There are many ways to damage the body of your jetski or personal watercraft here are just a few examples on how hitting the waves hard can take its toll. To prevent the staining or discoloring of your jet-ski while in storage it is necessary to remove any dirt and debris. Not only to the general maintenance of their craft but also to ride in a safe and sensible manner.
Right of way for jet skis If you are about to cross paths with another boat or Jet Ski, the craft on the right side has the right of way. Its’ your responsibility to know the local speed limit in congested areas it might be wise to lower your speed accordingly, just as you would if you were driving a car.
Tennis shoes or deck shoes and gloves offer better control of your machine, while a wet suit provides protection from the elements.
This entry was posted in body damage and Jet skis and tagged Jet ski safety, Jet skis body damage by jetski. Gold Coast Marine Repairs granted me permission to take the camera inside their workshop where Tim talks about quality antifouling and detailing. At GC Marine Repairs we value our client’s requirements to the highest of standards and understand the importance of marine safety. We will be happy to answer any questions do you have, in order to provide you with a convenient and stress-free experience.
For sure, we'll find the way to benefit you with an adjusted budget and the project delays will be efficiently prevented.

Our expert Fiberglass boat repair service will have your boat looking like new and ready the new boating season! Your boat will be safe in the waiting quay, and you, comfortable, until your boat is lifted by the mobile boat hauler. You don't need to spend time moving your boat, travel from your home just for moving your boat. So, you don't need to move your boat from your home port, and you don't need to travel up and down to supervise the works.
Westside Fiberglass - Proudly serving the Houston area's fiberglass repairs and boat service needs for over 35 years. It is the same on the waterways as on the road, accidents happen from minor dents and scratches to major fibreglass body repairs and paint resprays and even simple maintenance procedures. It’s important to know how to stay safe and behave with respect to other users when sharing the water. Wear an approved life jacket and eye protection to prevent water spray from obscuring your vision. Never operate your Jet Ski without the safety lanyard attached to you, as the lanyard will immediately cut the Jet Ski’s engine if you fall from the craft.
We are now offering all types of fibreglass repairs from light to heavy vehicles truck body, wave ski, canoes, wake board, Jet ski body repairs and more.
With large workshop facilities, all the tooling, expertise and capability to lift vessels from their trailers in Coomera on the Gold Coast.

Most PWCs Jet skis are designed to survive in water and sunshine, however, prolonged exposure to the harsh environmental conditions can take their toll on the machine’s finish. Tim has built a reputation on excellence by providing only the best fibreglass repair service with a firm focus on Safe Boating.
Considering we have the equipment the knowledge and the know how the location and the expertise we find this will be very beneficial to our clients needs. You can turn your old and tired Vessel into one that will make the latest Boats look outdated. At the bottom of the moving parts are missing, but the rear part are there but there are a few tears.
Often we perform full restorations and resprays to older vessels making them look and go better than the latest vessels. We find the blog is a great way for you to view not only the progress on your own vessel but previous jobs we have performed that might be similar in nature to your own and can give you an idea and outline of the procedure and quality of finish you can come to expect.

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