Here at Divine Marine Audio we understand the extreme elements that come with the marine environment.
FeaturesWhether you want a basic system or you want to turn your boat into a mobile concert. Blue Sea Systems engineers and manufactures electrical products for harsh environments in the marine, industrial, and heavy truck industries. Blue Marine Systems also manufactures supporting components including fuses, circuit breakers, and analog meters.
Blue Sea Systems uses tin-plated CDA 11000 electrical-grade copper rather than the lower cost brass alloys used by some manufacturers.
A versatile panel with a unique approach that offers significant advantages over traditional flat aluminum panels such as, flexibility, increased broadcast range of functionality, and advanced design features. Battery switches conduct current from battery banks to DC Main circuit protection, isolating potentially destructive energy when the boat is not in use or in emergency situations. The purpose of a battery switch is to isolate potentially destructive energy in the battery banks when the boat is not oin use or during an emergency. Charge Management Devices (CMDs) connects two battery banks when charging, while keeping the battery banks isolated from each other.
Battery Isolators are electrical one-way check valves taht allow current flow to the battery.
Automatic Charging Relays are the most popular method of achieving the same results as Battery Isolators by using a relay combined with a circuit that senses when a charging source is being applied to either battery.
The DC Branch circuit distributes from a single-cable high amperage DC Main circuit to multiple circuits carrying lower amperage s through smaller wires.
The AC Main power system creates a path from the ship's source of AC power to the AC branch distribution system. The AC Branch power system distributes high amperage current from a single cable into lower amperage's in multiple wires.
Blue Water Systems has accessories available for all above-deck waterproof panels and below-edck panels.
BusBars and PowerPosts provide a safe and convenient way to insulate circuit wires and connect them together. The XM series tower speakers are designed with one goal in mind - Maximum sound delivery at an unmatched range. Exile engineers examined the physics behind professional sound reinforcement acoustics, boat tower mechanical considerations, and the open air musical distortion characteristics of the marine environment.
That was our battle plan back in 1998 and we’ve succeeded; growing steadily to become the global champion we are today. Strength in product design coupled with innovative thinking has led to FUSION’s growth into new product categories, and the development of a world-leading marine audio product range to compliment the already strong car audio offering.
Since modest beginnings in New Zealand, subsidiaries have now been established in the UK, USA and Australia, with distribution in over 30 countries and strong growth in far-flung territories such as Russia and Tahiti. More than a decade of growth, expertise and experience in bringing world class audio products to market has put us in great shape for the future.
FUSION is setting the standard others must follow.Kicker Marine Audio"KICKER® takes proven technologies and advanced components to the water with KXM-Series Marine Amplifiers. Until now, there have been very few options for quality wakeboard tower speakers that can deliver the output needed to reach the skier or wake boarder. With the “XS Series” of speakers, there is finally a high performance option for marine audio inside the boat.
Divine Marine offers a diverse range of services including fiberglass gelcoat repair, marine audio, and much more to satisfy the needs of boaters in the greater Seattle area.
Divine Marine has the knowledge and experience to tackle any fiberglass or gelcoat repair required by our customers. Divine Marine provides our customers with the best marine grade products for all their led lighting needs. Divine Marine’s custom towable canvas covers are taylormade to your specific boats measurements for the best fit. Ask Divine Marine about our White Glove Pickup and Delivery Service as well as On Site Diagnostic, Repair and Installation.
We Work With BestDivine Marine only uses the best marine gear available that proves itself year after year. We Know BoatsDivine Marine having more that 15yrs experience with boating know how to get the job done.
Divine Marine Towable Canvas Boat Canvas is made from Sunbrella and is custom fit for your boat. Divine Marine Fiberglass repair can get your boat back to its factory finish no matter the damage.
Divine Marine Audio has gone thru all the trial and error of “marine grade products” that just don’t stand the test of time, and we have found the products that do! The salt in the air, moisture, limited battery power, or just the blistering heat that can reach well over 130 degree in the cuddies, rest assured that we will build your system to perform to its max potential in these extremes.Marine InstallationWhether you want a basic system or you want to turn your boat into a mobile concert. Nobody tops DMA’s passion and dedication to marine audio.All the installation tools are true marine grade to assure it well last the years of abuse in these extreme environments.

Their engineered products are created by an in-house team of engineers who have experience in mechanical, electrical, industrial, electronic, and software design.
They perform tests and have extensive specification and regulatory guidelines to assure that supporting components must comply with to assure these products should be incorporated into Blue Sea Systems products. Electrical copper can handle higher amperages at lower temperatures and are 250% more conductive than brass.
This panel is both visually appealing and exhibits the functional demands of the most discerning boaters. Blue Sea Systems solenoid and remote battery switched allow the user to have remote electrical control over the battery banks rather than rely on proximal mechanical operation. Their disadvantage is that a voltage drop occurs when using diodes, which consume charging energy, create heat and cause batteries to be undercharged.
Blue System DC Branch circuits typically carry currents below 50 Amperes to the load devices. It begins at the AC power source, such as shore power, genset or an inverter power source and ends at the AC Branch circuit.
Meters help the boater avoid overloads or shore cords, determine the proper time to charge battery banks, and know when alternators and chargers are not functioning properly. Feed Through Connectors and CableClams enable the boater to safely pass wires through a bulkhead or deck. The sound quality, form factor, power handling, fit and finish are un-matched by anything available on the market today. Once the speakers are mounted and you’re out on the water you can rotate the speaker a full 360 degrees. The XM9 inch enclosure is an efficient blend big enough to offer full force high definition sound and still small enough to maintain headroom clearance on most boats.
A global expansion powered by our passion for high quality audio and an unrivaled sense of fun. FUSION is now poised to grow even further, and become a fully fledged global electronics brand. Based on the critically acclaimed KX-Series Amplifier line for cars and trucks, weather-resistant KXM Amps utilize class-leading features specific for unbelievable sound in the boating environment, and within the most compact chassis for installing in tight locations. Wet Sounds™ was founded by a group of audio industry veterans to deliver a new level of performance and style to the marine industry. By pursuing new technologies, materials and a unique engineering style, we have developed award winning products. The “Pro Series” tower speakers from Wet Sounds™ are built using state of the art manufacturing resulting in a robust product that will hold up in a marine environment.
The Syndicate series of amplifiers represents the most technologically advanced amplifiers to hit the marine industry. Dry stack and repair customers have the option of trailering their boat to warmer water in Eastern Washington or better fishing grounds to the north. With over 15 years of experience in the marine industry, the Divine group understands the demands of the marine environment, and is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers. Whether its repairing a rotted transom, major structural damage, bottom painting or chipped gelcoat no job is too big or too small. Whether your looking to add a set of transom led lights for your night surfing sessions or your looking to replace your interior halogen bulbs to conserve power, Divine Marine has the skills to complete the job.
From a simple quarter wrap to a one off master piece created with your vision and are design teams expertise.
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Blue Marine Systems DC Main circuit protection devices have high ampere interrupt capacity (AIC), automatic charging relays (ACR) and distribute charging source energy to the battery banks.
Blue Sea Systems has created a test that measures a high amperage load imposed on a battery switch in the starting circuit under very difficult starting conditions.
If one battery in depleted then there will be a charged battery bank available for engine starting.
Analog meters are highly readable, DIN meters follow European style, and Blue Sea Systems digital mutimeters combine various meter functions into one convenient and splash-proof package.
Insulated continuously-energized non-grounded conductors protect against accidental short circuits and shock hazards.
Want to point them toward sunbathers up on the bow or fire them off the port side toward your picnic on the beach?

This one piece custom tooled light weight enclosure is teardrop shaped to benefit from low wind drag. Our PRO 80 wakeboard tower speaker was named a 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree.
Advanced power supplies that pull less current and generate less heat, means that you can play your system for longer periods of time without draining the battery or worries of over heating. We are dedicated only to the marine industry to develop proprietary products and technologies that are not found anywhere else in the world. We have five different trailers to fit boats up to 45' long and a maximum weight of 25,000 lbs. Sunbrella provides the highest quality canvas to guarantee your boat the best protection from the elements. Divine Marine has the experience and knowledge to accurately estimate and execute the repairs needed to get your boat back to perfect condition using the only best available materials and latest technologies.Divine Marine employs the most talented and highly skilled technicians in the industry to get your boat back to its factory finish. When this happens, it is important to be able to get the gel coat applied again to your boat to not only protect it, but to keep your boat looking amazing.Major Structural Damage"Gel coating is the shiny layer on the boat that gives it its flair and good looks. Divine Marine Audio uses all stainless screws, aluminum brackets, ABS plastics like the factories use, and every piece of wood is coated in fibreglass to insure it never swells and fall apart.Divine Marine Audio also prides its self on retaining and enhancing the factory look of your boat without sacrificing the overall sound.
We strive not to compromise your valuable storage space, as we know it is very limited and utilize areas that can be discrete.Here are some of the features that we think that you'll love.Blue Sea"What Makes Blue Sea Systems Different? Blue Sea Systems' in-house lab is used to load test, thermal test, and water test products to ensure they will perform under marine conditions.
The Blue Sea Systems tin-plated copper icon assures that the product is made of pure electrical grade copper. Blue Sea Systems batteries surpass the UL standard because in addition to being tested UL 1107, they are also tested to the higher cranking amperage.
Battery Isolaters and Charging Relays are the two main charge managemnet devices used on a boat.
And the WS 420 equalizer was named a 2008 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree. Pushing innovation to the limit once again, this is where the Wet Sounds XS series comes in. What started as an idea became a vision and eventually turned into an engineering collaboration spanning several different industries. And when you’ve finished for the day and the boat rests peacefully on her trailer, you can remove the XM9’s and safely stow them in their wetsuit socks. And if you own one of the popular cast tower boats, the XM9 can directly mount to the tower (clampless-direct fit) gaining an extra two inches of headroom.Fusion Electronics"FUSION Electronics Ltd was founded in New Zealand in 1998 as a home grown car audio brand grown out of the Founders passion for cars, music and the surrounding street culture.
Since 1989, these prestigious awards have given consumer technology manufacturers and developers an opportunity to have their newest products judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade press.
We developed a line of speakers and subwoofers that provide the level of performance today’s boat owner’s demand. When this happens, it can lead to many more potential problems as the underlayment can become damaged once the gel coat is gone. It was the efforts of many that allowed the Exile team to, “Dream it, Design it, and Build it from the ground up”.
Using advanced materials and a one of a kind style, the XS series is sure to impress for both form and function.
When this happens, it is important to be able to get the gel coat applied again to your boat to not only protect it, but to keep your boat looking amazing.Spider Web Cracks"Spider cracks are non-structural damage to the gel-coat of a boat. These hairline fractures also occur in boats of the mid 1970's vintage which often had thicker gel-coat layers than newer boats. This thicker gel-coat cannot stand ANY flexing without showing cracks.Gel Coat Peeling and Blistering Repair"Is osmosis preventable? It's estimated that one in four fiberglass boats will get gelcoat blisters in its lifetime. The obvious answer is yes, there are preventative measures you can take to slow down and delay this occurrence. The key to a successful repair is to remove all of the dam­aged laminate, thoroughly dry the hull and correctly apply the barrier coats. To reduce the possibility of blis­ters reoccurring keep the bilge as dry as possible and the boat well ventilated.
If scraped and dinged, repair and recoat promptly.Dry Rot Repair"Dry rot may seem like a problem for wooden boats, but many boats, including those with fiberglass hulls, have wooden stringers and wall studs that can be affected by dry rot.
Some of the factors involved in dry rot include the age of your boat, the type of materials used in construction, whether the boat is used and stored in a humid environment, how the boat is stored during the boating season, and how the boat is cared for while in winter storage.

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