No matter how careful you have been, the gelcoat finish of most boats does get nicks and scratches. Do a thorough examination of the hull, keeping a careful lookout for blisters in the gelcoat. The first sign of blisters is a wake up call, warning you that the hull is not happy. Regardless of the quality of con­struction, osmosis blistering and water absorption into the laminate occur in most boats sooner or later. Blisters indicate the integrity of the gelcoat has been compromised by water intrusion, and if not taken care of promptly, can lead to serious problems later.
Good boat maintenance is reflected in the appearance of your boat, which is almost totally determined by the condition of the gelcoat. When you and your old friend kick off the next boating season without any maintenance hiccups, you’ll be glad you took the extra time to make sure it is seaworthy. Where boats can be tipped, flipped or rolled over to have the bottom repaired or refinished without endangering the technicians. Providing quality service for over 22 years, Gibbons Fiberglass and Aluminum Boat Repair shop features a team of professionals with vast knowledge and skill in repairing boats - both large and small, plus personal watercraft.

We use secondary bonding, peeling and fairing techniques to make needed repairs, these skills and tools seperate Gibbons Fiberglass from auto body repair shops. With every scrape and scratch on boats comes the likelihood that the watercraft will probably need to be repainted. It’s estimated that one in four fiberglass boats will get gelcoat blisters in its lifetime.
A badly maintained gelcoat can lead to oxidation, a dull, chalk-like finish that diminishes the aesthetics of your boat’s finish. Some of the things you may take for granted once the season is under way have a way of getting run down during those months of inactivity. The company is led by Bob Gibbons, owner, with over 40 years of experience in the boat repair industry. Get up close and personal, and use your eyes to visually go over items that can lead to trouble. A Minnesota boat repair and restoration professional can keep your boat looking like new, or restore it to its former glory.

Throw in a cracked engine block or major hull damage from improper storage, and you’ll lose a whole season (and a small fortune to boot). Other protective measures such as dry storage, frequent spot repair of defects in the gelcoat and additional hull coat­ings will help slow down and delay the possibility of blis­ters forming.
In most cases, oxidated gelcoats are easily restored to their formal shine with cleaning, oxidation removers and waxing. Medium to heavy cases of oxidation require polishing compounds and possibly the handiwork of a professional.

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