Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. First things first, you have to repair the old fishing boat that rests on the border of your farm. Once you are able to initiate the repair of the boat, it takes 3 full days before you are able to set sail. Hi I am on level 27 I have 41,000 coins should I buy the juicer or the fishing boat or do I even bother to get either.
You should get the fishing boat because at the level it requires a lot of food to make from the fishing area. You guys keep saying to not fill orders and just sell at the stand for $$ but if you only make your $ that way, you will not level up! Hi ,You just have to look in de newspapers and look for a thing that is not FULL price and sell it again high price I promess it works.good luck!!!!
Hi I'm lvl 26 and just about to go onto lvl 27 I have around about 24k a smelter and mine but am saving up for a juice press should I buy the juice press or keep saving for the boat ty. One way to get a lot of money is to send Tom on errands for violet dresses and cheesecakes and then re-sell them for the max. We are so AMOOOOOOZINGLY excited to introduce this update which will bring Hay Day to a whole new level!!
Down the river you will discover a new fishing area and get to meet Angus, who will guide you through the basics of fishing. To create new lures just tap on the lure workbench and select the type of lure you would like to make.
When you finally return home, you will find a nice stash of fish filet to create new and exciting products with!
To start fishing in any open fishing area just tap and hold a lure, and drag it into the water.
If you can keep the fish inside the circle until it closes, you have caught the fish and can collect your reward from the fishing scrapbook. You don't need any resources to produce the red lure but you will need vouchers to produce other lures. When you tap on your fishing hut, you will find a scrapbook where you can keep a log on all the different fish you have caught and the rewards you have unlocked.

There are 30 different fish species that can be caught and when you catch a new fish type, go back to your fish scrapbook, flip through the pages until you find its picture flashing and claim a reward. Also, as you flip through the pages and wonder how to catch more of one type of fish or how to catch a new type of fish, take a closer look to find hints on what types of lures attract a certain fish and what fishing area you can find them.
And please dear Hay Day players for once don't complain About the update the have done there best the give us a totely new area where we can fish now you all know now why it toke so long this update. Once that's done, you are able to travel to a new area, meet Angus the Fisherman, and catch all the fish you can handle by taking part in a new fishing mini-game. For those of you who have been playing since Hay Day first launched, you should be comfortably past that point. Note too that it will cost you 39,000 Coins to repair, so get saving before the time comes!
Since most people have juicers, wen you have to fill your boat, people will likely take care of that while you have the chance to fish from the fishing area and get more stuff to fill more needs!
Only truck deliveries help in getting more XPs fast but at the same time makes you sell your valuable resources at a cheaper price. I know it might be tempting to see the tick on the orders but the orders always ask of valuable products at a very low price! Once you have followed the tutorial Angus will give you 3 free lures and you will be ready to catch your first fish! It is very easy to learn but gets more challenging as you move to different fishing areas and try to catch rarer fish.
When you start your fishing adventure, the water will be covered with fog and you have to unlock an area in order to see it. Take a closer look at the pictures in the fishing book for clues about which areas contain which fish! You can produce 5 different kinds of lures (red, green, blue, purple and gold) at the lure workbench and each lure attracts different kinds of fishes (have a sneak peek at the scrapbook and get a hint!). For example, tap and hold the pictures to read a brief description about the different types of fish.
You can try fishing with the same lure as many times as you need until you manage to catch a fish. For everyone else, this gives you something else to work towards and you will have to just farm your way through the levels until you are finally able to get that boat repaired.

This game is ALL about money and the way to increase your money is to increase your farm i.e.
Meet Angus the fisherman, enjoy the beautiful nature, and take a little break from your tasks at the farm. Visit the fishing hut to check your progress in your uncle’s old fishing book, and there you will find a reward for each new type of fish you catch! Should I get the Juice press, save for the ice cream maker, save for the neighbor hood, save for the fishing boat, or anything else!? Always fill your production queue with products tat take long to make before u go to school or bed and afterwards u can sell them at ur shop n earn around a thousand dollars. I also stopped filling orders for truck deliveries and I don't prioritize boat orders anymore.
You need to keep the struggling fish inside the circle by pulling the line in the opposite direction to where the fish is swimming. You will need a certain amount of land deeds, mallets and marker stakes to unlock any given area – the exact amount required will display when you tap on a locked area. So make sure you catch them all, try and catch every kind of fish weight to get all the precious rewards! I'm level 26, and using this method I have a working mine, I have a juicer, and I am a day away from having the coins to repair the fishing boat. U might also consider selling materials required of storage upgrades if u r not in need of space, they sell real fast n u will haf a few more hundreds immediately! Well I follow these tips n I'm only lvl 27 but I already opened my mine, have 2 smelters(XDXD), a juice press and I starting repairing my fishing boat already. Truck deliveries and boat orders doesn't give you much money and sometimes you'd end up purchasing some stuff to fill orders (I don't do that). If you wanna earn money fast, my technique would work but if you're after XP and vouchers then fill the orders I hope this helps!

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