During May 2012 at Dreamcatcher Boats, Roger made a skin-on-frame boat and covered it with an amazingly beautiful cedar strip deck. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
Have you ever stood on the shore and looked out at people boating and wished you could be out there too? To make the ends into usable dry storage spaces, we need to put a top on the boat hull, and add some access hatches. It won't take you long on a kayaking blog or page to find out that most paddlers, find their kayak seats to be uncomfortable. I'v gotten a few questions about the strength of the boat, will it handle rocks and moving water, etc. Most of us are not fortunate enough to live on the water, even if I did, I would want variety. How To Build a Victory Runabout Boat Plans How To Build a Victory Runabout Boat PlansALL requirements for an outboard runabout are met in the "Victory" sport runabout.
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I'm not sure what you have to shop at in other countries, but if you have a hardware store nearby, most of this can be found there, though probably not at the costs I can get it for here. Due to a new method of bottom design, the hull is fast, stable, handles well at all speeds with different sized motors, and has trim and attractive lines. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I have to look at the water every time I cross a bridge or pass a lake, and I envy the people I see on the water. Built of waterproof marine plywood, the construction is simplified and produces a lightweight, strong hull suitable for many uses.
To meet every possible requirement of readers, the hull is designed so that it can be built in 12, 14, or 16-ft.

I've never bought a boat in my life, after years of longing and looking, I just jumped in and built my own. You can ask your store about ordering some 2" XPS for you, however most people seem to find the store will expect you to buy the whole pallet, at $33 a sheet, times 24 or so sheets, you would be looking at close to $1,000! Building boats seems like an impossible idea if you haven't tried it before, the more you read the more confusing it can get. I'm not sure about the top end boats you were aiming for, but they must be very expensive. I order gorilla glue in a two pack of 36 oz bottles from home depot, they ship it to the closest store for free. Be aware that the glue will thicken and cure in the bottle from humidity, so don't buy too much, only what you can use in a few months.-one can of Great Stuff expanding crack sealer, (the basic stuff is fine)-old bed sheets, fabric remnants, or canvas drop cloth. I've spent many hours on the water, the smaller a boat is, the easier it is to find time to launch it and go. I found them in white at a lowes, (in Plattsburgh, NY, not local, but I go there for work often ) for a little over $7. Big boats require planning and expense from a truck and trailer to tow, to finding launch ramps and parking. A small kayak like Sawfish, rides on the car roof with no problems, once you find a promising looking spot to launch, it takes no time to get your gear together, prop the boat over one shoulder, and shuffle on down to the water.Another issue stopping most first time builders is a lack of tools. Unless you have an old house or a woodworking hobby already, you probably don't have many tools. I find disposable vinyle gloves work best for this project as they will not stick your fingers together with titebond II, instead the glue will just peel off unlike latex or nitrile. I had an old house so I had plenty of tools when I started building, however this Instructable will get you a finished boat with less money spent on tools than any other! As a kid I started out canoeing with my family, then got into traditional work boat rowing in high school, It wasn't until much later on that I tried kayaking. I believe it is easier to learn too kayak, canoeing has more strokes to learn, and rowing takes a while to learn good form.

Put any kid in a kayak and they will figure out how to make it go in a very short time, no wonder kayaking has become so popular worldwide. They are made of plywood, and since I am cheap, and don't buy the expensive marine plywood, the cheap plywood must be taken care of or it fails after a few years.
Also, while plywood is lightwieght, it is still heavy, the tandem kayak weighs just a bit over 60 lbs, not bad, but still an effort after a day of paddling, to get it up on my shoulders, and onto the car or van roof.I have been experimenting with foam boats for a few years now. The yellow mouseboat at the top of this page is made of 1" foam, glued together with expanding foam. Sawfish has proven itself on the North Atlantic ocean swells higher than my head, conditions I expect are rougher than most people will attempt.I came up with this design as my dad loves the foam mouseboat because it is lightweight, but I know he will want something faster and easier to paddle over a distance. Sawfish is straddling two sawhorses, and supporting my 180 lbs (81 kg) with no issues.I designed Sawfish to be stable for kids, and for people who are not very stable or gracefull. Turns out Sawfish is stable enough for me to stand up and paddle like an SUP, and also stable enough to get back in from the water without it flipping over. Unlike the more tradtional designs, Sawfish is not meant to be rolled or need a skirt, there is no deck to sqeeze your feet under, and no awkward crawling or sliding to get in.
Most first time paddlers will find a SOT kayak to be more forgiving, but also heavier and slower than a Sit in Kayak (SinK). This design is simple enough for any first time builder to make, and it won't cost anywhere close to a plastic kayak.
Believe me, I've tried the plastic kayaks you can find at Walmart for $150, since they are short, they tend to be slow, I am also amazed at how tippy of a design they are! Not only that, but Sawfish will float in a bit over an inch of water, allowing me to slip into areas so shallow even other kayaks can't go.

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