If you are looking to give your boat the ultimate protection, there is nothing better than the gel coat.
When you need fiberglass boat repair you need to determine if it's significant enough that you might actually have to have the boat repaired by a professional. If your boat is more than a few years old, you'll probably be surprised at the number you find. You can bring your boat to us with confidence, knowing that we will diagnose it right the first time and correctly repair it. If your boat has been in an accident or subjected to dock rash or chipping, we can repair it to like-new condition. If you are thinking of buying a used boat, we can check it for you and save you from the potential of expensive repairs. Our technicians will gladly install accessories like wake-board towers, trolling motors, depth finders and more. We're unique because we combine fiberglass and mechanical repairs in one facility and that minimizes repair time. Note: If your boat is afloat on Lake Travis and you can drive or tow it to Highland Lakes Marina, we will haul it out and repair whatever needs repairing.

From tuneups to engine overhauls, we’ll do whatever it takes to put the zip back in your jet ski or waverunner. Do you love water-skiing, basking in the sun, and feeling the adrenaline rush of flying through the lake? Lake Anna Marina is proud to offer our customers access to their own private beach here on our point. Beaverdam, VA 23015, E-MAIL A· Lake Anna Boat Detailing, 18500 Woodson's Mill Rd, 540 205-9645. It is used in order to keep the original surface of cars, trucks and other vehicles as good as new.
Billy Kosick's (Bottoms Up Boat Repair, Fox Lake IL) segments from PBS, Outdoor Wisconsin. You can tow your boat or jet ski to our shop on its trailer or float it to Highland Lakes Marina which is just a block away from us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping with your boating repair and maintenance needs.
We’re one of the very few jet ski repair shops that welcomes old models with two-stroke engines.

Let our WyoTech-certified technicians take care of your boat so you can enjoy those experiences for years to come. This means we’re en route to most major California attractions including Lake Camanche, Lake Don Pedro, Lake Tulloch, and Woodward Reservoir. Place matching gelcoat in two catagories, color value and shade value, blending the different pigments into your gelcoat to reach the same color as the boat. Prepare for an unforgettable afternoon of fun, speed, and leisure by having the experts at H2O Craft Rentals & Repair service your boat or jet ski.
Our mechanics can service your boat before you leave so you can enjoy the sparkling lakes of California without worrying about the possibility of malfunctions.
In order to make a boat look good and perform well, you need to get the help of a professional who will ensure that your boat gets the right kind of look to match its power packed performance.
We welcome appointments and walk-ins; simply call us an hour ahead at (800) 979-7368 to ensure our technicians are free.

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