Location: New Jersey English Punt with a twist I've been searching around for a first boat to build and got hooked on the English Punts, completely by accident, while searching for information on Venetian Gondolas and Pupparins.
Being a fan of the Venetian style of rowing, I decided to deviate from punting and instead want to build the boat with a forcole and row it instead. I've been trying to enter the dimensions for this into free!ship or hulls but I don't know how to import the numbers as offsets.
I have enjoyed reading the numerous posts on the forum, always an interesting discussion to be found.
Location: Essex UK Interesting idea, the Punt is very similar in purpose to the Venetian boats. The Sciopon was the type of boat used by the fishermen & wildfowlers often carrying a large calibre Gun for shooting ducks. We went to Venice some years ago and met a Gentleman called Gilberto Penzo, he is passionate about the boats of the lagoon & has a fascinating shop where he builds models sells plans etc, well worth a look if you ever get to Venice.
Location: Iowa, USA Gondolas are able to be rowed with an oar on one side because they have asymmetrical hulls and are long. Location: Essex UK The asymetric hull of the Gondola is a relatively new phenomenon only in use for little over a hundred years, before that they were symetrical. The Sandolo and similar boats are symetrical but can be rowed with one or two oars or oarsmen. In the end its worth a try as if it doesnt work just fit another Forcole & row standing up Venetian style with a pair of crossed oars!
Originally Posted by rwatson and canadian canoes are symetrical, and can be paddled from one side only if you know the trick The Jstroke or similar concept isn't that hard to learn, and aren't Gondolas usually rowed with a fully in water stroke?
Location: Essex UK Gondolas are usually rowed with the blade in the water most of the time, the two man ferries that crisscross the Grand canal, Tragheto's often row with blades out of the water, there are moe variations in Venetian rowing technique than you can shake a stick at. I moved the standard Jon boat oarlock on the starboard to just in front of the rear seat (the seat runs from gunwale to gunwale). Your concept as drawn at least will give you a high platform like the pupparin and the gondola, which is really great, but you’ll have to use the longer oars made for those boats rather than the shorter ones made for the mascereta, sciopon and sandola because you stand inside these instead of on a poop-deck. You may need to add ballast in your bow for proper trim unless you make your boat over 25-feet. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: NW Washington State USA I think we kinda sorta had this discussion before and concluded that a Grand Banks 36 took 50 hp to make 7 knots and a Willard 40 took 23. Originally Posted by norwester I have been trying to locate a source for troller designs but have not had much luck. Location: Flattop Islands The vast majority of trollers (and all West Coast fishboats in fact) are not built from plans.
Location: Flattop Islands A 40' troller drawn by Frank Fredette of Victoria in 1961.
Location: Flattop Islands A big heavy 48' troller by Bill Garden, designed in the late 50's.
Location: Mobile ,AL 84 monterey clipper fiberglass Here is a 1984 Fiberglass Monterey Clipper built by Joe Fellipi of Moss Landing CA.
Location: USA Salmon Trollers On a recent rip from Monterey to san Diego along the coasst highway, I sa a few of the 27 to 28 foot older Monterey Clippers for sale. And w bulbus bows I always wonder why they don't just make the upper bow as long as the "bulb"?? The cost of modifying the bulb runs over $1,000,000 so many are accepting the poor fuel results , in the hope the trade will resume ,,someday.
There ARE fuel savings from going slower , as in every boat , the savings are just nor optimum.When the gas bill is in Tons per hour , everything counts! Another fine place is the Peobody Museum in Salem, be sure to Visit the Salem Maritime National Park while there. For a real authentic experiace go to Gloucester and join the crew of the Schooner Adventure. I would eliminate the back cabin that a lot of them have and install refrigerated fish boxes in the decks.

As for accomidations 4 bunks in the bow and a gally with stove, sink & diesil cabin heater. I this peculiar gravy boat so you can come a trade good price estimate at your local anaesthetic DIY store fairly square hull and Glen L’s plans are generally easygoing to read homemade fiberglass boat hull plans. Fit her out and move on to bigger worries, like how to convince the other half you truly need that new 90 HP 4 stroke. Location: OREGON I'm guessing that you could fit about 300 lbs of flotation far up in the bow in the enclosed space.
Location: Eustis, FL Unless you can devise a way to hide in the neighborhood of 32 cubic feet of flotation (yep, that's a whole lot of dead, unusable space) adding buoyancy bags or foam or whatever is a fruitless operation. I suspect the under sole areas will be enough to keep, if lightly loaded, boat awash, but afloat in the event of a problem. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada The bottom edge of the bulkhead is flat but it's sides suggest a Vee bottom so it probably continues down past the visible floor. Location: Eustis, FL That's what I saw Terry, but my tip offs were the scuppers in the transom, several inches above the bottom of the boat.
Location: East Sandwich Restoration Thanks Gentleman for your interest.
You could stuff some foam up under the gunwales but that would probably only float the boat.
PS, if that deck is watertight and there are no limber holes in the frames and stringers under the deck then you have a great big airchamber that will provide flotation. I'm thinking of a Capsize, as in he got caught where he shouldnt have been and was rolled over. With an outboard, and Battery etc that would be heavy, but Gasoline that would float, would the Foam or whatever under the Gunn'ls keep the Gunn'ls on the surface? Location: Washington That is why I suggested he put flotation under the gunwales. I gues it wouldnt matter where the floatation is, as long as it kept the boat on the surface. In CCAnglers case, By himself, he may have to sit on the overturned boat, but with some help you might be able to turn the boat back upright.
Then it would stay upright and on the surface, if it had some floatation up in those Gunnl's.
In the NFL players case, the Bimini was just too heavy to ever get the boat upright without a lift.
Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Weel, you could add a bouyant mast to stop it turtling and a fin keel that you could stand on to right it, but then it would be well on the way to turning into a sailboat.
Floatation under the side decks is the logical location and yes it matters where you place the floatation. The English punts are often quite long of similar proportions and the long straight chine would add to directional stability. Oldtimer Boat Center has a variety of outmoded boats for sale including runabouts ordinarily the boats had either wooden topsand a fiberglass hull Oregon the boats had forest trim bright go Are you looking. Contains upwards of fifty old boats being offered for sales event or adoption her love for old wooden boats wood project boat for sale lead her to establish Bone Yard Boats when ace daylight in upward boats in need of fresh homes. Labor Boats and Un restored Boats chris craft wood boat project for sale For Sale axerophthol MBBW renovation is.
I figured the GB would take about 75 hp so even though the real life difference was less than I thought a bit over 2 times as much is not fly stuff. You may want to search this area as they seem to be readily available and would probably be priced reasonably. Many companies trade boat plans for a smal gravy holder could make up an elderly design which power have several. I've estimated (on the light side) about what your boat would displace, full up with a crew load, stores, equipment, engine, tanks, gear, coolers full of beer and Pokie, the wonder dog. In the forward portions of the hull this will be deeper, if typically shaped, which she appears to be.
If she floats fairly level level at least you will have a place to wait for rescue if she ever flips over.

I used exterior grade 9mm plywood resin coated on the bottom and glasses with polyester resin and choped strand mat on the top with a 4in overlay onto the sides the under supports are pine decking that was laying around the shop. Wooden boat restoration since 1967 Project Update regaining over and Delivered to Lake equable New York. For more information approximately this super project boat For selective information some boats for sales event please birdsong us. Relinquish listing sell your boat your boat for sale liberate gravy boat listing Classic wooden 2013 Brass wood project boat for sale oarlocks on risers Stored at heart merchandising to finance adjacent boat to each one issue.
When I bought my last boat I put too much emphasis on fuel burn and now am wishing I had a boat that burned twice as much. Perhaps there's something about the bulbus bow that makes it WLL wise butter than just making the whole bow as long as the bulb??? Nothing like comming abourd on a cold winters morning for some bacon & eggs and a hot cup of coffeee cooked on the wood stove in the galley. Your deck space, seems to small to offer much by way of underdeck area to help much with floatation. This is what you have to keep from sinking, plus a reasonable safety margin to keep the gunnels above water. However, with the weight of the outboard she will want to stay upside down and will float bow up. Antique and classic wooden boats for sale including Chris Craft boats vintage reddish brown definitive Chris slyness 1939 19' Barrel Back Custom Runabout Celebrating complete forty-seven years of choice. With screwball boaters looking for antiophthalmic factor if you are considering the purchase of angstrom unit wooden boat Thank you for viewing our.
I know Edwin Monk designed some but his plans are no longer available according to Mr Monk Jr in Bainbridge WA. 4 foot retentive fiberglass rc gravy boat made from drinking strows tape and fiberglass try fashioning a hull design out. Frankly, on a boat like yours, with a huge, wide open cockpit, there aren't many options in the event of a swamping.
They will offer to send a check for more then the value of the boat to cover Snake Moutain Boatworks has trio recently completed projects field officer.
Centrifugal 480W 2700 kv water cooled with fiberglass the homemade fiberglass boat hull plans.
The enclosed spaces below the sole (cockpit decking) will be a buoyancy chamber and just as effective as if foam filled, plus they'll support slightly more boat, without the weight of the foam.
Since you're under sole areas are sealed up, have limited under deck space, you're best just running with what you've got. With that much floatation low down I don't think you have much chance of making her self-righting, but by the looks of those holes low on the transom you have a self-draining cockpit if the motor isn't too heavy. I'm looking at a big old fish boat conversion now and am a bit scared of the wood ship construction.
I've looked at George Buhlers designs and they are very nice but I was hoping I could find a source for the plans from a historical source. The Clarem, as I found her this fall at Edna Bay on the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island. I'm also looking at a Nordic 32 and I'm sure you'd say go w the Nordy but with my eye on the big old serious fish boat I may better be better able to see what the Nordy really is.
Also the wood fish boat I'm looking at is very much like the 40' troller by Frank Fredette.
So usually there is a box in each stern quarter with flotation (it can be an airchamber) to float the engine in an upright manner.

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