In English we would refer to her as a barquentine (alternatively barkentine), which wikipedia defines as is a sailing vessel with three or more masts; with a square rigged foremast and fore-and-aft rigged main, mizzen and any other masts.
The barquentine rig offered advantages of a smaller crew, good performance before the wind and the ability to sail relatively close to the wind while carrying plenty of cargo, which made it a popular rig at the end of the 19th century.
Today, barquentines are popular with modern tall ship and sail training operators as the mainly fore-and-aft sails can be operated with ease, but the foremast of square sails offers a dramatic appearance as she sails into port.

Are there any more pages of plans or information about the vessel history such as year built or additonal plans such as deck furniture? We haven’t been able to find any other plans of her, but images of ships of her type and timeframe can be found on the internet.

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