When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. One of the major drawbacks to remote primitive camping sites, you never know what idiot you are going to end up next to. November 24, 2012 a buddy of mine and I headed out to the Angelina river close to Jasper Texas to do some camping.
We arrived at the camping site, set the tents up, then headed out to the river to do some fishing. After helping my son-in-law and his hunting party pack the hog back to the boat, my buddy and I headed back to our camping site. Shooting – The whole time my buddy and I were cooking dinner, and starting the camp fire, the group in the next camping site over were shooting their guns. How the hell are you supposed to have target disciple when you are shooting into pitch black darkness? Kristy got up and did our usual morning routine, which includes  a shower, brushing teeth, getting dressed,,, just your typical stuff.
For breakfast Kristy fixed me a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich.  The egg came from our chickens. The boat was hooked to the truck and the gear was loaded up.  For this trip I brought my Maxpedition Condor II, 2 closed face reels, one open face reel, 16 noodles, Igloo marine ice chest, tackle box, catfish bucket, collapsible cooler, and a pair of shorts for Kristy and I to change into when the weather warmed up. Usually, Kristy and I will make a trip to a corner store down the road from our house to buy a couple of bags of ice for the Igloo marine icechest.  Instead of buying ice, Kristy put our drinks, sandwich stuff and snacks into the collapsible cooler, then put the collapsible cooler into the Igloo marine ice chest. This past weekend was one of those weekends that seems like a blur.  I spent 3 days out on the Angelina river running trotlines, juglines and fishing. Over the past week I had been making up some trotlines in the backyard.  The local china-mart sells spools of trotline string with a 330 pound tinsel strength, this is what makes up the main beam of the trotline. So I started off by measuring out 2 double arm lengths of string, which equals out to about 8 feet, tie a loop knot about 3 – 4 inches long, measure off about 8 feet, tie another loop knot, measure off about another 8 feet, another loop knot,,, repeat until I had about 120 of line.
Lesson learned – do not make your trotline to long, this will come into play later on. Friday afternoon I strung the main beam of the trotline out in the backyard, put the swivels on, put the droplines on the main beam, made up some weights, put some stainless steel snaps on the ends of the trotline, put a stainless steel snap on the weight,,,, just got things ready to go. When my wife got home after work, we hooked up the boat to my truck, loaded up the gear and headed to the Bevil Port boat launch.
Friday night I did not sleep very well.  Thought about what was going to be on the hooks the next morning kept running through my head. Last Saturday my wife and I went out on the Angelina River south of Lake Sam Rayburn for a day of fishing and relaxation.
The only issue was that the noodle I bought was pink, and by Texas fishing regulations, drop lines have to be white.

Bee Tree Slough is just that, its full of winding waterways, cypress and willow trees, gators, birds, and all kinds of other wildlife. As my wife and I headed into the slough, we dropped off the drop lines as we trolled in with the intention of picking up the line son the way out.
After about an hour of trolling through the slough and not catching anything, my wife and I decided to head back to the main river.
After about 4 hours of sitting in the hot sun, and only catching 1 fish, my wife and I headed home.
We stopped at Angelina 1 primitive camping site, had lunch, did some fishing, took some picture, then loaded up our gear and headed down to the forks of the rivers – where the Angelina and the Neches rivers meet. It wont be long and spring will be in full bloom.  Hopefully the fish will start biting, and the weather will settle down a little bit. I spent the evening of Sunday, November 28 going through my gear, getting my large MOLLE pack together, rounding up some MREs and Mountain House Meals, charging AA batteries for the camera and flashlight, charging D batteries from my Maglight, dug the tent out,,,,,,,,,,,.
After watching The Walking Dead, I played a little Left 4 Dead 2 and went to bed around 10:30pm.
The plan involves getting one of the primitive camping spots on the Angelina River close to Jasper, Texas and go hunting in the public hunting lands. Now I just have to get a map of the public hunting land available where we are going camping.
If you think about it just for a minute, how much do you “really” give back to your community? The Army Corp of Engineers has several primitive camping spots along the Angelina River close to jasper Texas.
Since I used the camping sites more then 3 times, they sent me a letter asking if I could help clean up the sites.
After helping clean up 3 camp sites, my son and I headed to a meeting place where we had lunch with all of the volunteers.  It was a nice chance to meet other people that use those camping sites on a regualr basis.
While my son was getting his shower, and taking care of his business, I loaded the tackle boxes, poles and day packs in the boat.
Its a beautiful site to be out in nature, everything is so pure, except where mankind leaves his trash. In all, we caught 2 bass, saw 1 alligator, a few gar ranging in size from 1 – 3 feet long, and a couple of huge wasp nest. We hit a dead end and had to turn around – one way, a tree was over the slew and the other way was blocked by heavy moss. It was at this time that the heat of the day became noticeable, so my son and I agreed to head back home. On the way back home I spotted a trot line jug, so the boat was started over to it, and a description of trot lines was added to the video.

When you reach the boat launch, you veer to the right, then make the circle to the left, so that your aligned up with the boat launch.
Once we were on the river, my son and I headed south towards BA Steinhagen Reservoir and Dam B. After bouncing in and out of a couple of slits in the river, we found the one we were looking for.
When we first started fishing, I was using a worm, perch hook and cork setup – but the minnows and perch kept stealing my bait. After working our way through the series of cuts and slews for about 2 hours, we decided it was time to head back.
Post your comments in this forum thread about watching gators and fishing on the Angelina River. For those you in Southeast Texas that are looking for a little adventure, the Army Corp of Engineers has something you might want to look into.
Between June 18, 2010 and July 16, 2010 my kids and I have camped at 3 of the spots – Hamilton Lake 1, Bluff 1 and Angelina 1.
Just before the juglines were set out, I got a call on my phone saying my son-in-law and his hunting buddies caught a hog in the river bottom. We broke out the camp stoves, cooked a quick meal of Mountain House freeze dried foods, then started the camp fire. After the sun went down and the last glimpses of light faded away, the people kept shooting their rifles.
As we arrived at the last spot, we put out all 6 drop lines, let them sit for maybe 30 minutes as we trolled around the bank. The day before (July 9, 2010) I took the time to get everything ready – the gas cans were fueled up, the poles and tackle boxes were set next to the front door, the day packs were filled with fresh water, first aid kit, an Eversafe Meal, ice chest put in the boat,,,,,, and a few more things.
Got up, got my shower, brushed teeth, deodorant (you do not want body order while fishing), then I went into my sons room to wake him up. And that is a series of primitive camping spots set up along the Angelina and Neches rivers. But after a couple of turns, it opens up into a stump filled pond, with more cuts going deeper into the mix.  When navigating the waterway, you have to be very careful because of all of the stumps. To reserve the site, you just fill out a form, fax mail or hand deliver it to the Town Bluff Project Office (phone number 409-429-3491) and they will give you a permit to use the spot.
These primitive camping spots are reserved on a first com first served basis – so do not wait until the last minute to reserve the spot you want.

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