Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. I had the quick canoe, the eureka canoe and the OzRacer on the stand that was shared with Duck Flat Wooden Boats and Boatcraft Pacific. Chris came to Duck Flat Wooden Boats with plans to fix up an old riverboat hull he had bought. Gifted Amateur Boatbuilder Chris Perkins has laboured during some of the most difficult boatbuilding weather to produce the prototype of the new RAID41 (this is the building photoset.
Anyway Brian Pearson, the owner of the boat has just been to pick it up and bring it to warmer climes.
Brian will be rigging her and trying to get her ready to sail at the Beale wooden boat event supported by Watercraft Magazine. The design is meant to be flexible and fulfil a range of needs being built as a lightweight flyer or a slightly more sturdy Expedition boat.
Chris has been great about feeding back through the building process and we have nutted out some simplifications that will save quite a bit of labour and solid timber. This led to a discussion on the Oz Woodwork Forum about a singlehanded boat for long distance events, but be a fair bit faster. It attempts to leverage the simple construction into a longer and faster package that should be still be reasonably easy for a lone sailor to handle on land or water. The stability is scaled to that of the PDRacer which feels very stable on the water and can sail in up to 20+ knots without reducing sail.
The RAID41 uses the same mast and foils as my OZ PDRacer design for anyone interested in upgrading. The main addition in terms of complexity over the PDRacer is to provide a self draining cockpit.

Both Brian and Chris are heavily involved with the homebuilt boating scene in Britain, contributing at times to Watercraft magazine. Brian sails a Keyhaven Scow, which must be one of the few balance lug rigged racing classes (tech discussion here) left in the world. There are so many permutation of ama length, crossbeam width, ama volume with performance ranging from very poor to very good. The dot in the bay above is Perttu’s Microcruiser sailboat on a three day trip on the extensive Finnish waterways.
Jim Post in the USA sent me a USB drive crammed full of building and launch pics of the OZ Goose design – the Big Brother to the OZ Racer (formerly the OZ PDRacer). Bruce in New South Wales, Australia has launched his Goat Island Skiff plywood sailing dinghy at Port Stephens.
They had a nice day sailing around but capsized the boat by accident when someone tripped up. It has information about building, discussions about design, photos of buildings and launchings and much more. A main interest is tweaking the best possible performance out of traditional looking boats.
It has been designed to be as easy to build as possible while keeping some of the qualities of a good paddling canoe – in particular the ability to track. A nice little article by Jackie Monies who is turning into the writer in residence for the PDRacers. At Freedom Boats we are moving into the 21st Century with the way we are designing and manufacturing boats.
In addition to new construction, we also performs fiberglass repair work on just about anything.

Duck Flat contacted me for some help I helped go over the boat and work out how much it had deteriorated. The boat will leverage the construction methods I use to create a relatively simply built distance cruising sailboat for one person with the ability to carry an extra person for more casual sailing.
Building boats from a computer control router gives us a boat that is completely symmetrical. If you have something that needs fiberglass repair, bring it by and let us take a look at it. I have recently updated a number of older plans to be available in a PDF format and delivered by email. Particularly nice from the cockpit with the long sweeping bows flowing off into the distance. You can see some of the story here Goat Island Skiff Plywood Boat sails 200 miles up the Texas Coast.
Rather than all the weight on the keel and bouncing from side to side on the trailer bunks as per wine glass shape, she just sits there all square and steady. We can customize your boat to your specifications to make sure your future fishing trips are the best you will ever have. Using composite materials and computer controlled cutting gives us a superior light weight hull.

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