Floating a western river in a Drift Boat is a fly fishing experience not to be missed.  The lure of big rivers, sweeping vistas and trophy wild trout make our regional float-fishing options world famous! Floating Montana’s Bighorn River is an outing that has developed a well-deserved reputation for some of the best fly-fishing in the West. Wyoming’s North Platte River offers anglers a chance to hook some of the strongest rainbows, cutthroats and browns Wyoming has to offer. The Flat-bottomed "punt" style jon boat is among the most common type of boat found on the fly fishing waters of British Columbia. V bottom boats, on the other hand, are a better choice if you intend to tackle larger or rougher water bodies and where you may need to "run" longer distances under power. If you are thinking of purchasing a fly fishing boat hopefully this article has helped you decide on the type that would best fit your needs!
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Pram boats are a traditional small boat used throughout the world and are in the class of dinghies.
Some stillwater fly fishers often prefer a wooden flat bottomed pram boat over other types of watercraft.
Many fly anglers may know of my good friend Terry Hunt of Penticton, British Columbia for his very nice quality wooden fly boxes. Now, after requests from others who have seen his own flat bottomed pram boat that Terry uses for fly fishing, he has been building the sturdy boats for commercial sale. This allows the guide to get you to all the nooks and crannies back in the braided channels that other boats may not be able to access. The Bighorn River is known for being a tremendous resources for brown and rainbow trout, many over 18 inches that will fervently eat a dry fly.
The North Platte River (Grey Reef) is situated on the high windswept plains of central Wyoming and runs some 62 miles before it stops holding trout.
However, in order to have the greatest access to fishing sites, you obviously need a fishing boat.

These boats are fairly inexpensive, easy to maintain and quite easy to upgrade with additional bells and whistles. Although a bit less stable when standing to cast, this style tracks much better through the water - especially in the wind and chop.
For fly fishing applications these boats are typically not more than 10 feet long and consist of two pontoons sitting on the water on either side of the angler.
Their small size (especially when deflated) allows users to access the remotest of our BC Interior still water lakes. Due to their design, they are generally considered to be very stable in water and are often a favorite of both adult and young who want to row a lightweight watercraft that is portable and easy to carry to the water.
Terry has been building beautiful fly boxes of various sizes and made of different types of wood. However, Terry points out that with a pram boat, the angler can be on the water in five minutes. With it's squarish bow, fly fishing gear is easily stowed out of the way in a boat bag which can lay flat on the bottom.
Traditionally a McKenzie style drift boat is set up for fly fishing with a casting deck in front and back allowing each angler to cast as the guide navigates the boat down river from run to run. The inside of the Boulder Boat Works drift boats are either trimmed out with solid oak (as per picture) or American black cherry. If you want to enjoy Big Sky Country with long summer days, cool, clear water and plenty of big, wild, powerful trout; the Bighorn is the place for you. It is home to some extremely large fish without the traffic or pressure associated with today’s tail-waters. Here's some information on the top types of crafts found on the productive fly fishing waters of our province! They are usually found between 8 and 12 feet in length and, due to their flat bottom, offer superior stability when standing to cast. They will fit in any vehicle or, for those hike in only lakes, can be easily carried in a back pack. These types of boats are probably easier to row and handle than inflatable watercraft of the same size.

A couple years ago, he made fly boxes for The Ospreys, the team I competed with in The Canadian Fly Fishing Championships. You don't need to put on your waders, fins, and put anything together before hitting the water other than attaching your oars.
Our 17' x 52" Boulder Boat Works drift boat fits the bill superbly for 2 anglers and a guide. Perfect for a coule of guys who want to bring their wives along to enjoy the day with them or for a family who doesn't want to be split up into 2 smaller groups on 2 boats.
The North Platte River has become renowned for the sheer attitude of its trophy-sized trout. And like the jon boats, they are easy to maintain and quite easy to fit with aftermarket upgrades. The pontoon hulls are shaped in a V hull pattern, greatly minimizing water resistance and therefore allowing for excellent maneuverability. The V style boat in sizes 10 - 16 feet is by far the most abundant and popular fly fishing craft found on the lakes and rivers of the BC interior. The pontoons are connected by a frame, which also contains the sitting area for the angler and gear.
A second air bladder is typically used as a safety and propulsion is accomplished through kicking with finned feet.
And at 8' and about 55 lbs., this flat bottomed wooden boat is easy to carry and move on land. Unlike pontoon boats, there is usually no place to mount a motor so they are limited to smaller bodies of water.
Pontoon boats are relatively new to the fly fishing scene but have quickly become a popular fly fishing craft due to its maneuverability, durability, versatility and portability. On the other hand, if accessing smaller remote fisheries with very little expense is your thing, then you really can't beat a belly boat!

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