RGC Standard Docks incorporate the company's latest advances in structural design, offering a product of exceptional quality, versatility and durability.
RGC Floating Dock frames are built with marine grade aluminum extrusions and stainless steel hardware, as well. Docks are manufactured of marine grade aluminum and fastened with stainless steel hardware.
Custom aluminum extrusions engineered for peak strength and rigidity provide outstanding product integrity. Structural posts have cross braces for optimal load-bearing capacity and diagonal braces for extra stability. Modular components simply bolt together for easy installation and adjustment, or for quick dismantling at end of the season. Powder-coated aluminum, premium cedar, or your own decking allow you to customize the dock system.

The aluminum deck design facilitates water run-off to reduce slipping and has superior heat transfer qualities that keep it cooler than wood or vinyl.
Modular components are simply hinged together for easy installation and quick dismantling at end of the season. Pictured here to the right is a dock that wea€™ve been recently told is the nicest dock and boat house on Lake Chesdin. We also receive a lot of requests for docks on ponds and smaller lakes where size limitations are often an issue. The pin-style adjustable docks provide the consumer with many impressive features, including marine grade aluminum extrusions and stainless steel hardware. Do it yourself at our dock kit kit occupation to form your ain grass dark sluttish British shilling free sa construction.
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