Flats boats, bay boats and center consoles here are boats of mine or friends of mine that are trying to move their boats to sell. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I eventually slowed enough to see the back of the trailer again (not getting directly behind it in traffic) and saw that not only were there no lights working, but the left hand trailer light was completely missing.
So this jerk obviously knows he has no lights and is pissed off at 'me' because of his own inadequacies. I do hope his wife reads this and finds out what a complete jerk he is, that he endangered the well being of his child this morning, and that the example he is setting for his offspring completely sucks. It was a late model white Jeep Cherokee and a 18'-19' Scout flats boat also white in color with a black outboard and a polling platform.

Scout is the brand name and a flats boat is a boat that has a very shallow draft and a polling tower over the motor, it is used for going up into shallow water..
Click on the links if there is one to get more information or call the number listed under the flats boat, bay boat or center console fishing boat you see listed and talk with the seller.
Most are single outboard engine and offer great fuel economy carrying a great load and will go in shallow waters almost as well as a flats fishing boat.
Flats boats, by and large are very expensive due to their technical nature and high end building components such as Kevlar and Carbon fiber to lower the overall weight of the flats boat.
Have the used center console you are looking at surveyed and looked over for damage and worn out rigging to ensure the best deal for your money.. Bay boats have come to age in the last 10 years or so with many brands making a mark with bay boats ranging in price from 29 - 80 k.

Now with things slowing a bit used flats boats are to be found with great deals to be had where a person could buy a used flats boat for 50% of what it was new just three years ago. Depending on budget and desire bay boats can be found quite regularly all over in various conditions but the bay boats (even in the current economic climate) hold their value.

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