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What are the advantages of the Rotating Swivel Stop?The Swivel Stop™ is an innovative patent-pending feature exclusive to our iPad kiosk and mounts.
The Swivel Stop is attached either to the kiosk or the clamshell, depending on the model, so no additional assembly is required. What accessory and graphic options are available for the iPad and Surface 2 Kiosks?There's a wide range of accessories and graphic options. What are my color choices?All iPad and Surface 2 Solutions are powder-coated, which is durable, scratch resistant, and easy-to-clean.
Are multiple quantity discounts available for the Tablet Stands?Yes, multiple quantity discounts are available on quantities of 5+ units.
Does the iPad locking clamshell fit other touchscreen tablets such as Google, Samsung, and ASUS? The hinged clamshell will fit many Android or Windows tablets if the dimensions are similar to the iPad. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damages due to abuse, misuse, or shipping damages.
Should there be any questions regarding the warranty, please contact your local Classic Exhibits Distributor. Shorter lead times may be available based on schedule openings in Customer Service and Production. Electrical, Cord, and Wire Management varies depending on the display and each exhibitor's requirements. By reviewing your wiring options BEFORE you order your display, you'll save TIME and MONEY and ensure your exhibit exceeds your expectations and your installation is trouble-free.
In EDS, discover over 50 articles about trade show marketing, 4000+ exhibit photos, videos, exhibit specials, and Frequently Asked Questions.
At Classic Exhibits, we design and build exhibits for folks who love trade shows and special events.

The "Tales" keep us grounded, and your comments ensure that we continue to be a community of shared values.
The owners of this rustic modern tiny house in Portland, Oregon built this cozy tiny home themselves using recycled and reclaimed materials. On the main level, the spacious plan with teak hardwood floors creates a charming space with a small functional kitchen and cozy living room. The kitchen shelves made of reclaimed wood and vintage fruit crates are used as kitchen drawers.
The upstairs loft bedroom has a retro-fitted bed and vintage crates serve as bedside tables. The is also a private fenced courtyard area just inside the front gate where you can enjoy breakfast on a warm sunny day. The crew at DiMillo's Floating Restaurant would like to assist you in providing a memorable wedding reception.
Call 30 minutes before you leave your house or hotel — if there is a wait list, we'll gladly add your name and estimate the time of your wait.
All cases come with die-cut reusable foam packaging that will protect your kiosk for years. That's not true of most tablet stands which are built with thin wall steel tubing, require lengthy assembly, and are either heavy or disposable. The Swivel Stop makes it easy to rotate the locking clamshell frame between portrait and landscape position without tools. What's the next step?Our website isn't an ecommerce site, but we try to make it as easy as possible. Let us know which ones are of interest to you so we can make sure you get everything you need in one transaction. This warranty does not cover laminate cracks and chips, wood crate and roto-molded case damage (excluding workmanship), aluminum extrusion scuffs, mars, and scratches from normal use, and graphics wear and tear or misuse.
There's no better way to begin designing a display that reflects your exhibit marketing goals.

We recommend that you send your gallery to your email address if you need to retain it for longer than 30 days. Classic Rental displays feature the latest design trends, including elegant curves and vibrant tension fabric graphics.
With a beautiful view of Portland Harbor, we will help you in selecting the perfect menu and our professional, experienced wait staff will insure your reception to be one you will always treasure. The locking clamshell frame rotates with the unique Swivel Stop™ feature, allowing you to seamlessly reposition your iPad to Portrait or Landscape mode. It's lightweight, durable, and is designed for accessories such as brochure holders, graphics, and shelves. The manufacturer is not responsible for lost or missing parts once the owner has assembled, accepted, and used the product. Choose from accessory options like counters, workstations, monitor stands, and even iPad kiosks. Your insights and feedback keep us on-track as we develop new products, explore new programs, and respond to the evolving world of trade shows, events, and retail environments. In the event of a cancellation, we will refund 50% of the deposit if we are notified in writing at least five weeks prior to the event.
The 180 degree radius prevents the iPad, when connected to a power cord, from twisting the cord. After all, we're in the business of showcasing your products, your services, and your company using stunning graphics and memorable 3D displays.
The power cord simply threads through the post and attaches to the iPad in the clamshell or the Surface in the enclosure.

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