Crafted with cold-molded technology and designed with the traditional Carolina flare and sharp entry into the water, our Carolina-style custom fishing boats combine aesthetics and efficiency.
My newest design, a super-lightweight technical poling skiff, perfect for long durations of poling and extreme shallow areas. This super-lightweight 17.5 flats boat has excellent maneuverability and pointing capabilities.
The combination of tunnel and recessed transom allows this boat to get on a plane quickly in very shallow water. Location: Port Orchard, Washington, USA You just asked for a sharpie, which where built to do just what you asked. A vessel is nothing but a bunch of opinions and compromises held together by the faith of the builders and engineers that they did it correctly. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

The OB19 offers the maximum seaworthiness one can obtain in a boat of that size that is also easy and economical to build.
The plans show two layouts with dimensions for a standard center console and a dual console version. The plans include a typical drawing showing how to cut lids in seats or in the casting deck but to stay true to the "Keep It Simple" philosophy of the boat, we prefer to cut access holes through the bulkhead faces. What this flats skiff has that others don’t is added stability, both on the poling platform and the bow deck. Basically a scaled-down version of my 28′ bottom, it has a deeper forefoot and more deadrise than traditional flats skiffs.
I was thinking of a pretty straight forward design of two sheets with a drop keel and sides about 2' high. But you really don't need any plans for a sharpie or a flatiron skiff, just a picture of what you know is a fair preforming boat and then build it to look like the picture.

The average cockpit depth of 26" in a boat that is still self bailing at a displacement of 3,000 lbs! One or two fixed fuel tanks can be installed: the plans show different floor frames for each version. Its greater beam and the deadrise progression from the transom to the forefoot give it a more efficient running bottom; therefore it requires less horsepower for its size.
The sides are made of one panel instead of two and the framing structure has been kept simple and sturdy. Doesn't need to be a speed machine and since I'm not a real experience sailor, not planing on leaning into the wind to much.

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