Long post here (thanks to a 5 hour flight) but several pics below for your viewing pleasure?As some of you know, I sold my drift boat and I thought I would show you what I?ve been working on for a replacement. If you don't believe in fate then tell me how a guy named Doppler discovered the Doppler Effect? Looks like a nice boat - should be fun getting that on the water for all sorts of fishing!A couple things came to mind when looking at your layout. No one has the right to the rivers and trails unless they accept personal responsibility for their preservation. First, I would re-rig your rod tube (on the side) with some extra straps, instead of the frame straps.

That rod tube could get crushed in the right situation, and you'll want your frame to be tight to the pontoons. It also creates a good spot for a swimmer to sandwich a finger when looking for a place to climb out of the water. When rigging your spare oar, you might want to put the blade pointing to the front of the boat. On the back deck, you may want to add some larger d-rings or drill a few holes near the edge. This might allow for more flexibility to tie down your gear with cam straps, since you'll want a place to stow a couple dry bags - even for day trips to hold extra clothes, your patch kit, and wrap kit.

Bungie chords are fine, but not when it gets serious.I probably wouldn't worry about a flip line - just wear one around your waste if needed. Otherwise, I think you ready to hit the river.Just curious, were you able to install a breaker for the trolling motor?
1 Angler + Dog + Trolling Motor (high seat + platform) Uses: For times when floating larger rivers like the SF Snake, Missouri or Clearwater where the trolling motor can be used for boat control while floating and retracted for some of the shallow sections - although it will take a bit of coordination to fly fish and operate the motor at the same time.

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