Also, it is an extremely detailed philosophical issue with roots dating back to ancient days, and some of the people of the Philippines are reluctant to change in their ways. That said, we believe the preservation of the fishery is the most important concern for all fishermen (or should be), and more and more skippers are agreeing to let some of the fish go as an effort to do their part in this preservation. Shares are for anglers who don’t have the inclination to book a private charter and would like to go fishing without paying some $1000.00 or so.
As most fishermen know, the longer you’re on the water the more apt you are to catch a fish. The Gulf of Davao contains three very deep trenches that all come together at the south end of Samal. Similar to restaurants, tipping should be considered only when service is good or exceptional. There is a reason that it is called fishing and not catching… If we caught fishing every time we wouldn’t need the word fishing. The story is that many, many years ago a sailing ship entered port with supplies bound for a fishing fleet.
Henceforth, bananas have been considered taboo on sailing and fishing boats, and became associated with bad luck. Seasickness tends to be accentuated by lack of sleep and poor nutrition, so start with a healthy (non-greasy) dinner the evening before the trip. Third, just before you go to bed, take one of the commercially available motion sickness medications such as Dramamine. When you get up in the morning, take another Dramamine and have a light breakfast (again, non-greasy). Other things to bring along for the trip include a hat to shade your head and face, sunglasses with a restraint (polarized are best to see debris and fish in the water), an extra t-shirt, and closed toe boating shoes to keep you from slipping and to protect your feet from flying hooks, etc. If you choose to take a cab, we recommend calling the cab company the evening before and setting up your ride.
The reason I say foreigner is because of quality, standard and the knowhow of sports fishing. You are the customer, and whatever you would like to see done with the fish is something you should have a say in. With rotational watches on the rods, it may mean you won’t get to fight the giant Marlin or big Ahi that strikes the lures, and you may feel a little bit left out if this happens.
Some people may become ill and want to go home just as the bite picks up, creating a tension on board between those who want to stay out and those who want to go home.
Fishing is one of those things that we have such little control over that the judge of a good fishing trip should be based upon how well the skipper in crew present there are product and service to you. It is a simple fact of life that all fishing places, no matter how good or how many stories have been written about them, they sometimes don’t produce fish on a given day.

T-shirts and shorts, a light baseball type hat, polarized sunglasses, and preferably deck type shoes are perfect for your day on the water.
Bananas are considered unlucky on a boat, and we have personally witnessed and heard way too many stories to even think about bringing bananas or anything with banana in it on a boat.
Keep your mind active by asking questions, focusing on the horizon, looking for fish, and involving yourself in the process. Don’t wait until you feel ill to do something about it, take steps to stop it before it starts. We recommend a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher as the Philippine sun is very strong, especially on the water. If you are going to be driving your rental car from the hotel and you use the valet parking, be sure to check with the valet the evening before to see if you can get your car out early in the morning. The yellow yolk suspended in the clear albumen floats and wobbles like a melted wax blob in a lava lamp. It's fast and stable design make it great for off shore fishing or just cruising around in the harbor. The boats do rock around offshore, so kids need to be old enough to be aware of the movement and be able to hang on and get around the boat without falling. One issue that sometimes offends some anglers is the issue of selling fish, especially Billfish. First, share trips generally do not go unless the boat is able to get four or more passengers to go along. Still, a day on the water and witnessing the catching of a big fish firsthand is pretty exciting, too. Current and trash lines run through these islands frequently, and bait schools come in pretty close.
At 20 to 40 miles out the Philippine government has set out 4 sets of fish buoys, so 8 in totals. If the boat is clean, and in good condition and the crew are courteous, friendly and place you in a position which gives the appearance you are about catch fish at any given moment should be your guide as opposed to the final result.
Some people feel there should be a guarantee in chartering a boat; however, what customers are paying for is the opportunity to be on a boat with an opportunity to catch a large fish and the story of a lifetime.
On occasion we get caught in the rain, after all it is the tropics, so bring raingear just in case. Cans are better than glass for drinks, and snacks like Cheetos and Doritos for some reason seem to go down well at sea.
The bug larvae in the skin would hatch and infest not just the other fruit but the entire ship itself. After loading their supplies the fishing boats raised their sails and headed for the open ocean, unaware that the banana bushels were infested with black widow spider nests.

If you wait until you are on the boat and feeling queasy before taking the medication, you can kiss the rest of the day goodbye.
It is fine to nap later when you have your sea legs, but don’t go on board and immediately head back to sleep. We’ve been told by some of our customers that some of the valet services do not open that early in the morning, and they had a difficult time getting their keys as they were looked up in the valet shack.
Our boat is a new center console, American specs, unsinkable, 32 ft 9.5 beam (Very wide for a smooth ride), twin 200 HP Mercury Motors, CR, and cover for shade, table, fresh water wash down and all the gadgets to find the fish. Many times kids tend to get bored quickly, so we recommend bringing a hand held game or portable DVD player or something for them to do when the action is slow.
So, if you are on a tight schedule, there is a possibility the trip might not happen on the day you wanted to go fishing.
So while longer trips always increase the odds of catching something memorable, 4 hours trips are better than not going at all. These fish agitators are designed to attract bait fish which in turn attract the bigger fish that we are looking for. We recommend tipping in the range of 15 to 20 percent of the charter rate if you feel the service received was appropriate..
We believe our angling customers should enjoy the beautiful scenery, the color of the water and the sky, the camaraderie with the crew, and the good fortune they have for being on the water in the Philippines. It’s tough to please everyone’s appetite especially at sea, so every skipper in the state asks that you bring what you would like to eat for the day. We will NOT come back to the port if a child gets seasick unless you charted the entire boat for the day.
If you are someone that gets sick easy, bring some ginger snap cookies along, they help with sea sickness.
However it is very seldom that we get upset over failing to catch any fish if we feel the crew did everything they possibly could to catch us fish. The ferry starts at 5am so your best bet is to be on the first one crossing otherwise you will not make it on time. If the crew shows us a good time and gives us a chance to catch fish, that’s all we ask for. There are several very inexpensive places to stay the night on the island if you want to insure you make it to your boat on time the next day.

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