Over the years we have enjoyed providing fiberglass services and products for a wide range of specialised projects, from commercial cherry picker repairs, to theatre stage props.  If you can build it at all, chances are fiberglass maybe a great option to consider. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.
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Fibreglass boat repairs and construction is how we started in the fibreglass industry.30 years Experience in Fibreglass Boat RepairsWe have over 30 years experience.
Delamination is a common deck and hull construction problem which tends to get worse if left unattended.  Eventually, it can reach a point where the overall structural integrity of the hull and deck may be compromised so it’s really important to know how to perform a high quality with this fibreglass boat repair. Delamination is when the layers of fibreglass cloth and resin separate from each other or from the core sandwiched between the layers.
Identify the delaminated area If, when you put pressure on the skin, you can feel softness before reaching the core, this indicates the area has gaps between the skin and the core which need to be repaired. Make sure the core is dry Thorough drying of the core must be accomplished before re-bonding. Mix epoxy Add 409 Microsphere Blend to a WEST SYSTEM® epoxy Make sure it’s mixed to a ketchup consistency and then load into a syringe. Allow the epoxy to cure Add pressure to the skin to force it into contact with the core until the epoxy cures. Replace damaged laminate If the skin is damaged you will need to replace the damaged laminate after bonding the core. If you’d like more advice on carrying out epoxy repairs, why not watch some of our how-to videos on the dedicated West System International support page? Subscribe to our newsletter so we can share with you our unique knowledge and experience of working with epoxy.
About WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SETWEST SYSTEM is a registered trademark of West System Inc., USA. The most important thing to do when you encounter a hole in your fibreglass boat is to assess the damage thoroughly.

Creating support at the back of a damaged panel is generally not a problem if there is access to the inside.
Although the installation method and backing material can be altered depending on the size and curve of the repair area, the method described below can accommodate the widest range of openings.
Follow the steps below to find out how to create a backing plate to match your fibreglass boat repair.
Mask and wax the surface Select and tape an area of the panel next to and several centimetres larger than the hole opening, to act as a mould for the layup of the backing. Part II explains the technique of posting the backer through the hole and bonding it in place on the back of the panel.
2,- NOK Hvis du ikke har tid til a folge budrunden aktivt, kan du taste inn ett hoyere belop enn minstebudet pa: 30,- NOK . Best utvalg av boker om bil, bat, MC, motor og andre fremkomstmidler kan du fa billig pa QXL.no.
Du byr na pa denne auksjonen.For a legge inn maksbud setter du et hoyere belop enn det som er foreslatt i budfeltet. The Gelcoat is the outside skin on a fibreglass hull. The material is used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fiber-reinforced composite material. Restoring your boats gelcoat and keeping up with maintenance will increase the life and the value of your vessel. There is nothing more frustrating than chipping, scratching or damaging your boats beautiful gel coat. With the professional know-how you can find at Blue Water Marine Services in Whitianga, this gelcoat damage can be repaired, and you boat back to looking fabulous! We will perform the required repairs at our Whitianga boatyard in conjunction with the insurance company and the boat owner.
It is usually caused by physical stress to the fibreglass surface which splits the surface skin and allows water to enter the laminate and travel into the core. It’s essential that this type of damage is not ignored and is repaired as swiftly as possible to ensure your vessel maintains its structure. Placing a plastic sheet between the skin’s surface and the weights will prevent inadvertent bonding.

We manufacture and market the WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET brands throughout Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.
If the damage to the skin is larger than 10mm it’s best practice to use a backing to support the wet fabric patch until the epoxy cures. However, if the boat has a fibreglass liner or if the back of the hole is inaccessible, an alternative method needs to be used – bonding a thin panel to the back of your repair. Use a squeegee to smooth the cloth against the panel – always add a layer of peel ply as this will give a ready to bond to surface and protect the laminate from moisture, if working outside. Using a pallet knife or mixing stick, trim the laminated backer to the shape of the hole, 10mm larger than the hole on all sides. The Viper Pro Series winch travels at 40mtrs per minute so you can get right on top of your GPS mark before you drift away waiting for your anchor to hit bottom.
It can also occur from repeated surface impact, even if the skin is not broken and water does not enter.
One such method is what we call a ‘letter box repair’ – so called because it involves ‘posting’ a backing panel through the damaged area and securing it with epoxy. Lay the cloth on a plastic protected work table.Wet-out the layers of fabric with WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin®. The paste wax will prevent the cloth from bonding to the panel and allow it to be released. Next, drill three or four holes in the laminate and thread a length of wire through the holes, this way the wire can be bent to keep the plate in place while it cures. Coming soon to epoxycraft, the latest in boatbuilding technical support, GRP repair videos. Use a squeegee to spread the epoxy mix over the cloth until both layers are completely saturated.

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