Welcome To Tampa Fishing ChartersBook your fishing charters with a 4th generation local captain - 813-787-0249: Tampa Fishing Charters has some of the world's best fishing grounds and the angling is excellent year round. Learn More About Tampa Fishing Charters with Captain Rick Reddick Tampa Bay Spring Snook Time 2016During the spring season in Tampa Bay, snook are heading towards the flats, passes and bridges. Read More About Our Amazing Spring Snook Fishery Tampa Bay Spring Time Red Fish 2016From early Spring into the Fall, red fish schools are a great target for an inshore charter. Read More About Flats Fishing For Large Redfish Get Info On Tarpon Season 2016Tarpon fishing can be compared to hunting for marlin or sail fish.
Don't Miss Out On The Thrilling 2016 Tarpon Season Nearshore Gag Grouper Season 2016 (July-December)Nearshore grouper fishing in one of my favorite charters. Learn More About Gag Grouper Fishing In The Gulf of Mexico Winter Speckled Trout, Silver Trout & Sheepshead Fishing 2015 & 2016Want to fill your cooler up with a taste treat?
Tampa Bay fishing in the pristine aqua colored waters off Florida's Gulf coast draws a wide range of anglers to the region.
AllCatch Charters welcomes families with children who may want to enjoy a fun filled day on the local inshore waters. Tampa Bay fishing attracts thousands of anglers every year to the region to experience some very exciting inshore fishing. The Gulf coast, including sparkling Clearwater, is blessed with spectacular fishing which is always an anglers favorite. Fishing in Tampa Bay is so exciting that it attracts anglers from every state in the nation.
This makes for some great fishing that is perfect for diehard anglers as well as families just looking to experience a little fishing fun with the kids.
A Tampa Bay fishing trip can result in you catching any one of a number of exciting species. Let Tampa Bay fishing guide, Captain Gary Burch be your choice in Tampa guides and give your trip the best chance possible at being a successful and memorable Tampa Bay fishing trip. RELAX WITH A GREAT FISHING DAY ON THE WATER IN TAMPA BAY CAPTAIN TONY HAS ALL THE GEAR INCLUDED TO MAKE YOUR INSHORE FISHING CHARTER COMPLETE CAPTAIN TONY CAN ALSO GIVE YOU ALL OF THE TIPS AND INSTRUCTION TO MAKE FOR A PERFECT DAY BOOK YOUR CHARTER NOW. Jawbreaker fishing charters has been serving St.Pete Beach, and all other local beaches in the Tampa Bay area, for almost 10 years now.
As I sit here this morning, watching the wind bend the trees and listening to a steady rain, I have a hard time choosing what to say more about Jon West. Fishing Tampa Bay during the winter, offers some productive fishing, if you use proper techniques and are willing to change with the cooler temperatures. When water temperatures cool down, the bite can get challenging if proper techniques are not used and you don’t focus on the proper species.
As temperatures stay warm, the small bait will continue to make its way into Tampa Bay and the pelagic fish will follow. Trout fishing has been a little slow in Tampa Bay but things should start to get more consistent. Captain Will Shook owns and operates Tampa FL Fishing Chartres and specializes in flats and backcountry fishing for Redfish, Snook and Tarpon in Tampa Bay.
Tampa bay offers a fishery that can last as long as 8 months, and Tampa bay is home to both juvenile and adult Tarpon year round.
Tarpon season will start in April and will peak during May, June, and July during the spawning season.
My Tarpon Charters move based on the fishing throughout the season, most fishing is done out of the St.Pete area.
Tarpon fishing is heavily tidal dependent, hours of fishing will change based on the tide and type of charter.

NO, Tarpon fishing is 100% Catch and Release,and any Tarpon over 40″ Must remain in the water for photos. Our fishing charters provide opportunities for tarpon, snook, red fish, trout, king fish, Spanish mackerel, flounder, sharks, black drum, sheepshead and many other species depending on the time of year. Fishing for this top Floridian game-fish can be extremely productive because these snook are seeking to fill their stomachs after the cooler, bait-less months. Florida fishing and more specifically Tampa Bay and Clearwater fishing has been recognized as some of the finest fishing along the entire Gulf coast. Tampa Bay flats fishing is fun for everybody including the kids who have an absolute blast being out on the water. The area fishing guides must be knowledgeable in many different types of fishing for a number of different species. He is knowledgeable and experienced in catching all inshore species that call the area Tampa Bay fishing grounds home.
This past Memorial Day weekend offered some great fishing despite the heavy East wind, and the beach thing was full-on!
Although most of our snook fishing is catch and release, we are catching some nice keeper size and a few oversize fish. We are not seeing the numbers we have “pre-freeze”, but are seeing good numbers and I believe they are making a nice comeback. If you want to book a Tampa Bay fishing charter with Tampa Bay fishing guide, Captain Will Shook, call now!
As temperatures fall, look for schools of fish to move onto our grass flats along with the big “Gator” trout.
Snook spawn season starts this month and fish will schooled up eating heavily to prepare for spawn. With the warmer than normal weather, the redfish, snook and trout bite continues to stay hot.
We have been fishing the shallow water grass flats of Tampa Bay and catching some nice reds. Most fish have spawned and are on the move, but if you can locate some fish, they should be willing to eat. May, June, and July are peak tarpon season here along the West Coast, but early season and late season fishing can be extremely productive, and without the pressure. Although depending on the size of the fish and time of year the fishing can be world-class and number will vary. We stress getting the Tarpon in fast as possible for the best chance of survival and to avoid sharks, which are common. We are able to accommodate all areas surrounding Tampa Bay with our multiple departure points in Tampa, Clearwater, St. People often ask, "How big are the grouper we will catch?" My response is, "A keeper grouper is 22", but they fight many times stronger than their size." After a client catches a keeper, they understand the power of these fish. The Tampa Bay area is a fishing paradise that is best known for its awesome inshore and offshore fisheries. He has the ability to find the fish, the know-how to catch them, and the patience to work with his clients in showing them a few tips and tricks to help them be better anglers too.
Fishing just off John's Pass, Madeira Beach provided a decent bite trolling for mackerel, bottom fishing for Grouper and Shark fishing within 1 mile of the beautiful Gulf beaches that attract many tourists as well. Work as many potholes as possible to increase your odds of hooking a trophy size “Gator” trout. All kinds of bait have showed up in Tampa Bay and following it are all the pelagic species.

Although snook season is open, and will stay open until May 1, I have elected to catch and release them only. Fish are ranging from 4lbs up to 15lbs, catching these big guys in a couple feet of water, is an experience everyone should enjoy. We are wrapping up our summer time fishing and getting ready to transition into our fall redfish run.
We are fishing light tackle spinning gear with live and cut bait, with great success.  We mainly have been getting overslot fish, ranging 10lbs up to 15lbs with a few keepers mixed in.
If the warm weather continues, look for us to continue to fish our fall patterns with great success.
Tarpon Fishing Charters are done both Day and Night, and booking while in advance is highly recommended. Replica mounts can be made, and we work with the best taxidermist in the state of Florida, Grey’s taxidermy! The gag grouper creates a great challenge to anglers when they slam your bait and head to the rocks trying to break your line. The sun can be out, the weather could be perfect, and hopes can be high but if you choose the wrong guide your trip could be a disappointment. Check out Mike and Deanna Myers with a catch-and-release Gag Grouper caught while anchored up on St.Pete Beach. Redfish are not sensitive to the cooler water temperatures so we will continue to fish for redfish through the end of the year. The key is to have plenty of bait to chum with so you can draw them in and entice a bite.  Fish the edge of the grass flats, oyster bars, and potholes.
Book a charter with us during the late spring and summer to feel the exhilaration of catching large tarpon on light tackle. In order to protect this sensitive species, snook are highly regulated by Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation. A major key to a successful red fish trip is to have a high tide in the middle of your trip. You had better use the rod to hold the fish of the bottom our before you know it you will be gagged. During the colder months, white bait disappears and bait on the grass flats moves to deeper waters. As far as inshore species, snook continue to show up in good numbers after the freeze of 2010.
I usually start with topwater plugs in the morning, then move to soft plastic jerk baits, as the sun gets high in the sky. As a result, large speckled trout move towards the canals and rivers where bait congregates for the winter. To catch fall snook, one of the best baits available is scaled sardines, also known as: white bait, green backs, shiners or pilchards. This species is well managed, it's replenishment rate is stable enough to handle the harvesting that occurs during the open season. Either, we float the shrimp under a cork or we bounce the shrimp off the bottom with a weight.

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