Top quality fiberglass cloth specially treated for easy wet-out, high bonding adhesion, and superior peel strength. A selection of application tools specifically for use with fiberglass and resin, including rollers, brushes, and squeegees. Because of our bulk quantity purchasing direct from raw material suppliers, we can offer these kits at the LOWEST PRICE.
SilverTip Laminating Resin is a medium-low viscosity, liquid epoxy resin system that has been optimized for coating and reinforcing fabric saturation in wood-composite boatbuilding. SilverTip Laminating Resin cures to a brilliant blush-free film with either the fast or slow hardener eliminating secondary bonding concerns as experienced with other epoxies.
Although it is possible to use polyester resin, more and more experts are discouraging its use over wood boats since epoxy has become readily available.
NOTE: If you have used the GLEN-L Epoxy Encapsulation Option throughout the construction of your boat, you must use epoxy when fiberglassing to reap all the advantages of this system.
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Bondo® Fiberglass Repair Kits have everything needed for the Do-It-Yourselfer, including easy How-To directions, Fiberglass Resin, Liquid Hardener, Plastic Spreader, Fiberglass Cloth, Mixing Stick and Mixing Tray. So now if you aren’t interested in dumping a fortune into a conventional built in pool, there are other much more affordable options. When fiberglass swimming pools arrive at their destination they have to be lifted off the truck and plunked into the hole that’s been excavated. This kit offers the right epoxy, fiberglass and fillers to complete repairs to cracks and holes, gelcoat blisters, delaminated cored panels and more. Each Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit contains eight packets of WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin and 205 Hardener, fiberglass fabric, adhesive filler, fairing filler, glue brushes, mixing pots, a mixing stick, an application syringe, three pairs of protective gloves and illustrated instructions for completing a variety of common fiberglass repairs.
All components are contained in a sturdy, resealable package that can be easily stowed aboard your boat. Repair plastic canoes, kayaks and inflatables made from HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PVC or polycarbonate plastic with the contents of this kit. In fact, the little "Hot Shot" had grown so popular among the sports car set that speed equipment was abundantly available for that Crosley motor. Jack went on to become a noted authority on fiberglass and wrote a book on the subject, Glass Fiber, auto body construction simplified, which was used as a primer for most up and coming people in the field. On this page you will find a wide selection of Fiberglass Pool Kit Styles to choose from.  Simply click on the links below to learn more about each style of pool kit.  If you have questions about which swimming pool is right for you feel free to give us a call!

The Emerald Inground Pool Kit is the second of our freeform designed swimming pool kit styles.
The Diamond Pool Kit is a freeform designed swimming pool kit styles and the largest of our gems. The Topaz Pool Kit is a kidney shaped swiming pool that offers plenty of room for swimming, playing, floating and relaxing. The Sapphire Inground Pool Kit is a rectangular shaped swimming pool that offers plenty of room for swimming and playing while still maintaining adequate room for sitting and relaxing.
Why waste time, money, and effort attempting to locate these special materials when we’ve already got them in handy kits. For those who are not familiar with our epoxy boatbuilding system, we recommend reading the GLEN-L EPOXY SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL. It used to be much simpler back when that was really only one type of pool; the concrete built in. Of course there is the vinyl prefab pool that starts out on the low end at around $1000 for a smaller model. Fiberglass matting or cloth is cut and laid out in a mold and then a two part resin polymer is mixed. This is done with a giant crane that’s also brought to the job-site on the back of a separate truck.
Illustrated, detailed instructions explain how to repair leaking seams and rivets in aluminum boats. Also included are a 2" x 10" piece of 9 oz fiberglass tape (useful for patching, reinforcing or abrasion resistance), an application brush, mixing stick, pipe cleaner, two cleaning pads and complete instructions. Together, they had been involved with fiberglass since its inception, and had experimented with a fiberglass body shell on a Crosley chassis with a motorcycle engine.
In the next twenty years he became the top man with that famous custom body firm and also chief of the styling section for the Briggs Corporation in Detroit. He built everything from ornamental dogs to full size hulls for boats.He was one of the first to recognize the possibilities of fiberglass.
With two full length bench seats, this swimming pool has plenty of room for play and relaxation. These inground swimming pool kit styles have steps adequate enough to enter and exit the inground pool comfortably, but small enough to be tucked to the side and out of the way, allowing more room to move and swim. With over 15 years of online sales experience you can feel confident that Pool Warehouse is the #1 source for buying inground swimming pool kits online!

Because we sell in high volume, you’re assured of fresh stock with a long shelf life.
SilverTip Laminating Resin is designed for use with fiberglass, Kevlar, Dynel and graphite as well as on bare wood.
The cured film is tough and resilient with better heat resistance than other epoxies cured at room temperature. Bond strength is superior, yet the epoxy resin retains a flexibility not possible with other resins.
But to do the job properly does require following instructions and doing a little reading toget the most from the products while avoiding the pitfalls.
This is done with a large truck that actually carries the pool down the highway on its bed. So while fiberglass pools do have their positive selling points, their size limitations is their biggest drawback. The Chrysler Thunderbolt was one of his designs, and classic fans are familiar with his work on both the Packard 12 and the Chrysler Custom Imperial. While the bulk of the units produced were in kit form, the two men did build four complete cars, which puts them in the same league as I many other sports cars produced at that time. The next best thing to the Diamond if you are looking for a nice swimming pool with smaller space accommodations.
Each swim out is oversized and will accommodate two people while the swimming pool’s featured safety ledge runs the entire perimeter of the deep end.
Fillers, wood flour, and bulking agents can be combined with SilverTip Laminating Resin, however, we suggest using the other members of the SilverTip Series for adhesive, filleting and fairing applications. That’s why we offer a DVD and several texts specially prepared by our staff of naval architects specifically intended for the amateur. Both the resin and hardener are nearly colorless and are used in an easy 2:1 volumetric ratio. If you want the longest life from your boat, there is no substitute for epoxy in fiberglass application. Body components were designed to fit a modified Crosley chassis.The cars could be produced from standard Crosley running gear, but could also be made using components from the "Hot Shot" model, the fast and agile sports car Crosley produced.

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