Particulars: Need to be as beamy on the aft deck as possible, open transom and flat aft deck, LOA from 30' to 50', build from steel or aluminum,inboard motor, Have to be very stable in stop position and at the same time give good speed and stability. I look over some designs but most of them are for recreational cruisers and I am looking for proved work boat design. Originally Posted by mark775 this implies that they also let the pots hit and drag up the side of their boat - Might they not just use a puller on an arm over the side?
Yeah, Nowadays they usually use UHMW for a side board except for a classic woodie like the Leeward. Location: NorthEast USA Yes we do have a couple boats over hear that look almost square. Plan to build deep V with hard chine and deal with pot hauling arrangement similar to last picture from Ted. Pots are individual and slow speed driving ,maneuverability and stability at stop condition is of great concern due to harsh environment.
The Jones Act was ostensibly to make sure there was always an active American shipbuilding industry and shippers didn't just go wherever it was cheapest to build.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. MARINEX GROUP DESIGN, Boat Designer and Consultancy in Malaysia offers design services for aluminum boats, steel boats, and fiberglass boats. Marine Design included design consultation, custom designs and alterations, boat plans, re-powering consultancy and project management supervision.
This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world. There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc.
This 24' Commercial Fishing Boat was designed to use smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient twin 90HP outboard motors instead of the more typical twin 115 - 150 hp motors, while maintaining the same load capacity and cruising speed. To replace the traditional wooden York boats for racing with a more modern, low maintenance alternative, while maintaining a traditional look. The new design is a boat that is 40 feet long, 10 feet wide, and is all aluminum construction, from the keel, right up to the oar pins. Accurate 3-D computer modeling allows for precise alignment of all the components, enabling quick and effortless assembly.
The main structure is together and ready for internal components, such as fore and aft benches and decks.
Location: Australia also I have a quick question for all the aluminium welders out there, will a CIG 190amp mig welder weld okay up to 6mm?? Location: Australia thanks for the reply I have sent PAA for some info and a quote for a kit, as I don't get much time to phone people at the moment, so thats why I was hoping some people on this web site could answer some of my questions.
I hope to get down to there shop and have a look at how they do things, as I have no worries Mig or Tig welding any other types of metals i don't have much to do with Aluminium. Emailing John is a good idea, if you had called for a quote he would have asked you to email anyway as he is not necessarily at his desk when he takes your call. Location: Australia I live in Canberra so its only a short drive down, thanks again for all the help will have to call him and arrange to go down.
Location: Australia I will indeed let you no, I only realy need to change the bunk length by 300mm and change the transom to a twin outboard and add a livebait tank, I wish I could design boats like that, I can only make things from my head to the finished job and some times i have to do it twice cause I found a fault (costly) I can see it in my head but just cant transfer it to computer or paper.
But quality dose come at a price, have a hunt around some of the welding suppliers and you might find that they hire the welder out that you need. If you need a hand setting up your welder for ally drop a line I'll steer you in the right direction.

Location: Australia My project is a stand still funds have gone else where but these things happen!!
Sorry to hear you have come to stop, this paying for things is real problem might even slow me up a bit, I have to sell the boat I have now to fund the materials to build this one but I'm in no rush. I am slowly going through the plans now and converting them to CAD, from here I can generate a tool pass and cut out my frames and bits and pieces out on my CNC router. You never know you might get your funds and pick up were you left off, I hope it works out for you.
Thanks for the Help offer I might take you up on that, your right there are not many of us here and help, advise is hard to come by, I know of another two people, one builds paddle steam boats (35'-60') and the other has built a couple of cruiser's but I don't now them personally there friends of a friend sort of thing. Location: Australia Yes Im like you I have never built one, but I have no problem welding as I have Very good Mig welding skills and basic tig welding with Aluminium, but like I always say if you put your mind into it you can do almost anythink. I think I will end up doing a 5mtr console as trailering the boat down the clyde hill is a big killer, but also Im in the middle of Doing a Race car Design, trying to get prototypes done, as then I can get its past by the racing body (CAMS) and hope to get a race ready car soon, so this project has taken alot of my time and money but its been a dream of mine. Yes the Clyde is a bloody killer, especially with a big boat, I'm lucky My parents are down there and I built a boat port on the side of the house, Now this is what restricts me in size is to what fits in the boat port, even though the boat I have now is 1.8ton towing all up and its not that bad to tow, you just take it easy, I have dragged that one up and down a few times.
Going Back to your Alloy cutting read through this thread, its one of mine on the Mach forum and I'm basically asking the same question.
Sorry I'm not into race cars, I got involved in a lot of other things but cars never really did it for me, horse,s for course,s I suppose. Location: maine Stainless, because the tubing cost is but a small part of the overall cost. Location: Oriental, NC In the T top, which one do you want to grab hold of to keep from going overboard? Location: Jacksonville, Florida All the comments about stainless are true but I can't remeber when I last saw it used on a boat like the one in the OPs original message or any other. Location: Florida All above is true, but if you price the labor and materials you might find Aluminum a lot cheaper and as good if you have it anodized. Originally Posted by Bglad All the comments about stainless are true but I can't remeber when I last saw it used on a boat like the one in the OPs original message or any other. Location: maine Stainless is what lifeline stanchions are made from in almost every case, no matter where the boat was built. Simply compare to existing similar stainless parts such as the stanchions mentioned, or bow and stern pulpits.
I've seen anodized aluminum with a few years on it (spars) and refreshing the surface back to original is impossible or at least prohibitively expensive. Location: Adriatic sea If you use aluminum with stainless fasteners you might as well put it together with rivets because after a few months at sea you cannot take it apart anymore. As Alan White says in post #4, the price of stainless tubing is only a small part of the total costs.
I can do detail design, lofting and NC cutting but in need of help and opinion of the guys who build and operate simmilar boat. I learn something new every day but this implies that they also let the pots hit and drag up the side of their boat - I couldn't imagine. First look around the area you are going to fish in, see what the other fishermen are using. We also provide all the information required for the boat builder to complete the builders (CNC Cutting) plate.
It features a wide beam, outboard well, stability at rest and can be customized to suit most set-ups.
The lower hull is designed to allow water to flow under the frames towards the rear of the vessel by using raised longitudinal battens.
A rotational alignment structure was designed to allow all welds to be horizontal, ensuring precise weld quality.

If you are changing cabin heights etc it is me that will be changing the cutfiles so its best if I'm there for the original conversations to avoid playing chinese whispers. I live in Canberra As well and I'm just about to start on a boat the same size, maybe we pick each others brains from time to time. As I said I am in no rush, my time frame sort of thing is If I can get The frames cut by say November I will start putting together the hull over summer and say by Feb- March hope to have the hull complete and start on the top after that.
I have seen hulls on Ebay sell cheaper than the material cost, but if your like me its the project that's probably more appealing and the fact that its yours from top to bottom.
Its a daunting task and I'm flying by the seat of my pants, but what the hell If others can do it so can I, and I don't think there hands are much different from mine. Engine weights have changed, the amount of foam required has increased and protected waters stability requirements have changed (cutoff reduced from 7.5m to 6m).
But it will be easier to get it already done to fit that boat in SS, than to design and weld it in AL. I understand that it have to be some trades off in particulars but would like to find the design to start. Each area usually has a distinct modification of a boat developed both in New England and Nova Scotia called the NOVI. Been told that they have regulation for fishing fleet according to boat length and obviously people try to squeeze maximum free deck on them. I think that the 190amp model you currently have will be pushing it's limits trying to achive spray arc with ally. In the mean time just keep my eyes open for bits and pieces I will need, I already have a motor, I need a leg and a trailer, you never know what comes up when your not looking for it. I know what you mean about size I would have loved to have gone 1800 x 3600 cutting even in steps but just don't have the room. That downeaster looks well suited - I like how the pulling station is well protected from weather.
The modifications are for good reason thru trial and error relating to the prevalent local sea state.Believe me even a distance of 100 miles will show some slight modification to better cope with the conditions. However this is all my opinion as I weld for a living, and it's all good and well telling you what you need. I have seem cheap ones and they look cheap, and well built ones that look like works of art, both in AL and SS.
The guy that does welding for me and Atlantic mention link above make beautiful welds and can even make them invisible. Example if the area is shallow water subject to fast tides creating alot of steep seas i'll bet you find the local boats have their bows flared into a design we call the Nortumberland Straight Bow.You don't need anyone to design a boat there are many used but in excellent condition for sale in Nova Scotia alone and if you want a new one i can recommend La Blanc Boats here just south of Lunenburg as well i am sure many more builders on Maine. If you are tied down to not maneuver, definately harder to keep a proper angle on the pot line. I have a feeling that these boats are also singlehanded, as well, to add another dimension. Don't recommend glass over wood as many of these are older boats that were worn out and leaking so were patched over with glass to get a few more years lifespan. Do they need to go fast, or could one of the wider designs like out here, or a cat like the one fellow suggested, be used? Check KIJIJI, Halifax, under heading boats, i seem to recall a few glass lobster boats as they are called locally for sale. TAD's photo shows a typical Novi, TAD, i'm impresses you are familiar with these, then why should i be surprised.Hope this helps, Geo.

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