On our offshore mahi-mahi fishing charter in Ft Lauderdale, we fish anywhere from 4-20 miles offshore. Latest Fishing ReportBig game sharks are making their way northward along the Fort Lauderdale coastline. The dolphin bite happening offshore of Fort Lauderdale this year is outta this world and the best I have seen in many years. Kingfish, barracuda, sailfish and more are also being caught trolling the reef and inside edge of the Gulfstream.
It’s a great month to come fishing in Fort Lauderdale so if you have a chance, this is the best time of year to fish in Fort Lauderdale. We wait all year for the great fishing we have off the south Florida coast this month (and next).
Snook and tarpon fishing in fort lauderdale can be some of the most exciting light tackle fishing anywhere!!! Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing, Deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Miami offshore charter boats. One of the most famous marine mammals in South Florida is the Florida manatee, a slow moving, friendly marine mammal.

Many of the areas we go to on this trip are fish and wildlife sanctuaries and therefore fishing is prohibited. Fort Lauderdale is one of the best locations for sportfishing due to its close proximity to the Gulfstream Current and the multitude of different fish species that migrate through our waters throughout the year. The boat is fully equipped with all tournament fishing tackle, state of the art electronics, 2 live bait tanks, and everything else you need for an action packed fishing charter.
In my opinion sailfish are the coolest fish in the ocean and the most fun fish to catch fishing Ft Lauderdale. Drifting with the tides and using live bait is how we normally fish for tarpon and snook, but sometimes when the conditions are right you can sight fish for them looking for big balls of bait scattering!
The Never Enough is a 26’ Intrepid, uniquely set up for small group private charters.
This area is a manatee and fish sanctuary where very slow moving boats can come to take photos of and see manatees, tarpon, and other sea life. We specialize in all forms of light tackle fishing, and offer a wide variety of different fishing trips.
We’ll also go out into the ocean where the captain will spot out and show you sea turtles, manta rays, porpoises, sharks and schools of big game fish chasing baitfish on the surface.

Read about what’s biting now off Fort Lauderdale and even make your reservations right online.
On the way back in, we usually like to stop at the Lauderdale Marina, where there lives a school of humongous tarpons, always looking to be fed some live shrimps. Lauderdale is perfect fishing grounds for kite fishing for sailfish, drift fishing for kingfish and tuna, deep dropping for snapper and grouper, offshore trolling for mahi-mahi, night Swordfishing, and even inshore snook and tarpon fishing trips.
Feed the 100 pound plus tarpon and jack crevalles as they get chummed into a feeding frenzy. Captained by two of the best captains in our area, this is an affordable option for getting a great private sportfishing experience without having to spend the money on chartering a huge sportfishing boat. Large pelagic fish patrol weedlines because baitfish use the seaweed as cover and refuge to hide from predatory fish.

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