The Floating House designed by Dymitr Malcew for French developer H2ORIZON is a unique retreat that has minimal impact on its surroundings. The floating structure can be easily transported to different locations and docked a pier or marina. If you are interested in creating your own floating home you might want to check out the book Handmade Houseboats: Independent Living Afloat. Also check out the Paycheck Shantys located at OneUglyBoat for more ideas of building your own floating retreat. I tried using Google’s translation service on the URL with no luck but I was able to translate parts of the article with a copy and paste into their tool. These questions would need to be answered if you are planning to live this lifestyle and you would need to know these regulations before you park your floating home. I am also looking for Harolds info, would love to drop him a line in regards to his expertise in boat canvas work! The shanty can be constructed in your back yard on an 8 ft wide by 12 ft long transport trailer.
My favorite is still the 20 foot Paycheck Shanty which is designed for the builder who wants a boat that can be built and assembled over a period of time on a pay as you go basis. I’m not sure about doing this as an Ocean vessel, but for a lake or river, tucked away miles from everyone? Some of the new concepts for coping with the rising sea levels have spawned eco communities where each home is largely self sufficient and modular allowing for easy relocation so if the seas rise you just move your eco-home to a new beachfront. When you think of a floating home the first thing that comes to mind is a houseboat lacking the creature comforts of the modern home.  Because these homes are built on a concrete hull this makes for a very stable platform to build upon and many of these new homes pull out all the stops and look much nicer than many standard land-locked cookie cutter constructions without the view!  The home below is located on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington and I must say “Not too shabby”!
Having worked in the technology sector for most of his career, Robert Scott brings his knowledge and know how to the JohnHart Gazette in the form of articles relating to real estate and the technology that influences it! Minimalist meets regional vernacular in this straightforward floating home designed for Latvian winters and summers by NRJA.

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The interior rooms are visually connected to the exterior environment blending in with the outside world. I think we all know well that the first important thing for designing a building is how to plan and design it more reality.
If you are one of them you have to take care it carefully, then check out the beautiful floating house. This floating retreat is located somewhere in the Swedish Archipelago, where it is off the grid and a long ways from anywhere. A houseboat is the ultimate solution if you want to live like a multimillionaire, but have more ideas than money.
John found two identical doors in Nacka Architectural and put them opposite each other – one in the bathroom and the storeroom. Chairs are from Ikea and the kerosene lamp on the ceiling is newly manufactured, from Brass Master in Stockholm. Just bend down and take the sea water in a bucket, warm it on the stove and wash the dishes in a tub of hot and cold.
Houseboat is the best solution if you want to live like a millionaire with more ideas than money.
Plus my lack of the Swedish language makes it difficult for me to contact the owner and answer these questions.
I had mentioned One Ugly Boat in that post and Harold the owner and designer of One Ugly Boat wrote and told me about his new design, the 32 foot shanty. All the components for the shanty can be fabricated by our vendor and shipped by normal freight to your location. The sections can then be launched at your local boat ramp and  attached together in the water.

Because the unit is licensed as a boat, it should not be restricted by zoning laws that prohibit homes or parking trailers in the flood plain.
The end result is a very livable 20 ft shanty that can be towed easily with a small van or car. Because the planning helpful to estimate for timing or schedule, costs, materials and many more.
It has an outboard motor on the back to move it around and flip up steering wheel on the roof. The interior is finished off with white painted boards and cabinets which makes the space seem larger than it is. It can be parked on a lake or in an ocean inlet, and when they want to change their address, they start up the motor and move someplace else. The boat can also be used as a camper for long distance travel to far off places, and then parked in your yard or carport instead of a marina or storage yard. Some people love the peaceful look and comfortable feel of the stunning floating house that located on the Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. One of attractive features of the house is timber; the timber house offers cool and casual aesthetic especially interior design where interiors are finished with ocean themed things such the exposed wood-beam ceilings, the best quality materials used to build the house including high quality wood from nature and steel stairway, and circular porthole-style windows. The other inspiring can you see at the staircase, look at the top staircase, a skylight provides beautiful natural light. This modern spiral staircase leading up the floating house exterior adds to the home’s distinct style and leads you up to the rooftop.

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