercraft and owning their very own boat is the ultimate dream of countless boating enthusiasts, however, the preliminary and Devlin Designing Boat Builders 3010 37th Ave.
The fiberglass development was pioneered by Dave Brown, Waldo Oehman In early designs the solution to engineering problems was frequently: just add more fiberglass. Some can also be built with other methods and if so, will be The earlier stitch and glue boats were made of plywood parts glued with fiberglass tape and resin, more recently though designs have been using fiberglass techniques Need Help?
However, I would very much like to build the hull so that the flange portion turns 90-degrees downward.
Actually looking at your part again, option three, beyond the cutoff line; Maybe rounding it out in a large radius, 1"+ would work nicly too? I would like to see all corners rounded off, in both options, but I guess you have got that.
When making moulds, do not forget to include an air vent somewhere in the middle, to be able to blow air between mould and part when demoulding. It is considered not done to hijaack someone elses thread, unless the question is related very, very closely to what is being discussed, and comes forth out of that discussion. Moulds change shape usually for the worse as they age ,so the wide flange can slow this down !!
Pascoe, Marine subjected to the same type of forces as a boat hull Instead, modern fiberglass boat hulls relay on a The boat hull design is one of the most important considerations when choosing a boat. A thorough review is given to the characteristics of fiberglass materials and laminate design 8m Fiberglass boat with cabin, New Zealand Design Engineering, Deep-V Hull, CE, 5-year fiberglass Warranty, Volvo Penta. This hull design is are currently set by Lloyds and American Bureau of Ships for fiberglass boats. William's special talent was evoking those feelings in a form that people of modest means could make their own. I was thinking of making them in fiberglass (epoxy) filled with foam, or should i stick with ply.
I had to clean everything to work in there because of the smell of deteriorated water in the foam and rotten wood.
This was used to tailor the glass stack which was then removed, we then installed the consumables and then the stack reinstalled, we then offered it up to the boat, sealed the bag and pulled a vacuum. A way to think of this is that if we put the stack into a press to create the part shape the press would compress the stack but it would not be able to springback. If we assume a spring pressure of 150mbar, then what this means is that the dissolved gasses are at 1150mbar absolute (sea level infusion).
Others switch off the vacuum and clamp both ends, yet still others reduce vacuum to ~85% at the time of clamping to eliminate the differential pressure.
Panels in front and rear axles of the boat and the two flaps of ice are cut from marine plywood 9mm. Boat Construction: USK thanks Shawn Baker, one produce higher-performance designs in plastic. In traditional fiberglass boats the usable floor space is much smaller due to the thickness of the hull and its structural supports.
This design guide will provide some general information be the first reported construction of a reinforced composites boat!

When a mould is broken in, this makes demoulding a 1 minute process, and saves your part and mould. Pascoe, Marine Surveyor A wood boat is the sum of its many parts while a fiberglass boat hull is I recently came across a 1999 48' Ocean Super Sport that had been struck in the transom by another boat.
Fiberglass construction is hand labor OPTIMIZED RACING BOAT DESIGN USING UNIQUE HIGH STRENGTH FIBERGLASS David Fecko of gravity without a loss in hull strength.
Yacht design concepts, custom hull designs, lighter and We have found plywood laminated with fiberglass and Kevlar to be the ideal materials for boat hulls layers of fiberglass. If it suddenly drops then holds just below the water vapour temp for that pressure, then you still have moisture in the stack and you should keep the vac on for longer before trying again to get rid of the moisture.
We could then remove the mold and then spent a lot of manipulating the stack inside the bag under low vacuum.
From testing many types of laminates over the years I know that when we infuse csm and multiaxials we & others get 30% resin by weight very regularly. Therefore, you need to SUM the 2 pressures inside the bag, combine the other dynamic effects, and you will get a NET INCREASE in preform thickness at this time (when the resin front reaches the location we are considering). A site dedicated to amateur boat building, with an on-line catalog of boat plans and kits, bulletin board, project registry, builder photos, news letters, There is much to enjoy about building a boat, and a lot of and even a molded fiberglass outboard bracket. While most of our designs use wood or plywood as one of the materials, the building of our boats in composite boat building. Offshore; Passenger * Free Forming in Fiberglass Fiberglass is a very good material for boats. This book presents the small boat designer Designs Boats maintenance repairs Special custom made fiberglass parts moulding Interiors 3D renderings Autocad Stability curve Wave simulator Structural calculations Fiberglass is used to make many modern boat designs, making it probably the most popular boat building material today.
Simple boat designs without compound curves are the easiest to build without a fiberglass mold or any complicated lofting of boat plans. RIB boat * Nice and polupar design * Fiberglass hull and PVC tube * CE These are the basics of boat hull design used on RC boats (and real ones too!).
I've cut the floor out, and found some rotten wood because the previous owner didnt seal the holes on the floor when he installed the console (It's a 17' 6" center console). I was thinking on painting the whole boat with Imron but in the inside of the boat you can see and feel the mat texture.
My conditions usually Need about an hour on vac to get rid of all the moisture accumulated in a fairly clean new materials job.
This was really the biggest problem we had as with that many layers when you think you have it looking good then up the vacuum and compress the stack it all changes, ultimately though we got it pretty good and had no bridging in the sump root area. There are other bubbles that cannot due to being mechanically trapped, and still other gasses that are still in solution. As it thins out, the pressure inside the bag changes from 1150mbar down to 1000mbar, and equilibrium is established on both sides of the bag.
Learning about the different designs and their performance differences will help you Did you ever wonder where the lapstrake hull design came from for MFG's boats? The foam was real wet (took all out to replace with new), the center stringer was rotten and the ones on both sides in some places. Should i lay some fine fiberglass and then gelcoat, or should i just put some gelcoat on it. We did run 2 rows of mastic around the perimeter but not that far apart,and tried to leave a little slack in the bag between but I will have to try your method Peter, it sounds like a good plan.
The aim of the test was to determine if the mechanical pressure agrees with atmospheric pressure thicknesses and if the stack is compressed multiple times what happens. During this equalisation, the absolute pressure drops, therefore any remaining gasses will expand. Seems that when the boat was build they put some gelcoat on the inside and didn't lay thin layer of fiberglass first. All threaded fittings are sealed with Teflon tape and thread sealant but for the penetrations into the bag we used mastic and in some we kept adding as we chased down leaks. There were a couple of teething problems with the test because I asked the company owner to do it and he instructed a tech and in the translation I didn't get exactly what I wanted the first time around. A typical mast laminate can range from equal to AL in stiffness (70GPa) to say 90GPa using std modulus. I've decided to do them like this because everybody seems to say the same thing, no wood no rot, fishing will have to wait.
So the stacks have been compressed 6 times not 3 but I think it establishes what I expected to occur. Provided the resin is not locked, the expanding air pushes the resin further still, but we now have larger voids in our laminate compared to before clamping. There are a couple of changes I would like to implement in our process, first will be to use an absolute pressure gauge for setting up the bag and I would like to transition into working in only metric. Could you guys please lead me through exactly how you use the gauge as while ive seen lots of reference to them on forum threads ive never seen anyone explain how its used. German advance composites who i will be buying it from say its only used in the feed line for setting up the bag but I thought vacmobile plumb it into the resin trap manifold but im not sure about this. The laminate clearly gets stiffer at about 1.5bar but we can't apply that sort of pressure with infusion (the test ran to the equivalent of 3bar).
Since you are doing very good infusions I'd expect you can get 35Gpa from a glass laminate. The second and third were very similiar indicating that the mechanical bedding in may be at max.
But since the Al mast is usually designed at SF=3+ but the glass mast is 3x stronger then you can build a glass mast much lighter then the alum mast but not as light as the CF. After 3 load cycles if we apply 1bar pressure to the stack it results in a thickness equivalent of 25% resin by weight, which by experience is the lowest resin content acheivable using VIP.
So if you either let the vacuum bed the stack down or encourage the stack to get thinner with a roller for instance 30-35% is the usual resin weight average and some form of debulk will get you 25-30% Rw.
If you get some S2 glass then you can build a 45Gpa laminate and it will be very light and cheap compared to aluminium, but again not as light as the CF (but much cheaper) So since you are building a mould you could do a glass one as a trial then graduate to carbon as the ultimate? The perimeter also clamps the bag down stopping membrane action in the bag helping a little bit more.

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