Missouri Fiberglass Boat Repair is a division of Cooper Fiberglass committed to providing the best quality fiberglass boat repair in Missouri. I have had fiberglass boats for many years and found that proper maintenance on your Gelcoat finish can keep that like new luster for many, many years.
Fiberglass laminating and gelcoat repair video, Tips and repair methods to avoid, spraying gelcoat with Styrene, wax additive or patch booster are out of date.
The Captain prefers to use Epoxy Resin to make Osmosis Repair if the fiberglass boat can not be out of the water for a period of time to dry out the moister in the Osmosis repair area. To the right the crew is hard at work removing the old rotten fiberglass boat transom on this 33' Formula.
Above Jerry are grinder is cleaning up the inter side of the outer fiberglass boat transom skin removing the old plywood transom completely. Above Now the fiberglass boat hull transom surface is ready for the Arjay Core Bond 4001 putty to be applied. Above the Captain is applying the Arjay Core Bond 4001 putty The Captain uses red tinted MEK to catalyze the ARJAY 4001  to insure good mixing of the MEK (Hardner). The damage often results in delamination, so tap the area with the back of a screwdriver to see the extent of the damage to the laminate.
First off, when you locate the damage you will need to use a small saw to cut away the damage and the surrounding delaminated area (circles work best). You will need to place some sort of “backing” in the hole for supporting the layers of fiberglass as you fix them.
Next, it is time to begin the lay-up of the fiberglass layers (which you prepared in step five) and the polyester resin between them.
Finally, remove the backer from the surface, fill the imperfections, and add gel-coat paste as needed. We offer an array of Detailing services from basic cleaning all the way up Full detailing services, i.e.
Tempe Fiberglass Services the Phoenix Metro Area, including Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Surprise, Queen Creek, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Glendale, Avondale, Cave Creek, Goodyear and more. Missouri Fiberglass Boat Repair performs boat repair services throughout all of missouri. A fiberglass boat is made of resins and synthetic glass matting merged together to strengthen it.

This condition is caused by the fiberglass being in constant contact with water with out a proper Epoxy Primer barrier-coat to protect the fiberglass boat hull. A few boat builders use Vinyl Ester resin that cost twice as much as General Purpose Polyester Resin. Epoxy Resin cost twice as much as Vinyl Ester Resin the Captain's choice for Epoxy Resin Osmosis Repair is DYNAPOX manufactured by DYNAMIS EPOXY SYSTEMS.DYNAPOX is a marine laminating system that yields high strength,100% solids low viscosity system with excellent wetting and anti-sag qualities and great adhesion properties. Captain estimated eight to twelve man hours to remove the old transom and it took 12 man hours to get it done.
ARJAY formulates its Core Bonding Compound with premium polyester resins resulting in high tensile and flexural strength. Your boat’s floor can root over the years and so it becomes dangerous for you and your crew to move safely around the vessel.
If you fail to remove the wax, the grinding will get mixed with it and this will cause a weak bond. Polyester resin usually requires one to two percent of hardener by its cumulative amount (or volume). Never do more than four at a time, and make sure you compress them while also getting out all the bubbles; consider using a squeegee. Please contact us by phone at 480.747.6372 if you're interested in Wet Sanding your Boat TODAY! Remember, we can build you a package, or if you're looking just for a basic cleaning, we can do that too!
With such a bright future, many find themselves searching for more information about wind turbine jobs and the entry level requirements for the wind industry in general. There are many different ways to go about the repair, but my method works and is not too difficult to master.
Insuring a good bond for ARJAY CORE BOND 4001 Fiberglass Materials Catalog #ARJ-CB and the new boat transom board to the fiberglass boat hull. Mark is resin treating the new boat transom board with General Purpose Polyester Resin while Christine is cutting fiberglass Fabric in the background to laminate the new boat transom board. After the polyester resin cures they well remove the fasteners and fill the fastener holes with polyester resin this will great a true liquid screw.
Continue layering up until the repair is flush, and then finish it by cutting some mat and cloth.

Gel coat is the material used to give the high-quality texture on the visible surface of the reinforced material beneath. When repairing osmosis blisters Captain uses Vinyl Ester Resin to make Fiberglass Boat Repair below the water line. It is suitable for all coring applications and is compatible with all popular core materials including balsa and PVC foam. Note how the boat transom board has that glazed look now it's ready to be laminated together.
The edges of the boat transom where it meets the boat hull get a 3" radius made with the ARJAY 4001 Bonding Putty and then the Fiberglass Fabric tabing can be done. It is very important to assess the damage correctly so you don’t start the repair and by the time you are done you realise you forgot to renovate the foundations for the floor.
Michigan Composites Tuff-stuff Marine Board is made of rigid,structural polyurethane and is available in selected densities to replace wood in boats. This material provides high strength bond between the boat transom board and the boat transom hull and will make a sound fiberglass boat transom repair. Tuff-Stuff Marine Board possesses qualities superior to many competitive products available to the boat building industry to day. Moisture can start to build up inside the fiberglass cover and just imagine what will come out in a few years. Low-ender's use Vinyl Ester Resin only in the first laminate of fiberglass fabric behind the polyester Gel Coat known as a skin coat. But it comes with a price tag $231 for a 4'x8' sheet x 2 =$462.The owner on a tight budget said build the new transom of Marine Plywood.Labor runs close on either material so marine plywood it is! Check out the Fiberglass How-To Guide and Basic Fiberglass Molding Techniques to get a general idea on what you have to do.

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